Boroondara Bulletin - June 2021

Boroondara Bulletin - June 2021 ttoth Thu 20 May 2021
A headshot of Michael Mosley in a blue shirt

Meet Michael Mosley

Join Michael Mosley in a free online event as part of Men's Health Week.

Two girls have their arms around eachother and smile at the camera in front of Boroondara Youth Hub

Focus on youth

Under 25? Boroondara has lots of ways for you to get involved with your local community.

Find out more

FOGOs fabulous year

FOGO's fabulous first year

One year on, we've saved more than 30,000 tonnes of waste from landfill.

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A golden retriever with its tongue out

Our favourite pets

Our pet registration statistics tell the story of Boroondara's cats and dogs.

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Message from the Mayor, Cr Garry Thompson

Message from the Mayor, Cr Garry Thompson ttoth Thu 20 May 2021

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we’re focused on reducing landfill through avoiding waste, recycling, and initiatives such as the Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) program.

After just 12 months of FOGO, we’re already seeing impressive results with 68 per cent of collected waste now diverted from landfill and more than 48,000 Boroondara households participating. At our recent community consultation to refresh the Boroondara Community Plan, we were pleased to hear many of you have embraced the stage one roll-out of FOGO and are excited to be part of this effort to reduce the amount and type of waste going to landfill.

We know discrimination has a negative impact on people’s wellbeing. That’s why we are striving to be a city without ageism. Together with six other councils, we are raising awareness about ageism, challenging stereotypes and encouraging people to speak up and take action. Older people make up a significant part of the Boroondara  community – more than 20 per cent of our residents are aged over 60 – so this is an issue that impacts many of you. You can find out more about how you can support our ageism awareness campaign on page six.

This month we’re also focusing on young people, who are a significant part of our diverse community: Young people aged 10 to 25 make up 25 per cent of the Boroondara population. This month’s Youth Week is a great opportunity to highlight the many opportunities we offer young people to get involved in the community through sports, volunteering, the arts, and learning, and the special activities, groups and support on offer via our Boroondara Youth Hub.

As we focus on the benefit of community, I’m delighted we have recently completed another community centre upgrade. The architecturally- designed, purpose-built Camberwell Community Centre is an inclusive, multi-generational facility that will meet the community’s needs now and into the future. A key objective of the Boroondara Community Plan, you told us you value well-maintained public spaces that welcome people of all ages and backgrounds. Our new Camberwell Community Centre will be a vibrant hub for the community and I encourage you to visit and discover the wealth of courses, activities and services at your disposal.

Cr Garry Thompson
Mayor of Boroondara

Focus on youth

Focus on youth ttoth Thu 20 May 2021

Did you know almost one quarter of Boroondara’s population is aged between 10 and 25 years old?

They’re primary, high school and university students. Some are employed, while others are looking for work. They’re artists, creators, sports enthusiasts, and business owners – and they’re actively engaged in making our community a better place.

As part of the Boroondara Community Plan refresh, we invited young people to participate in workshops to ensure their ideas are heard as we plan for the future of our City. We learned that young people in Boroondara want Council to focus on becoming more environmentally friendly and preserving green spaces in our neighbourhoods, and how much young people value opportunities to be heard.

We got to express our opinions, and we felt heard and valued.

Alison, workshop attendee.

Get involved

Are you aged between 10 and 25, or know someone who is? Would you like to have a better connection to your local community? There are so many free or low-cost ways to get involved. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Have a say

We encourage you to provide feedback and ensure your voices are heard. Community consultations on projects and initiatives can be found on our website.

Join a local sport team

Team sport is a fantastic way to build confidence and connect with other young people. This winter, we are hosting a two-week program in partnership with local sports clubs where you can try out sports or recreation activities.

Get into the arts

Our vibrant arts community has an exciting program of creative workshops, community exhibitions and annual events. Our Young Curators Development Program at Town Hall Gallery offers mentoring and workshops for young people interested in working in a gallery or museum.

