Food services

If you're finding it hard to shop, cook or prepare your own meals, you might be eligible for some help either to prepare healthy meals at home, or to eat out with others.

If you would still like to cook at home, but need some help with shopping and preparation, see personal care.

Meal home delivery

Also known as Meals on Wheels, this convenient and flexible service delivers meals to your door on Monday to Friday, including meals for the weekend. We have an extensive range of fresh ready-to-eat main options to choose from, as well as sandwiches, salads and soups.

Meals at a community centre

You can have a regular meal at a local community centre. Some organisations offer transport services to get you to and from the venue, and we also offer community transport if needed.

Apply for food services

To receive delivered meals or help preparing food at home, you first need to find out what you are eligible for. To start the process, see apply for ageing and disability services.

Fees are subsidised and means tested. For more information, contact us on 9278 4777 or email Ageing and Disability Services.

Casserole Club is a meal-sharing project where older people can register to be connected with someone in the local area who is happy to cook and deliver a meal on a regular basis. 

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