Visual merchandising is a time-tested retail concept that focuses on enhancing the aestheric appeal of a product or store to attract customers. 

Our visual merchandising workshop facilitator, Jennie Kelly from A Creative Space visual merchandising, has five easy tips to help make your store more appealing and effective to kickstart sales in the new year. 

1. Out with the old in with the new

As ugly as your Christmas tree looks only days after Christmas, so does your pre-Christmas stock, particularly when it has red sale stickers plastered all over it.  Although appealing for the bargain shopper, this is not appealing to your everyday customer who needs to see new inspiring ideas.  

Move the sale stock to the dead space in the store, as the bargain hunter will find it wherever you put it.  And while you are there, go ahead and slash the sale price so that it walks out the door.  

You really don’t want this inventory hanging around. The more that it hangs around, the less cash you have to purchase new stock which fuels new sales and growth.

2. Stand out from the crowd

Keep abreast of other competitor stores and what they are offering.  Make a statement with your new products which strongly represent your brand.  

Display unique, hard to find or solution based products at the forefront of your store.  Give this presentation pride of place and present it well with structure, balance and signage.

3. Basic at the back

Keep the front of the store interesting, inspiring and theatrical.  Customers will need to walk through this space to get to your basic stock (stock which is for everyday needs or needs that your brand is famous for).  

By doing this you are maximising your potential to drive sales with strategic product placement at the front and window.

4. Colour is king

Make sure all your presentations are displayed using strong colour stories.  

A strong colour will draw your customer’s attention and keep it long enough to review the product offering.  Plus, layers of various products will look harmonious together in the same colour tones thereby increasing appeal and desirability.

5. Personalise your offering

Why not get personal with your customer and introduce specially marked signage or tickets around the store indicating a hero message such as, “Star performer - best seller in January”, “We love..”, “Must-have for the home chef”,  etc.  

This will help focus the customers attention to set eyes upon and review products which they normally swept past.

Most importantly, visual merchandising is all about having fun. Having fun attracts customers and drives sales. So start prepping for a fun, romantic Valentine’s Day! It is just round the corner.

Want to learn more? Book our On-Demand workshop on visual merchandising where you’ll discover practical tips and tricks to create shop window displays that attract customers.