In 2020 we awarded 28 grants in the Small (Biannual) Community Grants.

Organisation Project title Panel recommendation Project description
St Paul's Anglican Kindergarten Inc Bush Kinder, Sensory Play and Mental Wellbeing $2,691

Funding is requested to support:

  1. Bush Kinder at Wattle Park: purchasing weather proof clothing (jackets and trousers for 20 children) to enable the Pre‐Prep Bush kinder program to take place. The Pre‐Prep program, a new program launched this year, and will include introducing a full day at Wattle Park once a week.
  2. Sensory play and equipment: Purchasing of noise cancelling headphones, fidget toys and wedged cushions to help support children who need sensory items. This is to support their developmental needs during their play at our service. This will ensure our educators have the right equipment to make sure these children are included and engaged with the wider group.
  3. Yoga incursion: Yoga incursion is an essential part of the kinder's mental health program. Purchasing of yoga mats (for 22 children) so  a greater number of children can take part in yoga sessions.
Pied Piper Toy Library Inc Making children's birthday parties more sustainable $1,377

Funding is requested to establish sustainable catering and decoration packs for birthday parties.

We will offer members sustainability packs that include reusable and dishwasher‐safe plant‐based plates, bowls, cups and cutlery, and metal straws for up to 40 people (offered in 4 packs, each for 10 people).

Each pack will contain some reusable party decorations like banners, bunting, a birthday train and a bubble machine.
This offer will reduce the waste generated at children’s birthday parties. The availability of sustainable catering and decoration packs will encourage toy library members to consider the environment when planning social gatherings.

Balwyn North Interchurch Council North Balwyn Easter Walk $1,445

Funding is requested to assist in purchasing safety items for the annual Good Friday walk from the Chinese Rhema Church, via the Baptist Church and Catholic Church, to the Greek Orthodox Church in North Balwyn. 

Over the years the walk has grown in numbers with approx. 500 now attending, requiring safety measures such as a megaphone, PA system and road cones. 

Cantate Singers Melbourne Two concerts at Auburn Uniting Church $2,962

Funding is requested for the purchase of music, printing of copies for choir members, copyright, advertising and concert venue cost.

Concert One is "When Johnny Comes Marching Home", which will be a collection of songs from the American Civil War. We aim to have a secondary school band and choir take part.

Concert Two "Making Spirits Bright", is a Christmas celebration. It includes repertoire to incorporate children from the community.

Camberwell Salvation Army Staying Alive $2,000

Funding is requested for the purchase and supply of an accessible Defibrillator, and CPR training for 10 staff and volunteers.

This will provide emergency support for the community attending weekly activities, as well as individuals experiencing heart attacks and similar in the immediate neighbourhood.

CPR training will update the education and skills needed to use the equipment and the processes for dealing with emergency events.

Connected Community
HackerSpace Inc
Community Carrots: Broadcasting focused tech projects for Engagement and Education $2,903 Funding is requested to purchase audio/video/lighting equipment and services. This will support the broadcasting of CCHS workshops to our members and the broader community.
Ashburton Chinese Senior
Friendship Association
Build a Painting and Calligraphy group $1,800 Funding is requested to build a Painting and Calligraphy group. We will buy some rice paper, pigment and some materials to enable people to join together. In the future, we will organize exhibitions for everyone to visit these works and better integrate Chinese culture into Australia.
AVA Boroondara Senior Citizens
Group Inc.
Happy, Healthy Seniors in Music $2,591 Funding is requested to assist with buying music instruments. This will help members learn and practice, attracting more older people to take part in the group.
Members who like music and singing will join the group to learn and prepare for our future event "Happy, Healthy Seniors In Music".

Boroondara Camberwell Greek Senior Citizens Club

A Greek National Day. OHI (NO) ‐ Day $3,000

Funding is requested to purchase kitchen equipment to assist in the preparation for the celebration of a Greek National day, and a trip to the Immigration Museum.

The celebration will include a lunch of Greek food, Greek wine (Retsina), refreshments, Greek music, dancing and entertainment.

The event will give seniors citizens, who may otherwise feel isolated, an opportunity to socialize in a culturally familiar setting to celebrate this important day and to keep them connected with their community.

Boroondara Chinese Senior Citizens Association Inc. Various forms of physical exercises for good health $862 Funding is requested to promote more interest in different forms of exercises for our members, such as tai chi, tai chi fans and line dance.
Centre of Greek Ex – Servicemen’s Elderly Citizens Club of KEW and Districts Ex‐Servicemen October Festival $2,900

Funding is requested to support a celebration of the Victorian Seniors Festival, featuring Greek lunch, wine, beer, and delicacies.

The event will feature traditional Greek dance performances with live Greek music (Bouzouki) and the Greek traditional dancing group “Arhontises”.

Funding will also support a trip to the Hellenic Museum. 

Ladies Probus Club of Boroondara Christmas Dinner for Probus $2,000 Funding is requested to support the Christmas Dinner for the Ladies Probus Club of Boroondara. Many of whom are isolated.
Mens Probus Club of Surrey Hills Inc Cultural Excursions $3,000

Funding is requested for either a two day Silo Art Trail trip or three one day cultural trips by a self drive bus.