Check out the Youth Hub

There’s a lot going on at the Boroondara Youth Hub in Hawthorn. Here, you can meet new people, play games, catch up on study, or get support and advice from the team of youth workers. There are also regular activities, events and programs for young people aged 10 to 25 covering a range of interests.


The Boroondara Volunteer Resource Centre offers free one-on-one sessions to explore meaningful volunteer roles, or visit the volunteer portal on our website for a complete list of opportunities

Two girls stand in front of the youth hub with their arms around eachother smiling

Victorian Youth Week


Victorian Youth Week celebrates the talents and achievements of our young people, and highlights the important contribution they make to our community. We’ll be running free, inclusive dance classes and art workshops where you can learn new skills and connect with other young people who live, work and study in Boroondara.

When: Friday 2 July

Where: Boroondara Youth Hub – Level 1, Hawthorn Arts Centre

More information

For more information about all these activities and to register your place, visit our Youth Hub or call 9278 4608.

FOGO's fabulous first year

FOGO's fabulous first year ttoth Tue 25 May 2021

Since the implementation of our Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) collection service in May 2020, we’ve been blown away by the way Boroondara residents have embraced the changes to our waste separation and bin routines.

Since the implementation of our Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) collection service in May 2020, we’ve been blown away by the way Boroondara residents have embraced the changes to our waste separation and bin routines.

One year on, and the results speak for themselves. Since the introduction of FOGO, around 200 tonnes of food and garden waste is now being redirected into FOGO bins each week that would have otherwise previously gone to landfill. In total, we now collect more than 600 tonnes of FOGO material weekly - the equivalent of 35 full waste trucks!

We celebrated our FOGO anniversary with a special community event in May, welcoming more than 200 residents and our special guest Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia to a fun-filled FOGO afternoon at Camberwell Primary School.

For more information, visit our FOGO page or call 9278 4444.

Key achievements

  • 68% of waste is now diverted from landfill
  • More than 48,000 households now using the FOGO kerbside service
  • More than 30,000 tonnes of FOGO material collected in one year
  • 39,500 FOGO bin collections per week

We all win when we avoid waste

We all win when we avoid waste ttoth Fri 21 May 2021

Avoiding creating waste sits proudly at the top of the waste hierarchy as the ultimate goal for our community and the good news is, it’s very easy to do.

There are many benefits to actively avoiding waste:

You can save money, protect the environment by reducing landfill (leading to reduced carbon emissions), and by limiting the amount of resources you use, you’re also reducing your consumption of energy, water and manufacturing materials.

World Environment Day (Saturday 5 June) provides an opportunity to think about the impact we’re having on our natural environment, including the amount of waste we create. By considering the environmental, social and financial costs of the things we buy, before we buy them, we can make more sustainable choices.

Hawthorn resident, Nick Reynolds, is passionate about making sure his household lives a more sustainable lifestyle by making a conscious decision to avoid waste.

“We’ve noticed even the simplest changes to your day-to- day activities can make a big difference in how much waste your household produces,” Nick said. “We also practice ‘smart or mindful shopping’ to help us avoid producing waste in the first place.”

A man wearing an orange jacket stands in a zero waste supermarket and smiles at the camera

Nick's top tips to avoid waste

Write a list

We do a weekly meal plan and write a shopping list. We try new recipes and get creative using what we already have at home to avoid buying lots of single-use ingredients that will just take up space and expire.

Say no to single-use plastics

We try to avoid single-use plastics and unnecessary packaging, so we love shopping at markets and bulk food stores. We can buy loose food items and in the specific quantity we need, while using our own bags and containers.

Use reusable containers

We love coffee and takeaway, so we take our reusable containers and cups to local cafes, restaurants, and bakeries. Most accept these now, so you can still get takeaway but without the packaging.

