The Boroondara Volunteer Skills Bank connects community organisations with short-term volunteer projects and vacancies on their Board and/or Committee with skilled professionals looking to contribute and make a difference.  

The Volunteer Skills Bank is an initiative of the Boroondara Volunteer Resource Centre (BVRC).

How community organisations benefit

Community organisations can benefit from the Boroondara Volunteer Skills Bank in many ways.

  1. Grow capacity. By harnessing the skills and experience of local professionals, community organisations gain resources and improve their capacity to deliver their programs and services.
  2. Promote skilled volunteer opportunities. The BVRC promotes skilled volunteer opportunities, as well as Board and Committee roles with community organisations to professionals in a number of ways including through monthly alerts via an e-bulletin, its volunteer referral service, the GoVolunteer website and social media.
  3. Connect to skilled professionals. Each month, community organisations registered with the BVRC receive an email containing bios / profiles of professionals who have signed up to contribute their professional skills and experience via the Volunteer Skills Bank. If community organisations create short-term projects aligned to the skills of the professionals listed, the BVRC will connect both parties.

Who can be involved

Community organisations need to become a member of the BVRC to take advantage of this opportunity (it’s free to join and takes minutes!).

To promote a skilled volunteer opportunity in your organisation once you're a member, simply request a volunteer

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