In 2020-21 we recommended 61 grants totalling $292,405.07.

Organisation Project title Project description Panel recommendation
Alfred Road Kindergarten Indigenous Walking Path and Cultural Awareness Education Funding is requested to build an Indigenous sensory garden. Funding would be used to purchase materials and equipment for the sensory garden. $8000
Ashburton Bowls Club Inc Next Gen B project Funding is requested to deliver the Next Gen B Project, which aims to increase the number of young people participating in lawn bowls at Ashburton Bowls Club. Funding would be used to purchase small sets of bowls suitable for primary students, police checks, printing of learning manuals, advertising and curriculum development. $3200
Ashburton Community Centre Ashburton Handcrafted - a quarterly art and craft community event Funding is requested to hold a handcrafted market alongside the quarterly Artisan markets held adjacent to the Ashburton Community Centre. Funding would be used for advertising, purchase of outdoor banners and A frame, tables, catering crockery and tutor fees. $8058
Ashburton Traders Association Ashburton Village Halloween Event

Funding is requested to run a Halloween Trick or Treat event and Movie night for the local community.

‍Funding would be used to purchase Trick or Treat buckets, lollies for businesses to give to customers, posters and advertising of the event, hire of entertainers and face painters, providing pizzas and soft drinks at the movie night along with appropriate staffing.

Ashburton Uniting Church Tennis Club Installing a Defibrillator and CPR/Defibrillator training Funding is requested to purchase a defibrillator. $1970
Australian Iranian Society of Victoria (AISOV) FUTSAL Annual Indoor Competition at the Balwyn Sports Complex

Funding is requested to hold an indoor soccer FUTSAL competition at the Balwyn Sports complex, involving players from the Australian community in March 2021.

Funding would be used for advertising, venue hire, equipment purchases, referee fees, trophies, catering, purchase of t-shirts and St John's Ambulance.

AVA Boroondara Senior Citizens Group Inc. Cultural Performances of Diverse Multicultural Communities Funding is requested to hold a cultural festival in October 2021 at the Kew Seniors Centre. Activities will include traditional cultural dancing, group singing, skill and creative activities lead by our volunteer members. The grant funding will be used to buy costumes for performances, contribute towards the other performance groups expenditure, promotion, decoration, printing, and catering for the Festival. $4036.37
Balwyn Community Centre Inspire Women

Funding is requested to deliver Inspire Women at Balwyn Community Centre. The Inspire Women is a series of events, workshops and lectures, which aim to educate, connect and celebrate women in Boroondara.

Funding would be used for an administration worker, key speaker and workshop facilitator fees, marketing, printing of promotional materials, catering and marquee hire. 

Balwyn Cricket Club Mental Health and Financial Assistance

Funding is requested to engage a Mental Health Liaison Officer for players and their family members, many of whom have been impacted  mentally and financially due to COVID-19.

Funding is also requested to assist those players who are, or will, face financial difficulty continuing to play by subsiding their playing fees.

Funding is also requested to purchase cricket balls.

Balwyn Evergreen Centre Balwyn Community Mural

Funding is requested for a mural at the Balwyn Evergreen Centre. The mural will be a visual representation of 60 years of community connectedness and social cohesion.

Funding would be used for project administration, artist fees, wall preparation costs, lighting and marketing and  catering costs for launch event.

Barking Spider Visual Theatre Add Art to Your Years

Funding is requested to deliver "Add Art to Your Years" workshops. Each month for 12 months, Barking Spider Visual Theatre will deliver a facilitated, socially-engaged activity at Town Hall Gallery followed by a creative-arts workshop delivered in the Community Access Studio. 
Funding would be used for venue hire, workshop facilitator fees, project management fees, workshop materials and catering.

    Boroondara Stroke Support Group Inc Film Club, Gardening Group, Singalong Group

    Funding is requested to establish three groups for members to participate in.