Keep it fresh and local

We are a big fan of local farmers’ markets. The food is always so fresh and tasty, and it is mostly packaging free. And of course, we always take our own reusable bags and containers.

Home gardening

We set up a home veggie and herb garden for the ingredients we regularly use. It’s available as we need it, reduces wasting money on purchasing produce, and is packaging free too.

Join our anti-ageism campaign

Join our anti-ageism campaign ttoth Fri 21 May 2021

Christine Georgiou from Canterbury has never let age get in the way of doing what she loves. In her early 70s, Christine is an active community member.

Since Christine retired from her professional career as a school principal more than a decade ago, she has been involved with several organisations that she is keen to support. Speaking about her involvement with the University of the Third Age (U3A), Deepdene, where she has been president for the past three years, Christine said: “I am volunteering in an association which is contributing hugely to the life of senior people. U3A is about keeping people mentally engaged in learning, socially connected and physically active. These three elements are critical for healthy ageing and maintaining the capacity of seniors to continue to contribute to their families and communities and live independently.”

Christine recommends older adults volunteer as a rewarding way to make a difference, stay engaged and meet a variety of interesting people. “When volunteering I never hear ‘I’m old, I can’t do that’.”

As well as volunteering, Christine encourages older adults to look after their physical health. “I have a strong interest in physical fitness and believe it is the key to maintaining independence. If you don’t turn up at a U3A exercise class someone will notice, so it makes you feel you need to be there. And as a side benefit, it promotes social connectedness.” Council is committed to supporting the City’s ageing population to remain healthy, engaged and connected to the community. We recognise and celebrate the integral role older adults like Christine play in the community, and the significant contributions they make.

Are you ageist?

We are striving to be a community without ageism. Together with six other councils, we have developed a campaign to raise awareness about ageism, challenge stereotypes of what it is to be older, and encourage people to speak up and take action.

There are many ways you can get involved and learn more:

  • Take the ‘Am I Ageist?’ quiz
  • Sign the online pledge to stand for a world without ageism
  • Visit your local library, sign a hard copy pledge and add it to our community pledge wall
  • Take a photo with your signed pledge and post it on social media
  • Speak up and start a conversation when you hear someone being ageist.

For more information, visit our tackling ageism together page or call 9278 4444.

University of the Third Age participant Christine Georgiou sits in front of her computer and smiles at the camera


Men's health week - Meet Michael Mosley

Men's health week - Meet Michael Mosley tedwards Fri 21 May 2021

From men’s sheds to sporting groups, there are many ways men can improve their wellbeing.

Local resident and member of the Boroondara Health and Wellbeing Advisory Committee, Andrew Kegele, realised that men in his neighbourhood found it difficult to get involved in their community and were often unsure about how to go about it.

“I initially noticed this through my involvement with dads at the Alfred Road kindergarten, and I also became aware of [other] common issues: work stress, balancing family commitments, isolation, those in “transition” (between jobs and unable to find work in their area), alcohol issues and more.

“In an effort to improve this, I started a father’s group at Hartwell Primary School, and with The Fathering Project, supported by a Boroondara Community Grant. We established father’s groups at other local primary schools as well.”  

These groups have regular activities and events to bring dads together, have some fun and support one another.

"I formed a 'coffee group' of local sole business owners and we meet every few months to discuss and share our successes, and develop a support network Business Boroondara also offer a lot of helpful resources and networking opportunities. 

“So whether it be a dad’s group, a business network, becoming involved in your local sporting club, finding a group that shares an interest in your hobby, helping your neighbour or simply sharing a smile and saying ‘hello’ to a passerby, I think the past year has certainly shown us the importance of staying connected."

Men in Boroondara experience a good quality of life when compared to other Victorian localities, with 86 per cent reporting their health as good, very good or excellent in the 2017 Victorian Population Health Survey. But there are definitely areas for improvement. Boroondara residents spend almost an hour longer sitting at a work desk than the Victorian average, and as little as 2.2 per cent of male residents eat enough vegetables. The good news is that according to Men's Health Week research, 70 per cent of a man’s overall health is controllable through lifestyle choices such as increasing physical activity and building social connections.

