While our social lives are temporarily reduced or on hold through COVID-19, our health and fitness doesn’t need to be! 

For some of us, it’s been difficult to get motivated about exercise throughout isolation, and difficult to access exercise programs that provide valuable and safe guidance. That’s why, we’ve collected a range of websites, activities and resources, all designed to maintain and increase your physical and mental health and well-being while we slowly come out of isolation. 

Safe Exercise at Home

Leading physiotherapists with clinical and academic expertise have developed a website to support older Australians to stay active at home while in isolation.  

The program covers a range of fitness and ability levels with tips on how to stay motivated and do online exercises safely.  

Each level includes videos and a downloadable exercise program. 

The website is endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and is  a collaboration between the National Ageing Research Institute, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, Monash University, Curtin University, University of South Australia, University of Queensland and University of Tasmania in partnership with the Sydney Local Health District (NSW), Western Health (VIC) and Peninsula Health (VIC). 

Visit the Safe Exercise at Home website

Thrive at home with the YMCA

For those of you who are more active, the YMCA has developed YTHRIVE HOME - YMCA Workouts Any Time, Any Where.  It’s a virtual workout program with a series of online videos so you can still have your daily dose of the Y while practicing social distancing. These instructional videos will walk you through a variety of different workouts from your living room. 

Watch the YThrive videos

Online exercise classes at your local Neighbourhood house

Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Zumba, and exercise classes all from your own living room! Yes, your local neighbourhood house is now online and ready to support you in your fitness journey.

Discover online fitness classes in the short courses guide.

Track those healthy habits!

Tracking your healthy habits can help you to maintain,them but getting into the routine of tracking your healthy habits can be a challenge in itself! Using a healthy habit tracker can help you succeed. Use our healthy habits tracker to help you keep on track and motivated. 

Download the tracker here (41 KB PDF) and fill it in every time you complete each of the healthy habits listed. 

Fuel your body 

Healthy eating habits also play a major role in maintaining and increasing physical and mental well-being.  Nutrition Australia has a great range of  fact sheets on nutrition and recipes to choose from.

Visit the Nutrition Australia website

A Healthy mind in a healthy body 

Just as important as your physical health is your mental health. Beyond Blue provide a wide range of information and services to help you navigate depression, anxiety, loneliness and life in general. 

The Beyond Blue website has a dedicated web page for older people where you can find relatable stories and experiences and even connect with others through their online, moderated forums.

Visit Beyond Blue page for older people

Know someone who doesn’t have access online?

If you have a friend or family member who doesn’t have access to the internet, we can send out to them some of the resources on this page as a hard copy pack.  

Email: [email protected] to request a pack in the mail.

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