We’re offering businesses more options to trade on Council land through a suite of outdoor trading permits and an easy online application process.

Now it’s easy to find out what you need to get this up and running and how to keep compliant with your permit so everyone’s fairly sharing this public space. Enabling more trade is easier and closer than ever.

The timing is perfect, while people are out and about this summer, to add in an A-frame, some seats or a whole outdoor setting – whatever works for your business!

Outdoor trading can bring you benefits, including:

  • clearly shows passersby that your business is open
  • sets the tone for your business by inviting people to join or explore
  • brings another space to your business, enabling you to serve more customers
  • affordable improvements you can introduce for the busy warmer months, and also a good option to explore in Melbourne’s cooler seasons. We are known as the most liveable city year-round: for our cultural diversity, street art, excellent dining options, outstanding coffee and so much more!

What did you tell us during the consultation?

We received positive feedback during the outdoor trading draft policy and guidelines consultation which ran from August to September 2022.

Here are some of the responses we received from both community members and business owners:

  • “Very positive! It’s been great to have the extra seating available for customers.”
  • “I think it provides a valuable increase to the vibrancy and atmosphere of dining and drinking areas. I am more attracted to visit venues with this option, particularly if it allows enjoyment of the weather.”
  • “I have really enjoyed the experience especially the parklets, I think it’s a great idea and helps business.”
  • “I love it! I go out much more now, and enjoy the ambience … I think it adds a great vibrancy to the shopping precincts too.”
  • “The outdoor dining experience for us has been SO positive!! Our parklet has brought our community together as they connect with each other over a [beverage] … The parklet has become somewhat of a hub. A meeting place, for this amazing community ... We thank the City of Boroondara for their continued support these past few years. We also look forward to a parklet program continuing into the future.”

How did we do this?

  • Creating vibrant shopping precincts and supporting the local economy are key priorities for us, as they are for our community – detailed in the Boroondara Community Plan 2021-31
  • We brought the existing footpath trading (e.g. A-frames, goods displays, seats on footpaths) into the new outdoor trading package that offers parklets (previously delivered through the Victorian Government COVID-recovery grants program) and outdoor dining structures (a larger investment in footpath trading).

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts during the consultation on the draft guidelines.

Learn more about your outdoor trading options and the application process on our Outdoor trading permits page.