Boroondara Bulletin - September 2022

Boroondara Bulletin - September 2022 ewilliam Thu 18 August 2022
A raingarden in Boroondara

Water wise in our own backyard

We're working to save water and you can too with our tips from Sustainable Gardening Australia.

Try our water-saving tips

A person at a street market in Camberwell

Shaping Camberwell Junction

It's almost time to give us your thoughts on the draft vision for a revitalised Camberwell Junction.

Have your say on the draft vision

A river and creek trail in Boroondara

Growing our tree canopy

We've pledged to increase our street trees by 14,000 in the next 8 years, this is how we're going to do it.

How we measure our urban forest 

A person at the cinema

Coming to a screen near you

Join us as we launch the first annual Boroondara Seniors Film Festival with hand-picked movies at our local cinemas. 

Book a festival seat

Message from the Mayor, Cr Jane Addis

Message from the Mayor, Cr Jane Addis ewilliam Thu 18 August 2022

The focus of everything we do at City of Boroondara is our community, so we are always interested to hear about what is important to you.

Councillor Jane Addis

Each year we take part in the Victorian Government’s statewide Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey, which gives us insight into whether we are meeting your changing expectations.

The results are now in, and we are pleased to report that this year we achieved an index score of 71 on ‘Overall Performance’. This is significantly higher than the average for metropolitan councils (65) and the statewide average (59), and places Boroondara in the top-performing councils across Victoria. It is also an improvement on last year’s score, despite the survey showing that the broader community has increased expectations of local government.

You rated appearance of public areas, along with recreational facilities and waste management, as our highest-performing service areas. When asked to name the best things about Boroondara, parks and gardens, recreational and sporting facilities, and library services topped your list.

Community decisions and consultation and engagement will be key areas for us to focus on as they are becoming more important to the wider community. Our consultations website, Engage Boroondara, makes it easier for you to get involved and stay connected with Council decisions. Read more about Engage Boroondara.

With spring upon us, it is an opportunity to enjoy our parks and gardens and try some new activities – read on to find out about the inaugural Boroondara Seniors Film Festival, school holiday activities and a special Melbourne Writers Festival event. 

signature of Cr Jane Addis

Mayor of Boroondara

Cr Jane Addis

Seniors film festival: at a screen near you

Seniors film festival: at a screen near you ewilliam Thu 18 August 2022
A person at the cinema

Join us as we launch the first annual Boroondara Seniors Film Festival.

The 2022 Victorian Seniors Festival, being held next month, aims to recognise the wonderful contribution that older Victorians make to the community. Here in Boroondara, we are celebrating through the magic of the movies by launching the inaugural Boroondara Seniors Film Festival.

You are invited to take part in 3 major film events at each of Boroondara’s cinemas: Village Cinemas Rivoli, Lido Cinemas, and Palace Balwyn. These events will showcase a wonderful selection of feature films, along with short films from festivals around the world.

All Boroondara Seniors Film Festival events are free, and bookings are essential.

It’s your festival – be inspired

The Boroondara Seniors Film Festival is just beginning. Next year, it will expand to include festival workshops and short courses to explore your creativity, develop new skills, or even help you create a short film that may be screened in one of Boroondara’s cinemas or on our website during the Boroondara Seniors Film Festival in 2023.

To book for this year’s screenings, and find out more about what’s coming up at the festival, visit our Seniors Festival page or contact the Active Ageing team on (03) 9278 4803.

What's on

3 grandparents sitting in a park

Grandparenting 101

Where: Village Cinemas Rivoli

When: 11am to 2:30pm, Thursday 6 October

Rated M, 104 minutes

A lively German comedy showing it’s never too late to start a new chapter. Karin’s retirement isn’t what she had hoped for. Retired physician Gerhard has been widowed for 2 years and now his dog has died. Philippa is a retired hippy living in a trailer park. When the 3 become grandparents for hire, they face challenges they hadn’t foreseen when looking after their lively charges.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg


Where: Lido Cinema

When: 11am to 1:30pm, Wednesday 12 October

Rated PG, 98 minutes

A powerful documentary film capturing the extraordinary life of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the profound changes she made for women and society. This is an intelligent and inspiring insight into her work as the second female Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court. Nominated for a BAFTA  Award for Best Documentary and Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

2 older actors

The Duke

Where: Palace Cinema

When: 2pm to 4:30pm, Thursday 18 October

Rated M, 96 minutes

A delightful true-crime caper and underdog tale, starring Helen Mirren and Jim Broadbent. Based on a true-life heist in 1961, 60-year-old taxi driver Kempton Bunton (Broadbent) steals Goya’s portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London, and tries to ransom the painting in exchange for government investment in the elderly.


