Home maintenance and modifications

Home maintenance

Among the services you may be eligible to receive is help with minor repairs in and around your home, including:

  • changing light globes and batteries on smoke alarms
  • replacing tap washers
  • replacing flywires on windows and doors
  • minor repairs to doors, cupboards and drawers
  • cleaning your gutters and outside windows.

Home modifications

You might also be able to receive help modifying aspects of your home to make it safer, such as:

  • installing ramps and modifying steps
  • installing a hand-held shower 
  • replacing or maintaining smoke alarms
  • fixing doors and windows so they are secure
  • installing grab rails, banister rails, non-slip strips in showers and baths.

Apply for home maintenance services

To receive home maintenance services, you first need to find out if you are eligible so that we can provide services that are right for you. To start the process, see apply for ageing and disability services.

Fees are subsidised and means tested. Please be aware that you will be charged the full cost of any materials used.

For more information, contact us on 9278 4777 or email Ageing and Disability Services.

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