Eligibility criteria

To be an eligible applicant:

  • You must be a property owner or occupier.
    • Owners need to provide a rates notice and written permission from the occupier.
    • Occupiers/tenants need to provide a rates notice and written permission from the owner.
    • Owner-occupiers need to provide a rates notice.
  • Applicants must:
    • be prepared to spend a minimum of $3,000 or $5,000 (depending on width of shop frontage)
    • have an appropriate business registration or equivalent
    • have public liability insurance (and provide a copy as part the application)
    • submit their application prior to purchasing goods, fabrication and/or installation of any proposed works associated with this application
    • provide quotes for works to be undertaken
    • be willing to submit a public release for photos to be used
    • apply for Occupy Council Controlled Land and Road/Footpath Occupancy permits required to undertake the works
  • You can submit up to one application per property, and up to two applications per property owner/occupier.
  • Location of the premises must be for a commercial premises within the Maling Road placemaking precinct outlined in the Maling Road Place Plan.
  • Works must:
    • be to the facade, shopfront and awnings or verandah of a heritage building (internal works cannot be considered for this grant)
    • be of a permanent nature, unless the improvements are outdoor planters/accessories (shutters, trim) floral treatments - these must be non-permanent and not be attached to the building
    • comply with Council Planning and Building Controls, Local Laws and Traffic and Transport permit requirements and Commercial Street Furniture and Access to Premises Standards
    • not require a Council statutory planning or building permit, or a permit from Heritage Victoria
    • be able to be completed by 30 June 2021

The following will not be eligible for this grant:

  • Employees of the City of Boroondara who own the property or the business
  • Australian and local government agencies and bodies
  • Businesses that have an adverse effect on public health, safety, the environment or heritage.

Assessment criteria

  • Applicant eligibility criteria met (as listed above)
  • Description of the works to be undertaken (40%)
    • Extent to which the works are in line with and will improve the precinct’s heritage aesthetic and character
    • Quote/s provided (at least one quote for each type of works proposed)
    • Proposed works undertaken by owners/occupiers who are willing to contribute more funds than are requested of Council may be given priority
  • Implementation and work plan (20%)
    • Appropriately skilled personnel are available to manage/coordinate the project (includes owner/occupier of business, as well as skilled tradespeople) 
    • Project is able to be completed by end of June 2021, with preference given to projects which can be completed in a shorter timeframe
  • Procurement (15%)
    • Grant funding will be used to contribute to the purchasing of products or services from a business within Boroondara
  • Overall improvement to streetscape (15%)
    • Extent to which the scope of the works will contribute to the overall improvement of the streetscape
  • Time since the shopfront façade has been refreshed (10%)
    • Owners/occupiers who have not updated their façade recently may be given priority. 

Other requirements

  • Council will advise on Local Laws and Traffic and Transport permit requirements 
  • Successful applicants will be required to sign a funding agreement.
  • The first instalment of the grant payment (50% of the total approved grant amount) will be paid once all parties have signed the funding agreement.
  • Once works are completed, applicants will be required to fill out an acquittal form.
  • The second instalment of the grant payment (50% of the total approved grant amount) will be paid once the acquittal form is submitted and approved.
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