Community events for Victorian Seniors Festival

Throughout October, community organisations across Boroondara are celebrating the 2022 Victorian Seniors Festival.

To find out about events and activities, check out our Seniors Festival event search.


Enhancing our urban forest

Enhancing our urban forest ewilliam Thu 18 August 2022
Gardiners Creek trail

New data tools are advancing how we take care of our tree canopy, now and for the future.

We know environmental sustainability is an important issue for our community. As we work together to tackle the increasing impacts of climate change, we aim to have an urban tree canopy that is resilient and future proofed.

Our trees and plants provide an important carbon sink, and by stabilising the soil profile, tree roots help to reduce soil erosion and flood damage resulting from significant rainfall. Canopy shade, coupled with uptake of water from the soil and its release to the atmosphere, is critical for cooling the local environment. And of course, trees also provide vital habitat for our wildlife.

Prioritising renewal

We have started to use predictive analytics about our ageing trees to help us prioritise tree renewal and deliver our next generation of canopy trees in Boroondara.

A new digital dashboard also provides our team with better information on our changing tree canopy on private and Council land. Having applied machine learning to aerial imagery, we can now more easily measure canopy cover across Boroondara. This includes tracking seasonal variation and changes occurring over time. We can make more meaningful comparisons by suburb and analyse canopy density for small geographic areas covering just a few dozen homes.

Taking climate action

A canopy assessment is now underway as an action of our Climate Action Plan. This will tie in with the dashboard to give us a municipality-wide understanding of our vegetation cover, gaps in canopy, and opportunities and constraints for planting.

Through our Climate Action Plan, Council will increase our number of street trees from 66,000 to 80,000 by 2030.

Our Transforming Boroondara initiative is providing the tools we need for more data-driven tree-planting strategies that we can be confident will have the most impact. We are proud to promote the value of our existing tees and excited to be using data in more sophisticated ways to enhance our tree-planting strategies for the future.

Through these and other initiatives, we’ll ensure Boroondara stays a green and leafy city with healthy trees and a canopy that provides important shade and urban cooling for us all.

Use our significant trees map

Did you know Boroondara has more than 1,000 ‘significant’ trees given special protection? You can pinpoint them on an interactive online map, and find out more about them, on our Protected and significant trees page

Shaping the future of Camberwell Junction

Shaping the future of Camberwell Junction ewilliam Thu 18 August 2022
A person at a street market in Camberwell

We’re on a journey to improve Camberwell Junction for our community – and you’re our guide.

As a major activity centre, Camberwell is ripe for revival through placemaking and strategic planning.

In late-2021, we asked you what you love about this bustling precinct and what you’d like us to improve.

Your feedback was full of possibilities, so we performed extensive demographic and socio-economic research to fully understand the opportunities.

Based on this, we are delighted to share your vision to revitalise Camberwell Junction:

Camberwell Junction will be revitalised as a dynamic, desirable and prosperous metropolitan hub.

Residents, visitors and locals will be attracted to its thriving retail, smart economy, lively public spaces, attractive character and highly liveable urban environment.

The Junction precinct will attract significant public and private investment to create an exciting economic and lifestyle destination that is welcoming to all. 

The draft vision informs the most important areas of opportunity that will help us deliver this bright future for the precinct. In this collaborative stage of community feedback, your input forms the base for a comprehensive new Structure and Place Plan. This plan will be our long-term guide to land use and development in the precinct.

Have your say

Find out more about the vision, opportunities and research, and prepare to tell us your thoughts on the draft vision on our Engage Boroondara website. Click ‘Follow’ to receive project updates.

