Community organisations in Boroondara are often approached by local professionals, many of whom are business owners keen to offer time and skills on a voluntary basis. For business owners, volunteering is a great way to contribute and give back to the Boroondara community, while also providing the opportunity to raise the profile and reach of their business and grow their networks. 

Peter May is an example of a business owner who has benefited from volunteering. Throughout 2018, Peter offered his business development, IT and governance skills to Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre.

"I was looking to volunteer my skills and become more involved in my community. So when I discovered that my local neighbourhood centre in Canterbury was looking for a new Chair, I decided to apply,” Peter said.

"I have been inspired by the way neighbourhood centres bring people together to learn and connect, from organising book circles and walking groups, to upholstery classes and playgroups, neighbourhood centres break down barriers and bring communities together. That's something I want to be part of."

"In the 3 months I have been involved I have worked with the Board and the Manager to update the Constitution, set up subcommittees and discussed how we can improve the website. We have also begun to develop a new 5 year strategic plan, which I am really looking forward to implementing," Peter said.

How you can get involved 

Our Volunteer Skills Bank and annual Skilled Volunteer Meet event connects professionals looking to volunteer their skills with community organisations in need of board members or support on a short-term project. As a result of these initiatives, skilled volunteers have improved the operations and built the capacity of local community organisations in a number of ways.

Developing new websites, creating social media, marketing and human resources policies, setting up new accounting systems and delivering a strategic planning session are just some examples of how local professionals are adding value to local community organisations.

When business owners register their details and skills via the Boroondara Volunteer Skills Bank, they receive regular email alerts of skilled volunteer opportunities, as well as invitations to networking events to connect face-to-face with community organisations looking for expertise. Based on the information provided, organisations may create a short-term project that aligned to the skills of a business owner. 

Stay tuned for information on the next Skilled Volunteer Meet in October 2020.

Learn and be inspired by the many ways local professionals have contributed and made a difference locally by volunteering time and skills.