Coronavirus update 13 March 2020

Council has closed some facilities and cancelled all events until 14 April. Learn which services have been affected.

If you're a community organisation, we offer a free referral service to help you find and support volunteers. 

Join more than 200 local organisations who have become members of the Boroondara Volunteer Resource Centre (BVRC) to connect with local volunteers.

How to promote your volunteer opportunity

Step 1: Become a member of the BVRC

If you’re a community organisation, register your details to become a member of the BVRC. It’s completely free and is the best way for us to connect you with local volunteers.

Already a member? Go straight to step 2.

Join the BVRC

Step 2: Scope your volunteer role

The questions in this short form will assist you to develop your volunteer role or project. We will be in touch if we require any additional information before we begin promoting the volunteer opportunity to prospective volunteers

Submit the volunteer role request form

How we help

Once you become a BVRC member and submit your volunteer role request we promote your volunteer opportunities through a variety of channels.

BVRC referral service

Each year, we refer more than 1,000 prospective volunteers to community organisations through the volunteer referral service, which we offer face-to-face and over the telephone. 

During the BVRC referral service, prospective volunteers discuss the opportunities with a Volunteer Referral Officer and are provided with information about the available volunteer roles that are aligned to their interests and experiences.

The prospective volunteer can choose to proceed with one or all of the volunteer roles by applying to the community organisation directly.

Please note the BVRC does not screen or recruit volunteers, or undertake Police or Working with Children Checks (WWCCs) on behalf of community organisations. 

Online promotion 

The BVRC will promote your volunteer opportunities on SEEK Volunteer/GoVolunteer websites, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We also promote your opportunity to over 1,000 volunteers who receive information about new volunteer opportunities in the BVRC’s fortnightly newsletters.

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