Did you know that you can cut costs and boost productivity by managing your waste responsibly?

Understanding the type of waste your business creates and sorting it appropriately can put you at an advantage. By sorting your waste you can see what and how much waste you’re disposing of, and identify what you can avoid, reuse, recycle or sell.

Separating your waste also reduces the risk of contamination, making it easier for you to reuse waste in your operations or sell it, allowing you to save money as well as save space in landfill, helping protect the environment.

Further information about waste management

Sustainability Victoria offers further advice and information about how to change inefficient practices, saving you money and improving sustainability. They also offer case studies of businesses who have found success in managing their waste.

To find out more visit the Sustainability Victoria Business website.

Waste disposal in Boroondara

We provide centres where you can dispose of recyclables and waste including the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre, Kew Depot Recycling Drop-off Centre and charity bins.

For more information about these centres visit Recycling and Waste.

We can help

City of Boroondara offers a range of workshops to assist you in being environmentally sustainable. View upcoming sustainability workshops

Have a story to share about how you manage waste in your business? Experience Collective invites you to discuss ideas and experiences with like-minded local business owners. Find out more about Experience Collective.

To find out more about waste and sustainability, get in touch with our team at [email protected] or 9278 4873.