Our survey will be open from Tuesday 20 September to Monday 17 October.

Water wise: tips to save water at home

Water wise: tips to save water at home ewilliam Thu 18 August 2022
A raingarden in Boroondara

We’re working to save water and protect our waterways – and you can too.

Although we’ve had several wetter than average months over the past year, due to a longer-term trend of drier conditions it’s important that Council continues to prioritise effective water management. To do this, we’re working to increase water efficiency, reduce the use of valuable drinking water, and help protect our waterways.


A great example of a project that reduces our use of mains water and prevents pollutants from entering our waterways is the Gordon Barnard Reserve raingarden in Balwyn North. It receives stormwater runoff and treats it to remove pollution before it’s stored in an underground tank. After further filtration and UV treatment, it’s used to irrigate nearby sporting ovals. Similar projects have been completed at Grace Park in Hawthorn and Lewin Reserve in Glen Iris.


We typically plant our sportsgrounds with a mix of drought-tolerant grasses, and our watering schedule aims to ensure ovals aren’t irrigated before or after significant rainfall.

New plantings

We use recycled water to establish newly planted trees when possible, and mulch to retain moisture.

Tips to save water at home

Try these tips from our sustainability team and Teresa Day at Sustainable Gardening Australia:

  • Use a rake or broom to clean paths or driveways instead of water.
  • Avoid blowing leaves, grass cuttings, sand and mud into the gutter, so they don’t wash into local creeks, the Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay.
  • Use a simple kit from a hardware store to divert water from downpipes to garden areas that need irrigation.
  • Water gardens first thing in the morning. This ensures excess water on leaves will evaporate, reducing infections such as mildew.
  • Water garden beds for longer, less often, to encourage deep root growth and improve plant resilience.
  • Hand watering is the least effective way to water. Invest in a drip-feed irrigation system, which allows consistent and effective watering to the roots.
  • If you must hand-water, do so close to the soil near the roots, not the stem.
  • Healthy soil can retain 10% more moisture than poor soil. Add organic matter like compost and aged manure at least once a year.
  • Apply mulch on top of your soil to reduce evaporation.

Water workshops

  • Water-wise gardening webinar: Hear more from Teresa Day from Sustainable Gardening Australia in our free webinar on Tuesday 20 September, 6:30pm to 8 pm.
  • Water Cycles kids’ workshop (ages 9 to 13): Thursday 22 September, 10am to 12pm at CERES Environment Park.
  • Family-fun frogging night: Join Melbourne Water at Willsmere Billabong on Friday 7 October, 7pm to 9pm.

Bookings are essential. For more information, visit our Sustainability page.

Have your say on outdoor trading guidelines

Have your say on outdoor trading guidelines kcook2 Thu 25 August 2022
People sitting in the streetside outdoor area of a cafe

‘Outdoor trading’ is where businesses use footpaths and parking bays for dining and shopping. It plays a vital role in fostering a strong local economy and creating welcoming places for the community.

That’s why we’ve drafted new and updated outdoor trading guidelines, and we’d like to hear your feedback via our Engage Boroondara website.

We’re providing more opportunities to trade outdoors and enhancing what we already have available by making it clearer how to do so safely and how to apply for the right permit.

We’re committed to helping our local shopping precincts thrive, as highlighted in the Boroondara Community Plan 2021-31. Outdoor trading can help with that – it can create vibrant shopping strips, attract customers, support business growth and boost the chance of diners finding a seat when eating out.

We also need to ensure outdoor trading is done safely in our public spaces. We need to balance needs and expectations for both businesses and customers, with safety being our priority.

You can have your say on outdoor trading options and guidelines for parklets, footpath trading and outdoor dining structures. Our consultation survey is open until 5pm on Tuesday 20 September.

To learn more about the draft guidelines and have your say, visit our Engage Boroondara website.

How heritage is your house?

How heritage is your house? ewilliam Thu 18 August 2022
A heritage house in Boroondara

We know it’s important to you that Council helps to protect our heritage places, for current and future generations to appreciate.

That’s why we undertook a 6-year project to find – and fill – gaps in heritage protection. We looked for properties and precincts of heritage value that were not covered by our Heritage Overlay – part of Boroondara’s Planning Scheme.

