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Retail and hospitality business owners—keep those fires burning during the colder months!

Do you find it difficult to generate sales in winter? Wintertime can be a season when people stay indoors. However, Kerry Daly (Manager, Camberwell Centre Association) insists that Melbournians are actually better than most urbanites when it comes to putting on a scarf and getting out there.

“Melbournians love winter. They get excited about the cooler months particularly as it means new and interesting fashion and there’s an opportunity to enjoy winter specialties like mulled wine. It may be cold outside but people are still looking for something to do. It’s just a matter of encouraging them to get out the door.”

Wintertime tips for business owners

So how can you keep your business thriving when the temperature drops? Kerry offers some tips:

1. Create a warm and welcoming experience

By displaying candles or low-lit lamps you can create an environment that looks warm and inviting. By using soft furnishings, curtains and wall hangings you can retain heat in a way that’s cost effective, environmentally friendly and beautiful at the same time. Don’t forget to consider all the senses. Use scented candles and oils as well as music to create a distinctive experience.

2. Do something special or unusual at wintertime

If you’re a restaurant, consider having a performer at night. Winter has the advantage of not being as busy as spring or summer in as far as festivals and food events so there is an opportunity to create something noteworthy for people to experience.         

3. Make money outside of your core business

Whatever time of year, it’s always worth thinking about how to monetise your store or restaurant in unique ways. Do you have a skill that you can teach at your store? Or could you rent your space to another organisation in the evenings?

We can help

To help you improve your physical store, we run courses in Visual Merchandising that include practical tips and tricks to create shop window displays that attract customers.   

Whether or not you sell your product or services online, having a clear, distinct online presence is advantageous. Our courses in social media can help you get your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts in order.

We also offers free business mentoring for new and existing businesses.