    1. Film Group. Show a film monthly, followed by a lunch, during which members will be able to discuss the film and socialise. 
    2. Gardening Group. Workshops held outside the Hub on trestle tables where members will plant using pots and planting terrariums, which can be taken home.
    3. Singalong Group. An opportunity for members to come together to sing and  provide members with an easy to hold and easy to navigate Song Book. 
    Camberwell Community Centre Inc Development of the Camberwell Community Centre Website

    Funding is requested to develop a state of the art, user-friendly and secure website to support and increase the centre's business and community engagement when the new centre is completed and reopens in Fairholm Grove in 2021.

    Funding would be used for a website developer, advertising and equipment purchases.

    Camberwell Kindergarten and Childcare Inc CKCC Indigenous Garden Project Funding is requested for an Indigenous Garden at the kindergarten.
    Funding would be used for plants, landscaping materials and labour to install the garden.
    Camberwell Petanque Club Inc Widespread promotion of Petanque to the benefit of Boroondara's Community

    Funding is requested for a marketing campaign and open days to recruit Boroondara residents to become members.

    Funding would be used for printing, flyer distribution, digital media, brochures and catering for open day events.

    Canterbury Area Toy Library Supporting learning through play in preschool and early primary years Funding is requested to purchase a wider range of toys suitable for children 3-8+ years old.  $8777.81
    Chinese Seniors Cultural Association Inc Better Community, Better Life

    Funding is requested to deliver three events in 2021:

    • Chinese New Year Spring Festival 2021
    • Mooncake Festival 2021
    • Seniors Month 2021 activities

    Funding would be used for venue hire, purchase of musical instruments, decorations, administration costs, advertising and catering.

    Circular Economy Victoria Boroondara Circular Living Challenge

    Funding is requested to deliver The Circular Living Challenge. The challenge is a one-month digital program where participants can learn and practice Circular Economy principles in their daily lives by signing up through a website.  Through the website, participants can earn points by completing tasks such as: learning Circular Economy concepts; answering quizzes to consolidate their understanding; and applying these concepts by engaging businesses that support the Circular Economy.

    Funding would be used for advertising, a project manager, venue hire and catering for celebration event and software subscriptions.

    Community Music Victoria Boroondara Ukulele Festival

    Funding is requested to deliver a Ukulele Festival. The event would include an opportunity for participants to try something new, enhance and expand on current skills with the ukulele, connect with the local music community through a series of workshops for beginners through to more experienced ukulele players, opportunities for teachers and leaders to network with their peers, learn new teaching skills and provide performance opportunities for community ukulele groups and classes.

    Funding would be used for marketing, venue hire, printing of workshop materials, catering, event management costs, purchase of a data projector and portable screen.

    Connected Community HackerSpace Inc Diversity talks by minority groups: Makers overcoming the odds

    Funding is requested for a series of talks/presentations/workshops that will aim to share experiences of people from diverse backgrounds, in their own words. Proposed topics include disabled/assistive technologies, and speakers will include overseas students, people who speak languages other than English, people on the Autism spectrum and long term unemployed / underemployed.

    ‍Funding would be used for administration costs, social media advertising, workshop material and presenters fees.

    Craig Family Centre Craig Family Centre Multicultural Movie Festival

    Funding is requested to deliver the ‘Craig Family Centre Multicultural Movie Festival’.  The festival would consist of three public events, delivered in the warmer months of 2021. Each event will focus on the outdoor screening of a foreign film, subtitled in English.  Each movie will reflect a cultural group that currently attends the Craig Family Centre.

    ‍Funding would be used for hire of outdoor cinema equipment, catering, staff for each event and furniture hire.

    Dance for Parkinson's Camberwell Everyone Kneads A Hand With Parkinson's Putty

    Funding is requested to engage an occupational therapist to attend dance classes to demonstrate specific exercises to improve hand strength, function and dexterity.‍

    Funding would be used to purchase of tubs of putty, occupational therapist cost, venue hire and catering.

    Earth Crusaders Incorporated Take Home Sustainability Incursions

    Funding is requested to deliver one workshop to 12 primary schools in the City of Boroondara.

    ‍The incursions would run for one hour and consist of four activities:

    • Make Your Own Beeswax Wraps
    • Rubbish Relay
    • Streets to the Creeks
    • The Life of Soft Plastics

    Through these activities, children learn what single-use plastic is and why it is wasteful.

