Our business environment


Boroondara is only 10 kilometres east of the CBD, making it easily accessible by all forms of transport. Boroondara's business hubs link to major arterial roads, including the Monash and Eastern freeways, which in turn access both City Link and Eastlink, thereby connecting west to the Tullamarine and West Gate freeways and south-east to Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula.

Quality urban environment

Boroondara is recognised for its tree-lined streets, quality housing, recreational facilities, range of public and private schools, local neighbourhood retail centres, and high quality cafes and restaurants. It also is home to a large suburban office precinct which provides great facilities for employers and employees alike.

First-class neighbours

Boroondara is home to the Australian headquarters of multi-national and national companies, such as Coles Support Office, ACI Packaging, Bakers Delight, Servier Laboratories, Diners Club, Pacific Brands, Shell, Bunnings and Penguin. There are more than 13,000 businesses in Boroondara with :

  • 41 per cent in the finance, property and business services sector
  • 19.7 per cent in wholesale and retail sector businesses
  • 12.8 per cent in the health and community services sectors.

First-class workforce

Boroondara residents are well educated. More than 38.8% of adult residents have an undergraduate degree or higher. The City of Boroondara has one of the highest rates of people employed as managers, administrators and professionals in Melbourne with 70%of employed persons fitting these categories. This compares with the 50.9% average for the Melbourne metropolitan area.

First-class local market

Businesses in Boroondara have direct access to a local market with a high disposable income, giving them an opportunity to provide a diverse range of quality goods and services to meet these residents' needs. More than 33.5% of households in Boroondara have a weekly income of more than $2,000 compared to a Melbourne average of 18.3%.