The houses we found have aesthetic, historical, architectural or social significance to Boroondara (one even featured in a 1970s-’80s TV show).

As shared in the July–August Boroondara Bulletin, this was a significant project with results you can be proud of. We’ve increased Heritage Overlay coverage by around 50%, taking the number of properties covered to approximately 15,000.

But what else can Council do to plan for housing in the future, for challenges or opportunities that could arise? That’s the question we’re turning our attention to now.

We’re looking at how we can be proactive to meet housing needs. We also need to consider climate change and include better sustainability measures. If we’re strategic about housing plans now, we can meet future challenges while still protecting what locals love about our City.

How heritage is my house?

Look up the heritage grading of your home today with our new online map.

Was your house owned by a prominent historical figure? Is it colonial revival in style, an interwar Californian bungalow, or something else? Is it part of a larger precinct? Find out by reading the Heritage Citation and Statement of Significance.

How? We’ve created an interactive virtual map to help you access our heritage work, bringing information together in a fun and easy-to-use format. You can find it on our Find Heritage Overlays and gradings page

We’re continuing to improve our technology as part of Transforming Boroondara, so we can share more valuable data, deliver a better service and improve your experience.

Homelessness: you can make a difference

Homelessness: you can make a difference ewilliam Thu 18 August 2022

Did you know that on any given night in Australia, one in 200 people are homeless?

Council recently recognised Homelessness Week (1 to 7 August) by running activities to raise awareness about homelessness in our community and providing information and resources about how we can all make a difference.

Brent Soltan is a Boroondara resident who has experienced homelessness on and off for the past 20 years. As part of Homelessness Week, Brent shared his story with us, to raise awareness and to help break down stereotypes commonly associated with homelessness.

To Brent there are many reasons why people may become homeless.

“They’re not bad people at all, they’re just going through a hard time. We all go through hard times, but some do it harder than others.”

Servants Community Housing is a not-for-profit organisation in Boroondara supporting people at risk of homelessness. Brent has been a resident for the past 2 years, which has given him the stability to mend his family relationships as well as undertake a Diploma in Social Science.

Brent plans to use his diploma to become a drug and alcohol counsellor for young people, to help prevent others from going through what he did.

Homelessness is a growing problem around Australia, and there is much we can do to support people who are at risk or experiencing homelessness in our community.

A resident of Servants Community Housing

More information

For details of Council’s Homelessness Protocol and how you can support local organisations that help people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, visit our Homelessness Week 2022 page

Nominate for citizen and volunteer awards

Nominate for citizen and volunteer awards ewilliam Thu 18 August 2022

You can recognise the efforts of local people who make a difference in our community by nominating them for a Boroondara citizen or volunteer award. 

2023 City of Boroondara Citizen Awards

Is there someone you know who makes a positive difference to our community? Nominations will soon open for the 2023 City of Boroondara Citizen of the Year Award and Young Citizen of the Year Award.

These awards allow the community to pay tribute to friends, neighbours or colleagues who show exceptional leadership or commitment towards improving the lives of others in Boroondara. You can nominate people like community leader Greg Buchanan, our 2022 Citizen of the Year. Our joint Young Citizens of the Year for 2022 are Rhea Werner and Belinda Battey.

Nominations open on 16 September and close on 25 November, with winners announced at the Boroondara Australia Day citizenship ceremony on 26 January 2023.

For more information on our selection criteria and how to make a nomination, go to Enter our Boroondara Citizen Awards page or call (03) 9278 4475.

2023 Boroondara Volunteer Awards

Boroondara is full of generous locals, with one of the strongest rates of volunteering in Greater Melbourne. More than 18% of Boroondara residents generously gave up time to support the work of local community organisations in the 12 months prior to the 2021 Census.

Now’s the time to recognise their efforts. If you know one of these inspirational volunteers or programs making a real difference in the City of Boroondara, nominate them for the Boroondara Volunteer Awards.

This year there are 2 categories:

  • Boroondara Volunteer of the Year
  • Volunteer Program Impact Award.

Nominations are open until Friday 7 October and anyone can nominate. Winners will be announced at a celebration event in December.

