To request a copy of:

  • you or your child's immunisation history; or
  • your child's School Entry Immunisation Status Certificate

contact one of the following:

  • Council: we hold records of immunisations administered by the City of Boroondara and the former cities of Kew, Camberwell and Hawthorn. Request the record by completing our online immunisation history enquiry form.
  • The Australian Immunisation Register: holds records for children born after 1996. Request a copy by calling 1800 653 809 or visit Australian Immunisation Register.
  • Medicare: contact any Medicare office.
  • Private clinic: if you or your child were vaccinated at a private clinic, request the records by contacting that clinic.

For more information, call 9278 4711 or email Immunisation Services.

If you or your child were immunised overseas

If your child has received vaccinations overseas, you will need to arrange for those records to be put onto the Australian Immunisation Register.

Before you visit one of our immunisation sessions, complete our online immunisation history enquiry form. You can upload copies of your child's immunisation records using this form. Alternatively, visit our Camberwell Office with your immunisation records and Medicare Card if you have one. If the records are in a language other than English, they will need to be translated.

Council’s Immunisation Service can put your child’s overseas immunisation records onto the Australian Immunisation Register and help you, if your child hasn’t had all the required vaccinations, to become up to date with the National Immunisation Program Schedule.

Catch up schedules may be required for a number of reasons:

  • Your child was overseas or on holiday and missed the immunisation that was due
  • Your family recently migrated to Australia
  • Your child had a medical condition preventing immunisation at a young age
  • You have received a Centrelink letter stating your child is not up to date

Please note that catch up schedules can be quite complex and they may not be able to be processed at public immunisation sessions. It is preferred that you complete the online immunisation history enquiry form or visit the Camberwell office prior to attending a public immunisation session. This will enable your child’s immunisation records to be checked and catch up program worked out prior to attending a session.

For more information, call 9278 4711 or email Immunisation Services.

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