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Many grandparents are playing an increasingly important role in the care of their grandchildren. For many, this means looking after the grandchildren while their parents work a few days a week, while other grandparents look after grandchildren full time. 

While providing regular care is of course a wonderful opportunity to get to know your grandchildren, it can also take some adjusting to.

Ideas about parenting have changed and this can create some tensions with your adult children. You may also need to have conversations with them about how much you can take on while also maintaining your own health and wellbeing.

Staying connected to grandchildren while you're apart

Find ideas for things you can do and technologies you can use to help you connect with grandchildren when you're not able to visit them.

Activities in Boroondara

More activities

Free and low cost things to do with the grandchildren.

Support and advice

For some grandparents their contribution may be much more significant, all the way up to being the primary care giver/s. Whatever your role, there is help available.

After hours

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