To nominate, or find out more, go to Enter our Volunteer Awards page

Community consultation: how to have your say

Community consultation: how to have your say ewilliam Thu 18 August 2022
A couple sitting at a cafe

Our consultations website helps you take part in decisions made by Council. Here’s how it works.

Having you involved in Council decision-making, through our public consultations process, is something we actively encourage for all members of the community. Listening to your input helps us improve our services and projects to better meet your expectations.

Our consultations website, Engage Boroondara, makes it easy to get involved in consultations and stay connected with Council’s decision making. In the past 12 months, we’ve welcomed your input on more than 50 consultations, receiving thousands of submissions across topics such as redevelopment plans for sportsgrounds and playgrounds to long-term strategies like our Climate Action Plan.

Consultations on Engage Boroondara are grouped to make the progress of each consultation more visible and transparent.

  • Open: These consultations are currently open and inviting you to get involved. You can consider information about each issue, see the dates of face-to-face and online consultation events, and submit your comments and ideas.
  • Active: These are consultations where submissions have closed and a Council decision is pending.
  • Closed: These are records of past consultations where a Council decision has been made after listening to a range of views and considering the needs of the community.

You can view all consultations at Engage Boroondara. To stay informed of consultations that matter most to you, register for regular updates by selecting the ‘Join’ button.

What’s on in Boroondara

What’s on in Boroondara ewilliam Thu 18 August 2022

From a special Melbourne Writers Festival event to school-holiday cartooning and sustainability workshops, there’s plenty going on in Boroondara.

For a searchable listing of hundreds of events in City of Boroondara, go to our Events page.

Craft tools including a hammer, stickers and scissors.

Melbourne Writers Festival comes to us

This year’s Melbourne Writers Festival (8 to 11 September) will stage more than 150 events across Melbourne, including a special author talk at the Hawthorn Arts Centre with Australian author Toni Jordan.

Toni’s novels include international bestseller Addition, Indie award-winning Nine Days, and Our Tiny, Useless Hearts, long-listed for the International Dublin Literary Award. Her latest novel is Dinner with the Schnabels.

Join us for this showcase literary event at the Hawthorn Arts Centre on Friday 9 September at 7pm.

Bookings are essential.

Spring into fun these school holidays

Join us for fun, creative and affordable activities and events. Highlights include:

  • The Art of Cartooning: Get creative with Boroondara Arts at a Midas Cartoons workshop. (22 September at Hawthorn Arts Centre, $25)
  • Mini-golf takeover: ‘Putt’ your skills to the test as the Youth Hub transforms into a mini-golf course. (20 September at Boroondara Youth Hub, $10)
  • Play and ride sessions: Bring your child’s bike or scooter and helmet, and practise riding in a miniature village setting. (Every day during the school holidays at Kew Traffic School, $10).
  • Library activities: From aeronautical craft to family story times, there are free activities at our library branches. (Every day during the school holidays at Ashburton, Balwyn, Camberwell, Hawthorn and Kew libraries.)
  • Sustainability program: Children 5 to 16 can get hands-on in a series of free sustainability workshops. (September school holidays at CERES Community Environment Park, Brunswick East.)

Find out more about these activities and many more at our School holiday activities page.

An exhibition of Wild City

Image credit: Kathy Holowko, Wild City, 2021, Melbourne Knowledge Week. Photography Daniel Williams.

New exhibitions at Boroondara Arts

Three new community exhibitions will grace the walls of the Town Hall Gallery and Hawthorn Arts Centre later in September – Geoff Cunningham’s Streets of Your Town, Painting Place by Madeleine Thornton-Smith, and Kathy Holowko’s Wild City artwork developed with children from Boroondara. Earlier in the month take in major group exhibition Above the Canopy, Carla Tucker’s Borrowed and The Cartoon Chronicles of Sandwich Bag Dad before they close.

At Kew Court House see rock royal Rebecca Barnard return to her jazz roots for a performance with her quartet, take in folk-tronic act Amaru Tribe, or broaden the kids’ horizons with classical music and animations as Laura the Astronaut Explores the Planets.

