About the Koonung Creek Reserve dirt jumps program

The redevelopment of the Koonung Creek Reserve dirt jumps is an initiative that has arisen from the need to create safe dirt bike jumps in Boroondara. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of makeshift dirt bike jumps in our area increased. These can be dangerous and cause damage to the natural environment. We have identified the existing Koonung Creek Reserve track area (corner of Carron Street and Singleton Road, Balwyn North) as an appropriate site for small scale community-built dirt jumps.

We consulted with the community on the proposed construction of dirt jumps at Koonung Creek Reserve and their design, and received supportive feedback.

The Koonung Creek Reserve Dirt Jumps (KCRDJ) volunteer group will consist of people with an interest in dirt jumps, mountain bike and BMX riding. This group will work in collaboration with us to safely construct dirt jumps at Koonung Creek Reserve. This group will provide the opportunity for community members to develop an ongoing relationship with Council based on agreed principles and expectations.

Stage 1 construction of the dirt jumps is underway and expected to finished in March 2023, weather permitting.

Please note: we are also seeking Construction volunteers for the Koonung Creek Reserve dirt jumps program. These volunteers will be constructing dirt jumps at Koonung Creek Reserve in Balwyn North this spring. You can find out more on the Koonung Creek Reserve dirt jumps – Construction Volunteer opportunity page.

About the volunteer role

We are seeking applications from people of all ages who are interested in volunteering to maintain dirt jumps at Koonung Creek Reserve in Balwyn North once they are constructed this spring.

Working in collaboration with Council, as a KCRDJ maintenance volunteer, you can help achieve better mountain and BMX riding outcomes at Koonung Creek Reserve. The purpose of this volunteer role is to assist in the ongoing maintenance of the Koonung Creek Reserve dirt jumps. Allocated volunteer roles for this program will depend on factors such as experience/skills, age, and injury history.
Volunteers are required to:

  • undertake track maintenance (use a shovel to transfer dirt, smooth out jumps and fill holes)
  • ensure the site is maintained to agreed standards
  • track safety identification and reporting to Council
  • undertake site visits and record works completed, as per guidelines
  • other activities as approved by Council.

Time commitment

Once the dirt jumps are constructed, the time commitment for ongoing maintenance volunteers will vary from month to month based on factors such as the amount of usage and weather conditions. Council officers will complete a monthly audit of the site and assess the condition of the dirt jumps. They will advise volunteers of any maintenance required after this monthly assessment.

Training and induction

Council officers will provide training and induction. Training will be conducted both online and onsite at Koonung Creek Reserve. It will cover important information, including health and safety procedures. If you are appointed as a volunteer, we will send the links to complete online Child Safe Standards training.

Council contact

The management of volunteers will be overseen by Deborah Frecker, Sport and Recreation Planner or their delegate.

Requirements and responsibilities

Koonung Creek Reserve dirt jumps maintenance volunteers must:

  • have parental or guardian supervision during all volunteer duties if you are under 12 years old
  • have parental or guardian attendance during the initial site induction, and have parental or guardian consent if you are under 18 years old
  • complete Child Safe Standards online training module (once appointed) if you are aged 18 or older
  • undertake the necessary background checks including a Police Check if you are aged 18 or older
  • have undertaken a Working With Children check if aged 18 or older
  • be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to perform work outside your place of residence. Appointment of a volunteer will be subject to provision of evidence of vaccination status or medical exemption.

We will:

  • provide you with a safe and healthy work environment
  • provide you with all equipment, including personal protective equipment (PPE), shovels and wheelbarrows
  • provide you with a briefing on your volunteer role on or prior to your first day, including training on safety and equipment use onsite
  • provide you with access to resources and support via the Sport and Recreation Planner, or other Council officers
  • provide you with Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance cover.

Volunteers are asked to:

  • supply equipment such as shovels, if you have one available
  • wear closed-toe shoes onsite
  • adhere to the City of Boroondara’s core values (Code of Conduct) - see the City of Boroondara values section on this page
  • inform us of any changes to your availability or contact details, including a current email address
  • undertake the necessary background checks as applicable, including a Police Check, Working with Children Check and the Child Safe Standards online training
  • follow established safe working practices, procedures, and instructions, as per your briefing
  • keep all privileged information in relation to Council, staff, and customers confidential
  • take reasonable care for your own occupational health and safety
  • report all hazards, incidents, injuries, and risks as soon as practicable to a staff member.

Desired skills

We are looking for volunteers who:

  • are friendly, welcoming and approachable
  • can work independently and as part of a team
  • have good verbal communication skills
  • have experience maintaining dirt jumps (preferred but not essential)
  • have manual labour experience.

Volunteer applications

If you are interested in applying, please complete our online Koonung Creek Reserve dirt jumps maintenance volunteer application form.

Submit a volunteer application

After you submit your application, we will review your application to determine suitability for the role. You will be notified of the outcome of your application within 2 weeks.

City of Boroondara Values 

We require staff to demonstrate 6 core values in the workplace. To volunteer for the KCRDJ program you need to agree to adhere to these core values while volunteering.
Demonstrating these values is integral to ensuring you have a positive and meaningful experience with the City of Boroondara, and that the people you interact with as a volunteer are treated respectfully.
Please note that some of the City of Boroondara values are more applicable to staff members and may not be as applicable to volunteers.

Treat people with respect

  • I listen, to really understand others’ points of view
  • I show I care about others’ wellbeing, through my words and actions
  • I treat people fairly and with compassion
  • I recognise and value others’ contribution

Work together as one

  • I share information and invite others’ input
  • I plan and think from start to finish, in consultation with my stakeholders
  • I build strong solutions through genuine conversation
  • I respect, and commit to, shared strategies, priorities and decisions

Think customer experience

  • I consult, to really understand our customer and community needs
  • I think, decide and act with our customers’ experience in mind
  • I take pride in serving our customers and community
  • I apply a customer experience mindset to my work with internal customers

Act with integrity

  • I am honest and open in my interactions
  • I do the right thing, by upholding the standards of our Code of Conduct
  • I speak up, and provide constructive feedback when things are not right
  • I strive to live our values every day

Explore better ways

  • I think ahead, to anticipate and adapt to changing needs
  • I seek with curiosity, to find the better, simpler or smarter way
  • I am open to new approaches and brave enough to take a measured risk
  • I quickly learn and adapt based on my experiences

Own it, follow through

  • I take responsibility for my behaviour, actions and outputs
  • I am confident to make effective decisions in my role
  • I do what I say I will do
  • I show initiative to make things happen

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