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Each July, millions of people around the world choose to start to refuse single-use plastics as part of the global Plastic Free July movement. 

According to the Victorian Government, single-use plastic items make up about one-third of the volume of our state’s litter. Avoiding single-use plastics is always the best course of action we can take to help reduce plastic pollution and protect our health, wildlife and the environment.  

There are many ways we can avoid the use of single-use plastics in our everyday lives. Each step, no matter how big or small, makes a difference towards having cleaner streets, communities and oceans. For tips on avoiding single-use plastics and waste more broadly, see our Avoiding waste page.

To find out more about the movement, visit the Plastic Free July website

Plastic free business pilot program

As part of Plastic Free July, we’re running a pilot program with hospitality and food traders in Camberwell to help them avoid or reduce single-use plastics. 
The pilot will start in July and run until March 2022.

We’re working with the Boomerang Alliance and partnering with the Camberwell Centre Traders Association and Camberwell Fresh Food Market to deliver the program.

Participating businesses will receive dedicated support to primarily eliminate single-use plastic items, with support to also reduce and/or replace single-use plastic items with a more sustainable alternative.

If successful, we will look at rolling out a program to support all businesses in Boroondara with reducing single-use plastics.

You can help support these local businesses and encourage them along on their journey to reducing plastic waste by shopping locally.

Participating businesses

Signing up of businesses to the pilot program has been slightly delayed due to the recent COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. We will continue to update this page as businesses are signed up, please check back here for updates!

Reducing plastics in your business 

If you’re wanting to avoid or reduce single-use plastics in your business operations, we’re here to help you. The Victorian Government will be banning single-use plastics at bars, cafes and restaurants by 2023 to reduce the amount of plastic waste sent to landfill. This includes plastic straws, plates, cutlery, drink stirrers, and polystyrene containers.

More information about the ban can be found on the Victorian Government website.

Making the switch away from single-use plastics sooner can:

  • benefit your business 
  • help to attract new customers 
  • protect the environment.

Here are our top tips for reducing single-use plastics in business operations:

  • Brainstorming with your staff about ways you can reduce single-use plastics and make a plan. 
  • Considering what you are giving out and what plastic products and/or packaging you can avoid, reduce or replace with sustainable alternatives. Best to go for reusables rather than disposables - even if they are compostable. Have a chat with your suppliers about whether they have alternatives.
  • Inviting customers to bring in their own reusable coffee cups, take away containers and bags. 
  • Spreading the word and getting your customers on board, the more people who are aware of the issue and the solutions the bigger the impact! This may include social media and shop signage.

Download our signage resources below to help reduce single-use plastics in your business.

Current health advice supports the use of reusable cutlery, ceramic crockery, and ceramic/glass beverage containers with appropriate cleaning. For the latest advice visit the Victorian Government website.

More information

More information on how you can reduce plastic waste in your business is available on the Plastic Free July website.

For more information contact our Environmental Sustainability team at [email protected] or on 9278 4444.

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