Visit our Boroondara Arts page for more about these events and many more.

Neighbourhood house classes and workshops

Declutter, make jewellery or find a path to employment. Read about these workshops and many more below or download a copy of our Live & Learn guide at our Neighbourhood houses and community centres page

Pathways to employment

Great for people looking for work or wanting to return to employment or study. To find out more, call (03) 9885 9401.

Where: Alamein Neighbourhood and Learning

When: 10am to 3pm, Mondays from 3 October (no class on 31 October)

Cost $91 (5 weeks)

Gentle yoga in October

Find harmony in mind, body and soul during one of our new evening classes. To find out more, call (03) 9882 2611.

Where: Camberwell Community Centre

When: 6:45 pm, Mondays from 3 October

Cost: $150 (10 weeks)

Small business mentoring

Our experienced tutor will provide mentoring for those wanting to start or grow a small business. Financial health checks also provided. Call the centre on (03) 9853 3126 for details or to make an appointment.

Where: Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre

Cost: $125 (9 weeks)


Quarterly community event with a market, workshops, Devonshire tea,sausage sizzle and craft activities. To find out more, call (03) 9885 7952.

Where: Ashburton Community Centre 

When: 9:30am to 2:30pm, Saturday 17 September

Summer garden workshop

Want to have a full produce garden this summer? Learn tips for soil preparation, choice of plants and how to keep them growing. To find out more, call (03) 9830 4214.

Where: Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre

When: 10am to 12pm, Saturday 1 October

Cost: $30

Sustainable city living

Join us as we grow, preserve and cook our way to a more sustainable way of life. To find out more, call (03) 9890 2467.

Where: Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre

When: 9:30am to 11am, third Friday of each month

Cost: $5 per session

Decluttering workshop

Covers a practical step-by-step planning process for clearing your space to give you back control. To find out more, call (03) 9836 7942.

Where: Balwyn Community Centre

When: 1pm to 3pm, Monday 5 September

Cost: $65

Squiggle Kids creative play

A fun, play-based drawing and craft program designed especially for children aged 2 to 5 to help build confidence, language development and fine motor skills. To find out more, call (03) 9885 7789.

Where: Craig Family Centre

When: 11am to 12:30pm, Tuesdays

Cost: $150 per family (6 weeks)

Strength and balance

Improve your strength, flexibility and balance. Suitable for over-55s. Beginners welcome and free trial available. To find out more, call (03) 9006 6590

Where: Trentwood at the Hub

When: 10:30am to 11:30am, Mondays

Cost: $126 (9 weeks)

Basic jewellery making

Learn the basics of making necklaces, bracelets and earrings using wire, beads and unusual recycled materials. To find out more, call (03) 9889 0791.

Where: Bowen Street Community Centre

When: 10am to 12.30pm, Friday 19 September

Cost: $55

Rendezvous to write

Fortnightly sessions to help you write about your life, with ideas and strategies to ensure your writing comes to life. To find out more, call (03) 9819 5758.

Where: Hawthorn Community House

When: 1pm to 3pm, Tuesdays

Cost: $50 (5 weeks)


Making women's health a priority

Making women's health a priority ewilliam Mon 22 August 2022
A person exercising in a gym

Many women have neglected health checks and wellbeing during the pandemic.

Women’s Health Week, from 5 to 11 September, is a nation-wide campaign led by Jean Hailes Women’s Health. The week is dedicated to highlighting women’s health and making good health a priority.

Many women have admitted to neglecting their regular health checks over the past few years, due to COVID-19 lockdowns and additional caring responsibilities.

According to a report by Women’s Health East (2021), women have been carrying the ‘triple load’ of paid work, care work and the mental labour of worrying during the pandemic, which has led to their health being affected both physically and mentally.

Emily Hepburn, from Canterbury, is mother to a 3-year-old and 9-month-old. Although she is grateful for her husband Andy’s support, she has found raising 2 children through COVID-19 challenging.

“Juggling the commitments between children, housework and work leaves very little time for anything else,” she says. For Emily, finding time for herself is the biggest challenge.

“There’s a mental barrier. I know I should prioritise fitness and my health, but there’s always a pile of nappies to be washed and dinner to be made by 6.”

