Council permits

Some useful links to permits that may be required to start your business.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need a planning and/or building permit?

    You may need one or both – planning permits and building permits will be required for some types of business. The permits require two separate applications and decision-making processes.

    You may need a planning permit before changing land use (for example, changing the nature of an existing business or opening a business from home). You may also require a planning permit to change the existing signage, or to increase the business identification signage.

    Building permits relate only to the actual construction of a building or development.

    • phone: Statutory Planning on 9278 4844.

    If I am working from home do I need Council approval?

    You may need a planning permit before opening a business from home. To discuss whether a planning permit is required for your particular plans for a home-based business contact Statutory Planning. If a planning permit is required, officers will advise you how to lodge an application.

    • phone: Statutory Planning on 9278 4844

    Business Based at Home Policy 1999: this policy provides the framework for the future development of Boroondara's businesses based at home. It is being reviewed by Economic Development.

    Are permits required for temporary food stalls and vehicles?

    Yes – both commercial vendors and community groups need to apply for temporary registration under the Food Act 1984 to run a food stall in Boroondara. 

    If you intend to conduct any business activities on a footpath (for example, tables and chairs for food, display goods on the street, or use advertising boards on the street) a permit is also required.

    Download the application form.

    What are the health requirements of opening a business?

    Health Services is responsible for supervising the registration and inspection of hotels, motels and other accommodation premises, as well as beauty parlours and body piercing establishments. For guidance on the standards required within beauty parlours, hairdressers and body piercing establishments, visit the Department of Human Services website.

    Council is also responsible for the registration of food business such as restaurants and any commercial premises where food is prepared, manufactured, stored or sold.

    The Victorian Government regulates the food industry to ensure the wellbeing of consumers. Proprietors and employees of retail food premises who handle food must comply with food services procedures and precautions to maintain health and hygiene standards.

    What do I need to do if I want to serve liquor?

    All businesses wishing to sell or serve alcoholic beverages must comply with Victorian liquor licensing laws. Visit the Department of Justice website for the latest information.

    You may also need a planning permit for your liquor licence.

    • phone: Planning Services on 9278 4844