Find a local facility or activity provider to help keep your growing children active, happy and healthy in the City of Boroondara.

Discover great ideas for families with children aged zero to 10 to connect and keep active.

Explore our directory of activities and resources to find something of interest to you and your family, or start with our categories below.

Your creative child

Creative learning helps your child become calmer, and more focused and expressive.

Every child is unique. They all learn, connect and experience the world around them in different ways. Through creative learning and play, children can explore, experiment and challenge their abilities.

To spark your child's creativity, check out all the arts, crafts, music and writing on offer in our directory.

Your active child

Being active is vital at any age. It is especially important for children to help build their coordination, burn energy and connect with their bodies.

There are many sport and exercise activities that children can do including swimming, local walks and bike rides, visiting a skate park, joining a sporting club and more.

Search our directory for ways to get your child moving.

Parents and caregivers

Being a parent or caregiver can be challenging as well as rewarding. To help, we have brought together information sessions, resources and activities about raising children.

Find the parenting support you need in our directory.

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