We encourage all Boroondara women to mark Women’s Health Week by taking time for yourselves and putting yourselves first.

This might include:

  • booking in and attending your regular health checks and screenings
  • getting active and connecting socially
  • prioritising your mental health and wellbeing.

We also have a range of free activities planned, including fitness and wellbeing sessions in our parks, along with fun activities for the kids while you take some time for yourself.

For more details about what’s on near you, visit our Women's Health Week 2022 page. 

Boroondara Youth's e-waste bill passed

Boroondara Youth's e-waste bill passed ewilliam Mon 22 August 2022
4 members of the youth parliament

Local voices have had their say at Victoria’s Youth Parliament.

Seven young people from Boroondara have had their voices heard at the 2022 YMCA Victoria Youth Parliament, as their Effective E-Waste Management Bill was debated, passed and referred to the Victorian Government for consideration.

Zac Chu, Ravin Desai, Patrick Homes, Ananaya Mittal, Angelo von Moller, Alan Wang and Rhea Werner took part in the Youth Parliament, a program that gives young people an opportunity to present at the highest levels of the Victorian Government. It is operated by YMCA Youth Services and supported by Council officers in the Boroondara Youth team.

Through the program, young people aged 16 to 25 can share their views on issues relevant to them. They also receive training in public speaking and leadership as they research topics they are passionate about.

Patrick said Youth Parliament was an “incredible program” that allowed him to develop his public-speaking skills, connect with like-minded people, and actually sit in the Victorian Parliament.

“It was also extremely inspiring to see the passion of the other youth and their extensive work in advocating for their ideas. Being able to develop an idea ... into a bill, and then debate and pass that bill, is an experience I will never forget,” he said.

The team agreed that e-waste (discarded electrical products) was a state issue that could impact future generations.

Their recommendations included a centralised e-waste management service, new protocols for government departments to recycle effectively, tracking of e-waste products, and public education to reduce e-waste.

They presented their Effective E-waste Management Bill in the Victorian parliamentary chamber on 30 June, with Council officers in attendance.

The bill was passed by the Youth Parliament, and approved by the Youth Governor, and will now be referred to the Victorian Government for consideration. More than 30 Youth Parliament bills have gone on to become Victorian legislation.

Catch-up vaccination sessions for teens

Catch-up vaccination sessions for teens ewilliam Mon 22 August 2022

Did your child miss their year 7 or year 10 vaccinations?

We offer free catch-up sessions each school term. They also provide an option for students who would prefer to be vaccinated with the support of their parents.

It’s important that your child receives their vaccinations at the recommended age in line with the National Immunisation Program. This ensures vaccines are given when they will be most effective and provide protection before possible exposure to a disease.

Year 7 vaccinations help protect your child from diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and HPV-related cancers. Year 10 vaccinations help protect your child from Meningococcal A, C, W and Y strains.

For information on the vaccines or to make a booking, visit our Immunisation page or call our immunisation team on (03) 9278 4711.

You can also receive any school vaccines at our public immunisation sessions or at your GP.

A plan to manage and protect our assets

A plan to manage and protect our assets ewilliam Mon 22 August 2022

Boroondara’s new Asset Plan (adopted by Council in June 2022) sets out how we best develop and manage Council’s infrastructure assets to help deliver the objectives highlighted in the Boroondara Community Plan 2021-31 within the parameters of the Long-Term Financial Plan.

The Asset Plan outlines how assets should perform and the investments needed to achieve this. It covers Council’s infrastructure assets, namely buildings, drainage, roads, paths, outdoor sports facilities, parks, open spaces and streetscapes.

When developing the Asset Plan, strong consideration was given to what the community told us is important to them through the Boroondara Community Plan 2021-31 consultation, along with an asset survey undertaken in February 2022 (via phone and social media).

When preparing for our review of the Asset Plan in 2025, we will consult with the community to determine what changes should be made to Council’s investment in infrastructure.

To view the new Asset Plan, visit our Boroondara Asset Plan page.

Walmer Street Bridge closed for works

Walmer Street Bridge closed for works ewilliam Mon 22 August 2022
Walmer Street Bridge

Construction on the northern land bridge section of the Walmer Street Bridge in Kew is now underway.