    ‍Funding would be used to purchase materials for the workshops and facilitator fees.

    Greythorn Traders Association Community statues show the way around Greythorn Central

    Funding is requested to engage an artist to carry through the theme of the chainsaw statues created by Angela Polglaze some 20 years ago at the fire create an elongated version of the community of people who frequent our shopping strip.

    Funding would be used for artist fees, installation costs and sculpture materials.

    Hartwell Tennis Club Inc Get the Boroondara Community into Tennis

    Funding is requested to replace worn equipment, purchase new equipment and repair damaged courts.

    Funding would be used to purchase tennis court nets and courtside benches, install a wall-mounted television to assist with online coaching, replace damaged court surfaces, purchase rain beater rollers and drag mats, purchase of a lawn trimmer and 100 branded tennis caps.

    Hawthorn Amateur Football Club (HAFC) Mental Health Fund plus specialised coaching for women

    Funding is requested to establish a mental health program.  Players or their family would approach HAFC Mental Health Ambassadors, or MYND Psychological Clinic to see a health professional.

    Additionally, HAFC seeks $3,750 to secure some much needed specialised training equipment  for our female footballers especially during 2021 pre-season of January, February and March.

    ‍Funding would be used for launch costs, health care professional costs and new fitness ‍equipment purchases.

    Hawthorn and Kew Bands Inc.
    (Glenferrie Brass)
    Glenferrie Brass branding Funding is requested to support the branding of the band including the purchase of uniforms and music stand banners. $10,000
    Hawthorn Artists Society Art for beginners and for sheer enjoyment

    Funding is requested to deliver Art for Beginners and Sheer Enjoyment workshops. The workshops aim to  stimulate Boroondara and wider community members to participate in mental health-giving, and creative activities of drawing and painting.

    Funding would be used to help purchase art materials, teaching staff and communication of the activities to the community.

    Hawthorn Citizens Youth Club - Callisthenics Section CaliTots

    Funding is requested to purchase callisthenics equipment to establish a program for children aged 6 months to 4 years.

    This program would be held during a weekday and open to both males and females, to encourage participation of all.  Parents/carers will be required to stay and be actively involved in the program. 

    Hawthorn Tennis Club Coach Mate program Funding is requested to establish the Coach Mate program that will directly support 50-60 community members, focusing on socially disadvantaged groups, to take up the sport of tennis. The Coach Mate would be a low-cost ten week program with 12-15 participants that is overseen by a coach who can provide introductory tips, with rackets and balls provided as well as refreshments afterwards. Funding would support four separate groups across two terms. $5863.36
    Horizontes PWC Belle Vue's community committed to the 4R

    Funding is requested to deliver the 4R (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) Project at Bell Vue Primary School. The 4R Project aims to generate skills and competencies in the school community (staff, students and parents) around waste avoidance and management. The project will develop awareness by participants about the importance of sustainable actions and environmentally friendly behaviours around waste management in order to reduce waste in landfills.

    The funding will support the development of workshops (2 for staff, 9 for students) and for the printing/digital creation of the communication tool for each student in the school, which they will share at home

    Kew Historical Society Incorporated The Stories They Tell: Exploring history through artefacts

    Funding is requested to print a 116-page, full colour book supported by an exhibition at the Kew Court House.

    The exhibition would include a history of Kew through the selection of up to 25 highly significant, rare and representative artefacts from the Kew Historical Society local history collection. Each item would be used to tell a detailed story about the district covering the period 1845 to 1994. Artefacts selected would be historically, artistically, scientifically and spiritually significant.

    Funding would be used to cover photographic costs and printing of 150 copies of the final publication.

    Kew Historical Society Incorporated Oral History Studio at the Kew Court House

    Funding is requested for equipment purchases to assist in setting up a low-cost oral history studio, located in one of the existing secure rooms at the Kew Court House. The studio would be used as a purpose-designed space for recording, editing, transcribing  and storing past, present and future audio visual recordings.

    Funding would be used to purchase a desktop computer (with monitor) suitable for basic video editing, video-editing software, directional lights, two comfortable armchairs for interviewees and shelving for audio visual materials.