Self drive buses will provide value for money excursions and to enable more members and their partners to be able to take part. This project targets members with fewer financial resources to take part in an outing.

Probus Club of Ashburton Inc Bus hire $2,273

Funding is requested to provide cultural/education/recreational outings for the Club's members.

The average age of members is 78 with 9 being 90+. Due to age‐related issues, many are unable to drive and rely on family and friends for transport.

Bus tours provide the opportunity to visit places of interest independently, and interact with other members

Probus Club of Camberwell Purchase of new equipment $1,858

Funding is requested to buy a new laptop a new Mono Laser Printer and black toner.

This equipment will be used at monthly meetings in conjunction with a sound system.

Probus Club of Greythorn Inc Facilitating quality of life and engagement for Probus senior citizens $2,900 Funding is requested to fund inclusive and stimulating activities and events for members. This will enable members who face factors that contribute to social isolation to take part in activities.
Greek Senior Citizens Club Hawthorn Kew and Districts Celebrating Christmas $2,870

Funding is requested to support a Christmas celebration for members and the family and friends. The celebration will include Greek music for entertainment and dancing. Gentle exercise and a BBQ with Greek sweets will also be a feature of the celebration.

Funding will also assist in a visit to the Hellenic Museum.

Probus Club of Glenferrie Inc Day Trips and outings by bus for aged members $3,000

Funding is requested to help fund the cost of bus trips and entrance fees to places of interest.

With this funding, the Activities Team will be able to add outings of greater interest and variety at an accessible cost to all members.

4th Kew Scout Group Defibrillator $1,695 Funding is requested to buy a defibrillator. 4th Kew Scout hall offers a safe place for people of all ages to interact, learn and stay active. Hall users will feel secure that  if an emergency occurs there is defibrillator on hand to use before medical services arrive onsite.
Ashburton Uniting Church Tennis Club Purchase of indoor/outdoor seating $1,725

Funding is requested to buy 25 lightweight, small indoor/outdoor, stack‐able, matching chairs for our refurbished clubhouse. The chairs will provide flexibility for our members and spectators to move the furniture inside and outside to watch the games.

Smaller furniture would give us more space in a very small clubhouse.

Camberwell United Tennis Club AED ‐ Automated External Defibrillator $2,000

Funding is requested  to purchase an Automated External Defibrillator [AED] for use at the premises in Camberwell.

This fully automatic machine will be located in the clubrooms in a prominent position and be accessible at all times.

Canterbury Girl Guides, part of Girl Guides Victoria Supporting Community through purchase of furniture items and fridge $1,392

Funding is requested to buy 3 items of storage furniture and a new fridge.

The purchase of this equipment will make the hall safer to use and allow groups to leave their equipment in the hall between sessions. The replacement of the current fridge is for health and safety reasons, as the current fridge is old and does not offer freezer space.

Hawthorn Bowling Club

Implementation of Bowling with Babies


Funding is requested to support the implementation of the "Bowling with Babies" program.

It will assist in the purchase of:

  • two play pens
  • two change tables
  • two small shelter tents
  • a good quality coffee machine
  • a mobile barista on four occasions to attract new mothers to come to the club and join in
Kew Croquet Club

Freestanding chilled drinking water fountain

$2,440 Funding is requested to buy and install a freestanding chilled drinking water fountain. This will enable members to hydrate and thus improve their enjoyment of the game and health outcomes.
Lynden Park Scout Group Projector for the Lynden Park Scout Group (LPSG) $1,565 Funding is requested for the purchase of a projector.
This projector will:
  1. Augment the weekly program run by the leaders, providing another medium to deliver information.
  2. Build opportunities for social connection (one of the stream objectives), as it is used at functions, such as end of term social gatherings.
  3. Marketing and administrative purposes.
North Balwyn Bowls Club Inc Replacement of Club Tables $2,000 Funding is requested to buy 25 new tables to accommodate up to 150 people.
The existing tables are heavy and difficult to move and store for the volunteers within the ageing membership. This has become a major OH&S issue. Also, there has been damage to the varnished wooden floor.
Kew Cricket Club Victoria Park South Oval Shade $2,637

Funding is requested to buy three portable marquees. This will provide a safe and pleasant environment by providing shade for scoreboard operators and cricket teams using the South Oval at Victoria Park.

Maling Road Business Association (MRBA) Support Each Other Campaign $3,000

Funding is requested to pay for advertising and the cost of gift cards. The MRBA will pay for gift card reimbursements and Graphic Design.
During August, customers will receive an extra $100 when they buy a $100 Gift card ($200 for $100). This will bring in a minimum of $200 to Maling Road Traders. The promotion will end either when August finishes or the maximum amount of cards have sold (50).

This promotion is necessary to kickstart the Maling Road economy again after the effects of COVID‐19. It will encourage spending in Maling Road above hard top precincts.


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