Simple ways to improve men's health

Men’s Health Week (14-20 June) is an important opportunity to highlight men’s health issues and promote discussions about how to improve them. Here are some ideas to start improving your health today.

Visit a men’s shed

Whether you’re working on a community or personal project, men’s sheds offer an opportunity for men to get together and learn from each other. Find out more about Boroondara’s four men’s sheds.

Get active

Join a club, get fit and meet likeminded people in your local community. Boroondara offers a range of sporting clubs and exercise groups for people of all ages. Find a sporting club or your local recreation centre.


From preparing meals, to revegetating parklands and preserving local history, volunteering is a great way to help others in the community and to meet new people. Explore volunteering opportunities in Boroondara.

Men's Health event

Boroondara's favourite pets

Boroondara's favourite pets ttoth Fri 21 May 2021

From popular names to favourite breeds, our statistics tell the story of Boroondara’s cats and dogs.

During our recent pet registrations and renewals period, we learned a lot about pet ownership in Boroondara.

According to the RSPCA, a pet is greatly beneficial to the mental welfare of its owner, with fewer reported cases of anxiety and depression experienced in pet owners compared to those without.

Owning a pet can also be beneficial to your physical health. With numerous off-lead dog parks and trails located throughout Boroondara, owning a dog is a great excuse to get outside and exercise (cats, not so much).

If you have a cat or dog that is at least three months old, be sure to register or renew their registration. Use our handy online form and visit our pets page for essential information about micro-chipping, lost animals and local off-leash dog parks.

Here are some of the numbers we collated in the registration process on the right.

a golden retriever dog sits with its tongue out

Top 5 dog names

  1. Charlie
  2. Molly
  3. Max
  4. Coco
  5. Bella

Top 5 cat names

  1. Bella
  2. Coco
  3. Milly/Millie
  4. Lily/Lilly
  5. Oscar/Oskar

Registered dogs


Registered cats


Top 3 dog breeds

  1. Cavoodle
  2. Labrador
  3. Spoodle

Top spots for pets

1640 Kew

1632 Camberwell

1385 Glen Iris

For more information, visit our pets page or call 9278 4444.

Boroondara Arts - What's on

Boroondara Arts - What's on kreynold Fri 21 May 2021

Town Hall Gallery

2022 Community Exhibitions program at Town Hall Gallery

The Town Hall Gallery Community Exhibitions program is open to anyone living, working or studying in Boroondara.

Applications for consideration in the 2022 Community Exhibitions program are open until Sunday 20 June.

For more information and to apply, visit our Apply for a community exhibition page.

Hawthorn Arts Centre

Special event

The Boroondara Eisteddfod

Enjoy a range of musical concerts and events while showing your support for the local musicians competing in the 2021 Boroondara Eisteddfod. Now in its 30th year, the City of Boroondara is proud to offer this annual competition, a wonderful opportunity for budding musicians of all ages to improve their artistic skills, confidence, discipline and self-esteem in a supportive environment. You’ll be amazed by the immense talent in our community.

Until Sunday 25 July at Hawthorn Arts Centre.

For more information visit Boroondara Eisteddfod.

Bills Street, Hawthorn: Public housing redevelopment

Bills Street, Hawthorn: Public housing redevelopment tedwards Fri 21 May 2021

The Victorian Government is proposing to redevelop the former Bills Street Public Housing Estate for 206 social and affordable apartments.

    We support a public housing development on the Bills Street site, provided the built form is appropriate. We are concerned with the scale of the proposal, the lack of onsite car parking, the loss of vegetation and the Robinson Road public car park, and potential traffic impacts.

    We held a well-attended public meeting on 13 April at Hawthorn Arts Centre to advise the community of our concerns and to hear feedback.

