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Boroondara Wild is a celebration of the wonderful ways kids and their families explore nature in our community. Kids have told us they love the colours, sounds and textures of nature, and the way they feel when they spend time outdoors.  

We want to help families find opportunities to discover, create, unwind and explore right in their own backyard. So, we’ve created a passport for kids filled with ideas, fun challenges and stickers to help them get discovering! 

Your passport to going Boroondara Wild!

Are you an explorer? Do you love nature?

Download a copy of the Boroondara Wild activity passport below, which is filled with ideas to help kids explore, unwind, create and discover.

  • Explore our list of Boroondara Wild books
  • Go for a walk in the rain and splash in some puddles
  • Find a plant that attracts bees and watch them collecting pollen


  • Build a sandcastle city
  • Collect sticks and create your own kite
  • Build your own nature cubby


  • Play on some monkey bars or visit the climbing wall at Anderson Park or Boroondara Park, which also has a rope pyramid
  • Balance on a fallen log
  • Slide on cardboard or roll down a grass hill 


  • Go to Willsmere Billabong at dusk and listen for frogs
  • Visit Wurundjeri Heritage Trail in Chandler Park and learn Aboriginal words from the new signage
  • Visit Food Forest Ashburton and find out what your favourite fruits look like before they’re picked


Can you find me in the playground?

Find each of these three sculptures hiding in a Boroondara playground.

Can you use the clues to guess which one?


  • I live in my grotto under a bridge, among a timber forest.
  • The park I call my home was newly refurbished this year.
  • I might look scary, but I’m very friendly!



  • I’m red, black and spotty.
  • From where I’m located, I can see a ship hull with mast and steering wheel.
  • There are lots of opportunities to climb with the rock wall, scramble net and monkey bars.



  • I live next to ‘The Tree House’ which has a fireman’s pole, monkey bars and a double slide.
  • My home is next to one of Boroondara’s popular sports grounds.
  • I’m yellow and say “quack, quack, quack”.



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