Annual grants assessment criteria

Applications for 2017 are closed. Applications for 2018-19 Annual Grants open in April 2018.

We assess Annual Community Strengthening Grant applications against the following criteria, to a total of 100 per cent.

  1. What are the objectives of your proposed project or activity? (25 per cent)
    • Describe what your project or activity will achieve in reference to the Community Strengthening Grants Program objectives.
    • Describe how your project or activity addresses at least 2 of the relevant grant stream objectives.
  2. Why is the proposed project or activity needed in the City of Boroondara? (25 per cent)
    • Demonstrate that the activity responds to a community need and provide evidence of demand.
    • Demonstrate that your research has identified this need and/or opportunities in the community that you intend to fill.
    • Demonstrate that this activity cannot be funded elsewhere.
  3. Who will benefit from your project or activity? (25 per cent)
    • Describe who'll participate in your project or activity and how the project will significantly benefit City of Boroondara residents.
    • Describe how the project or activity creates links and develops partnerships with other organisations.
    • Demonstrate community support for your proposal.
  4. How will your organisation manage the funded project or activity over the funding period? (25 per cent)
    • Provide evidence that your organisation has the expertise and capacity to successfully manage and evaluate the project or activity.
    • Provide evidence of a program plan where appropriate.
    • Ensure the budget accurately reflects the activity proposed.

For more information, email Community grants or call 9278 4723.

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