    Kew Home of Chinese Tai Chi demonstration and performance

    Funding is requested to run an event in October 2021 showcasing Tai Chi, line dancing and Gongfu for different age groups, including over 60s, 70s and 80s.

    Funding would be used to purchase costumes, instructor fees and catering.

    Kew Junction Business Association Mural on Kew High Street

    Funding is requested for a large-scale mural to be painted on a wall just off Kew High Street.

    ‍Artists from QArt Studio and Gallery would be engaged to create and submit a design with the theme, What I Love About Kew. QArt Studio and Gallery provides employment, mentoring and training for a talented group of professional artists with a disability.

    The  winning submission will be chosen from the entries and the mural artist will then translate the winning design into the mural, with the help of the winning designer.

    Funding would be used to purchase materials for the mural, artist fee and traffic management costs.‍

    Kew Toy Library Inc Active Kids! Funding is requested to purchase a new range of sports and fitness related toys that aim to promote active physical play in children aged 0-12.  $10,000
    Maling Road Business Association (MRBA) Thanks for the Love - Maling Road Gift Card Competition Funding is requested for the promotion, advertising and material costs of the "Thanks for the Love" Maling Road Gift Card Competition Campaign. The campaign aims to encourage people to buy Maling Road Gift Cards and to shop in Maling Road. $6000
    Melbourne Comhaltas Inc A Name for Herself

    Funding is requested for three March 2021 shows in Kew's Renaissance Theatre of the historic new play, A Name for Herself, about the first woman elected to Westminster while jailed for treason.

    Funding would be used for venue hire, hire of staging equipment, advertising, costumes, performer fees, stage manager fee, producer fee and stage crew assistant fee.

    Mens Probus Club of Surrey Hills Inc Connectivity and Membership Promotion

    Funding is requested to expand the online connectivity with members of the Club, increase membership and  increase the  physical activities offered by the Club.

    Funding would be used to purchase iPads, microphone and tripod for a video camera, software, design and printing of leaflets, lawn bowl rink hire and catering.

    Mind Australia Mind Boroondara EIPSRS Art Therapy Group Program

    Funding is requested to run an Art Therapy program for adult clients experiencing severe mental ill-health and social isolation living within Boroondara. The program would focus on utilising creative-arts mediums to give clients a voice to express feelings and experiences not easily expressed in words, help reduce anxiety, develop social skills, problem-solving skills, self-awareness and self-esteem. It will also bring clients into the community to make new connections and encourage an active lifestyle through the outdoor photography program.

    Funding would be used for art therapist fees, cameras, SD cards, camera bags, printing of photographs, framing for the exhibition, general printing costs, materials for art therapy groups and fees associated with visiting galleries.

    Mont Albert North Probus Club Inc Purchase of defibrillator and celebratory lunch Funding is requested to purchase a portable automated defibrillator, and provide training in CPR and use of the defibrillator for 10 members, and fund a celebratory lunch to promote social connection after enforced isolation. $2544
    NCJW (Vic) The Social Support Trust Caring Mums

    Funding is requested for the Caring Mums Program. The program is a confidential, non-denominational service providing emotional support to mothers and pregnant women. Trained volunteers are matched to new mums to develop secure trusting relationships.  The service supports all mothers including those who are isolated, new immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, single mothers, mothers with mental and physical health issues, family violence victims or mothers who do not fall into any specific category, but just want someone outside their inner circle with whom to talk.

    ‍Funding would be used to purchase training materials, professional fees, advertising and marketing, purchase of a laptop and software.

