It’s been an extraordinary and challenging time for us all as we adjust to a new way of living and each play our part to combat the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

We are continually looking for innovative ways to connect with you. While some of our services may look a little different, we have continued to support you by:

We have a number of other projects in the pipeline to stay connected with you. Stay up-to-date by reading our latest news regularly.  

Support hotline success

Since our support hotline launched just over a month ago, we have received over 350 calls from residents experiencing financial hardship, emotional turmoil, and loneliness due to social isolation.

One of our Relief and Recovery officers recently said: "We count it a privilege to be ready and waiting to help those in need. No matter how big or small the request for information, we treat each call as important."

If you need support, contact us on 9278 4444 and press 5 to speak to a member of our support team between 8.30am and 5.15pm. 

Stay connected

While you are all doing a great job at staying home, keeping connected to friends and family is so important for your wellbeing and theirs. Please remember to check in with your loved ones, often. 

If you have neighbours who are elderly, have mobility issues or don’t have a close support network, please reach out to them in a way that meets social distancing requirements. A simple phone call, email, letter in their mailbox or a knock on the door can make a world of difference. 

If you need help to initiate the conversation, we have made a printable ‘connection card’ to leave in your neighbour’s letter box. This kind gesture may brighten someone’s day. 

Thank you

Finally, thank you for your continued patience and cooperation by adhering to the social distancing arrangements in place. Remember, these arrangements won’t last forever and by staying home now, we are all playing our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Take care and stay safe.