To be eligible for a Commemorative Community Grant, your organisation must:

  • provide direct benefits to residents of the City of Boroondara (local organisations are prioritised)
  • be not-for-profit, as classified by the Australian Tax Office in the Income Tax Assessment Act (1936)  
  • be a registered legally constituted entity (e.g. a co-operative, incorporated association, company or company limited by guarantee) or similar including a school, or have an auspice (unless requesting less than $1,000) 
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN), or complete a Statement by Supplier form, or hold an exemption from registration
  • have a committee of management that accepts responsibility for the administration of the grant
  • hold an adequate public liability insurance policy to cover the staff, members and the general public, as appropriate
  • not have its own grant giving program or fundraising program that provides money to finance another organisation's community initiatives
  • have satisfactorily accounted to Council for the expenditure of any previous Council grants (if relevant)
  • comply with all other relevant Australian and Victorian legislation, including: accounting and auditing requirements; equal opportunity and anti-discrimination laws; human rights laws; privacy, confidentiality and freedom of information laws; registration or accreditation of professional employees; and preparation and dissemination of annual reports
  • have an adequate risk management plan in place (as required).


In your online application, you’ll be asked to choose the stream your project/activity best fits into. In your application, there will be questions based on the objectives of that particular stream.

To see the objectives in each grant stream, download the Commemorative Community Grants Guidelines 2020-21.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria scores applications to a maximum total of 100%.

How will the grant activity commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the end of World War Two? (25%)

  • Describe the project, including how it will be delivered.
  • Describe how the project links to the 75th anniversary of the end of World War Two.

Explain how the grant activity will engage with the local community. (25%)

  • Demonstrate the level of support for your proposal from the local community.
  • How will the local community be involved in the project?
  • How will the project be promoted to the community?

Describe the benefits of the project to the local community. (25%)

  • Who will benefit from this project and what will the benefits for the Boroondara community be?

Demonstrate your organisation’s governance and capability to successfully deliver the project. (25%)

  • Provide evidence that your organisation has the expertise and capacity to successfully manage and evaluate the project or activity.
  • Include your organisation’s prior experience in delivering similar projects.
  • Make sure that your budget accurately reflects the activity that is proposed.


The following applicants are ineligible for funding:

  • individuals and private profit-making organisations
  • organisations or groups that own or operate poker machines, explicitly promote sports betting, or meet in venues that promote gaming
  • registered political parties

The following criteria make an application ineligible for funding:

  • funding requests that Council considers are the funding responsibility of other levels of government
  • religious projects or activities run by (or involvement with) religious groups seeking to promote their spiritual beliefs
  • projects that seek to lobby the local, state or federal governments about particular laws, policies, practices or decisions of governments
  • projects or activities that have already started or have been completed (no retrospective funding)
  • funding of competitions, prizes, sponsorships, donations or gifts
  • new building works, capital improvements, facility maintenance or fixed assets (e.g. air conditioners, shade sails, cubby houses and sheds)
  • projects that have been or are being funded by other parts of Council
  • operational expenses such as insurance and rental subsidies
  • interstate or overseas travel.

Conditions of funding

  • Professional fees (e.g. labour, salary, wages) and administration costs (e.g. phone calls, printing, stationery) can only represent 50% of the total grant funding requested from Council. 
  • Projects must be completed by 31 December 2020.
  • Successful applicants and organisations auspicing applications will be required to become a signatory to a standard funding agreement that lists all grant conditions and agreed performance outcomes/measures. This must be signed before grant funds are issued. 
  • Acknowledgement of the City of Boroondara must be made in any promotional material or publicity features. 
  • Successful applicants will be required to provide a written evaluation of the activity on completion of the project or activity. All evaluation reports will be required to be completed online via SmartyGrants. A link to the online form will be emailed to applicants.
  • Successful applicants will be required to provide an expenditure budget or a financial statement (audited if required) at completion of the funding period. 
  • Council may make funding conditional on other specific conditions being met.
  • No variations to the project/activity timeframe are allowed.
  • Any Council grant funds over $150 not spent must be returned to Council.
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