    Pied Piper Toy Library Inc Outdoor and Nature based toys for engaged and active play Funding is requested to purchase outdoor play toys, high-quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) toys with a nature theme, and sporting equipment. $5761.16
    Probus Club of Chatham Inc Portable PA System plus Protective Cover Funding is requested to purchase a portable PA system that provides adequate voice and music transmission and protective cover. $998.19
    Probus Club of Greythorn Inc. Increase participation and enhance the well being of Club members Funding is requested for a contribution toward bus hire for member outings and speaker and musician fees for monthly club meetings. $2000
    Probus Club of Maling Combined Inc Three Stimulating Bus Trips for retirees Funding is requested for a contribution toward bus hire for member outings. $2000
    Probus Club of North Balwyn Inc Probus Club of North Balwyn Inc Funding is requested for a contribution toward bus hire for member outings. $2000
    Riversdale Soccer Club Inc. Football Discovery Program

    The Vision of the Club is “A Community that Loves the Game”.  The program supports this by connecting the Club with local school children in the early learning age groups from 5 years to 9 years of age.  Children are allowed to discover the game in their weekly PE classes over a four-week period prior to competing against other local schools in an inter-school tournament.

    Funding would be used to purchase equipment, advertising, program staff and faculty hire.

    South Yarra Football Netball Club Expansion of Female Teams in 2021 Funding is requested to purchase match jumpers and netball dresses for female participants. $2000
    South Yarra Junior Football Club Uniforms for our Juniors and Auskick to increase participation Funding is requested to purchase juniors and Auskick players reversible match jumpers that they can use in both matches and for training. $1260
    St Stephens Greythorn Cricket Club Purchase mandatory ECA standard Helmets, Pads, and iPad for scoring Funding is requested to purchase British standard helmets and pads and an iPad to comply with electronic scoring required by the Eastern Cricket Association in the 20/21 season. $2000
    Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre Inc Community Conversations

    Funding is requested to run Community Conversations. it would be quarterly event that provides an opportunity for Boroondara residents to attend a talk from a guest speaker. The talk is includes an interview and audience question and answers, with the opportunity to socialise over a light supper.

    Funding would be used for speakers fees and catering.

    Swinburne Amateur Football Club Purchase of new freezer for canteen Funding is requested to purchase a new freezer. The freezer will be used to store pies, pasties, sausages, party foods and other goods sold at the canteen or prepared during club functions.‍ $2000
    The Boite Vic Inc Tuning the Spaces

    Funding is requested to run a series of in-place performances by diverse musicians who use their music to explore the sounds of architectural spaces in Boroondara, with performances designed to be uploaded for on-going access online.

    Funding would cover the main costs of artists, equipment hire, production, promotion.

    The North Balwyn Village Traders' Association We Did It Together. Let's Celebrate

    Funding is requested to hold an event in December 2020 to express gratitude to Boroondara residents for support for the local businesses and residents during COVID-19. The event would include entertainment and attendees would receive a folding reusable shopping bag.

    ‍Funding would be used to purchase foldable shopping bags, performing artist fees, advertising and administration costs.

    The Probus Club of Balwyn Central Inc. Two 1-day outings during 2021 for Members, Partners, other Seniors Funding is requested for a contribution toward bus hire for member outings. $2000
    The Probus Club of Kew Sustain 2021 Funding is requested for a contribution toward bus hire for member outings. $2000
    The Scout Association of Australia, Victorian Branch Equipment to assist in Scenery Construction Funding is requested to purchase a new Sliding Compound Mitre Saw and other tools including a safety switch. $1900
    Trentwood at the Hub Expanding the tool box Funding is requested to purchase a Test and Tag machine and test and tag training for volunteers. $1339
    Victorian YMCA Community Programming - 
    Junction Skate and BMX Park
    "Jump on a Board Today"  - Activating spaces around Boroondara

    Funding is requested to run the free "Jump on a Board Today" beginner (12 years and under) drop in skate sessions in January 2021.

    ‍Funding would be used to cover staffing costs, advertising and promotion, equipment purchases and survey apps for iPads.

    Villa Alba Museum Incorporated Flowers at Villa Alba - delights, design 
    and inspiration

    Funding is requested to run the Flowers at Villa Alba program throughout 2021. The program would include a series of lectures and workshops, and an exhibition/installation that promotes emerging and established floral artists/creatives.  "Flowers at Villa Alba" aims to delight participants, showcase creative design and provide inspiration to learn new skills, connect with others and enjoy flowers and gardens.

    Funding would be used for advertising costs, facilitator/ speaker fees, advertising, promotional material, catering, administration costs and purchase of a projection screen.


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