Boroondara Kindergarten Central Enrolment Scheme offer places according to the preferences you nominate in your application and according to the criteria as outlined on How kindergarten places are allocated.

Kindergarten places start being offered from late July of the year before your child starts kindergarten. You will receive an email with either a kindergarten offer or your child's position on the waiting list. Further offers are made as positions become available until all kindergarten places are allocated.

Accept your place

Login to your central enrolment account to accept your offer by the deadline date on your offer letter.

The kindergarten will then contact you regarding:

  • commencement dates
  • the allocation of extended hours (where offered)
  • payment of security and term fees to secure your place.

Kindergarten fees are detailed on our member kindergarten pages.

Note: If you have an eligible concession card, you will need to show this to the kindergarten to claim the reduced fee.

Second or lower preference offers

You may be offered a place at your second or lower preference kindergarten or group. You can accept this offer and still keep your position on the waiting list for a higher preference kindergarten or group.

You will automatically stay on the waiting list for higher preference kindergartens until you ask to be removed. If you choose to accept the place in a lower preference kindergarten or group, you'll need to ask to be removed from the waiting list of your higher preferences. 

Reject your place

Login to your central enrolment account to reject your offer by the deadline date on your offer letter.

If your offer is not your first preference, you can reject the place and wait to see if a higher preference becomes available. If you reject all preferences, your application will be withdrawn.

Defer your place

If you are offered a kindergarten place, you can defer it to the following year.

Login to your central enrolment account to defer your offer by the deadline date on your offer letter.

A deferred position only applies to the kindergarten where the position has been accepted. It cannot be transferred to any other kindergarten the year it is taken up.  A request for a change to another kindergarten or a different year level will be treated as a new application and must comply with enrolment procedures.

If you are considering deferring your place because your child was born between 1 January and 30 April, make sure you read our when to start kindergarten information to assist your decision. You have the option for them to attend 3-year-old kindergarten in the year they turn 3 or 4, or for 4-year-old kindergarten, the year they turn 4 or 5. You need to decide when is best for your child to start kindergarten.

Accept your place and later defer

Login to your central enrolment account to accept your offer by the deadline date on your offer letter.

If you later decide that your child is not ready to take up their accepted place, the closing date to defer your accepted place is by the end of term 1 of their kindergarten year.

Prior to this date, login to your central enrolment account to defer the place. If the Kindergarten offers more than one group, please re-confirm your group preferences for the deferred place.

Your child cannot continue to attend kindergarten once you have deferred your place. Central Enrolments will acknowledge receipt of your deferral.

Withdraw your place

If you no longer want a kindergarten place at a member kindergarten, login to your central enrolment account and withdraw your application.

Waitlisted applications

You will receive an email to advise you if you haven’t been successful in being allocated a place in the initial offer process. Places continue to be offered as they become available. We aim to offer a funded kindergarten place for each eligible child prior to the commencement of the kindergarten year. Once all offers have been made, applicants who are still unsuccessful in securing a place will be contacted to explore other options.

If you have accepted a kindergarten place elsewhere, please make sure you withdraw your application by logging into your central enrolment account.

Repeating kindergarten

There is no option to repeat funded 3-year-old kindergarten. Children accessing 3-year-old kindergarten will transition to 4-year-old kindergarten the following year.

A second year of a 4-year-old kindergarten program may be recommended for children with additional needs or developmental delays. For more information about the criteria, see Repeating kindergarten.

Contact us

For further information contact us on 9278 4444 or email [email protected]

Remember important dates

Calculate and add kindergarten dates to your calendar.
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