These necessary works will significantly improve the safety and accessibility of this section of the bridge by:

  • decreasing the steepness of the northern approach so it becomes compliant with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992
  • increasing the width from 1.7m to 3.3m for a safer shared path for pedestrians and cyclists
  • undertaking structural improvements to the bridge and the staircase that connects it to the riverbank
  • installing handrail lighting
  • improving its look and convenience.

We remind our community that during construction, the full length of Walmer Street Bridge will be closed. Construction began in mid-August and is expected to take around 8 months (weather permitting).

We encourage those who regularly use the bridge to consider alternative routes or modes of transport. You can find more information and detour maps on Engage Boroondara.

Rates reminder: quarterly instalment due

Rates reminder: quarterly instalment due ewilliam Mon 22 August 2022

There are many ways to pay your rates – up front in full, over 10 direct-debit payments, in full in February or in quarterly instalments.

If you’ve chosen to pay your rates in quarterly instalments, your first instalment is due by Friday 30 September 2022.

Every year, ratepayers help to fund vital services, facilities, assets and infrastructure that support our community to thrive today and well into the future.

For more information, visit our Rates page or call (03) 9278 4444.

Have your say on proposed governance changes

Have your say on proposed governance changes ewilliam Mon 22 August 2022
Council building in Camberwell

We are inviting you to share your thoughts on proposed changes to our Governance Rules.

All councils are required to have Governance Rules, which cover the processes for council meetings and other governance matters. We want to know what you think about 2 proposed changes that will bring our Governance Rules up to date and in line with the Local Government Act 2020.  

The proposed changes will enable City of Boroondara’s Council meetings to continue to be held online to support a flexible and more accessible approach into the future. We are also changing how the election of our Mayor and Deputy Mayor will be managed.

Why the changes?

When in-person council meetings became challenging during the pandemic, the Victorian Government approved temporary changes to legislation in the Local Government Act 2020. One of the changes allowed council meetings to be held online.

The Victorian Government has now made these changes permanent. This has required all councils to comply with these changes to the law, by updating their Governance Rules to include processes for online meetings. Another change to the Local Government Act 2020 means we must change how Mayors and Deputy Mayors are elected.

Have your say

Through the recent Boroondara Community Satisfaction Survey, you told us community consultation and engagement on Council decisions is important to you. We welcome your views on these proposed changes via an online submission at Engage Boroondara before Sunday 4 September 2022.

Boroondara Councillors

Boroondara Councillors ewilliam Mon 22 August 2022

Maling Ward Councillor

Cr Jane Addis, Mayor

Phone: 9835 7845

Mobile: 0409 267 902

Email: [email protected]

Bellevue Ward Councillor

Cr Jim Parke

Phone: 9835 7840

Email: [email protected]

Cotham Ward Councillor

Cr Felicity Sinfield

Phone: 9835 7841

Mobile: 0418 793 573

Email: [email protected]

Gardiner Ward Councillor

Cr Victor Franco

Phone: 9835 7842

Mobile: 0482 888 635

Email: [email protected]

Glenferrie Ward Councillor

Cr Wes Gault, Deputy Mayor

Phone: 9835 7849

Mobile: 0482 999 939

Email: [email protected]

Junction Ward Councillor

Cr Di Gillies 

Phone: 9835 7843

Mobile: 0482 999 919

Email: [email protected]

Lynden Ward Councillor

Cr Lisa Hollingsworth

Phone: 9835 7844

Mobile: 0417 908 485

Email: [email protected]

Maranoa Ward Councillor

Cr Cynthia Watson

Phone: 9835 7846

Mobile: 0419 488 204

Email: [email protected]

Riversdale Ward Councillor

Cr Susan Biggar

Phone: 9835 7810

Mobile: 0482 999 959

Email: [email protected]

Solway Ward Council

Cr Garry Thompson

Phone: 9278 4457

Mobile: 0417 153 512

Email: [email protected]

Studley Ward Councillor

Cr Nick Stavrou

Phone: 9835 7848

Mobile: 0482 999 209

Email: [email protected]