    We are also concerned about the project’s limited public consultation, the lack of detailed information regarding aspects of the proposal, and limited feedback options.

    We continue to call upon Homes Victoria, the Victorian Government agency responsible for the project, to publicly release details of the proposed development so there can be meaningful engagement with us and the community.

    We have also written to Lily D’Ambrosio MP seeking an urgent meeting to outline our concerns.

    More information

    You can view a presentation made by council officers at the public meeting. 

    You can also email Homes Victoria at [email protected] to:

    • register for project updates
    • request a copy of the Engagement Report
    • request an expression of interest form for the Community Reference Group
    • provide feedback and ask questions.
    A digital image of the planned Bills Street public housing redevelopment in Hawthorn


      Parking, pavement and permits

      Parking, pavement and permits kreynold Fri 21 May 2021

      Have you spotted these quad bikes in your area?

      You might see quad bikes on off-road adventure trails or on farms, but over the past couple of months you may have spotted them also slowly cruising Boroondara’s footpaths.

      The bikes are important tools in our footpath condition audit, which we conduct every five years to assess the state of these assets. Road analyser vehicles are also used for assessing the condition of roads. These specialist vehicles and quad bikes featuring high-definition cameras are used to collect detailed data on the condition of our footpaths, shared pathways, roads, kerbs and gutters.

      The data helps us identify the nature of issues affecting our assets to inform the development of long-term maintenance and renewal programs. As well as regular monitoring, by auditing our assets we can proactively manage them and maintain safe roads and footpaths for our community.

      For more information visit Road maintenance page or call 9278 4901.

      Two council workers on a quad bike completing a footpath condition audit.

      Boroondara to explore more parking for commuters

      Following the Australian Government’s $650 million Commuter Car Park Fund announcement in 2019, four Boroondara suburbs have been identified for potential investment to reduce parking pressure in local streets and support the use of public transport. While the Federal Government is in discussion with the State Government regarding car parking at Surrey Hills, Council has been allocated $750,000 per suburb to conduct feasibility studies for underground multi-level car parking in Hawthorn and Canterbury, and an above-ground multi-level car park in Camberwell.

      Initial assessment and investigation works will include:

      • analysis of current traffic and parking activity
      • soil testing and geotechnical investigations
      • land surveying
      • assessment of existing trees on potential sites
      • exploration of existing underground services
      • planning overlays
      • cultural heritage assessments.

      This initial funding will also support the resourcing and community consultation required to determine the viability of each project and their possible locations. Extensive community engagement and consultation for each suburb is planned for mid-2021 to late-2021, to ensure community feedback is considered and incorporated into the development of these proposed projects.

      For more information visit Boroondara Commuter Car Park projects or call 9278 4444.

      New residential parking permits on the way

      Do you hold a residential parking permit in Boroondara? Current permits are set to expire on 30 June.

      We’ll be issuing new residential parking permits in the coming weeks. If you currently hold a permit, there’s no action you need to take right now.

      Your new permit/s will arrive in the mail a few weeks before your current one expires. Just remember to either stick it to your windscreen or hang it on your rear view mirror.

      If you don’t receive your new permit in the mail, please get in touch with Council to be issued with a replacement. New permits will be valid for two years, until 30 June 2023.

      Need a new permit? There’s an online form for that!

      We are Transforming Boroondara to provide you with more ways to interact with Council.

      If you want to update your car or registration details, request a new permit, or apply for an additional residential permit, simply fill out one of our online forms at a time that suits you.

      For more information visit our Parking permits page.

      Great school holidays ideas

      Great school holidays ideas kreynold Fri 21 May 2021

      Looking for great ideas to keep your children entertained during the winter school holidays? From creative workshops to indoor swimming, there’s something to suit all interests and ages in Boroondara.

      Get creative at Hawthorn Arts Centre

      Let your child’s imagination run wild at Hawthorn Arts Centre’s creative and entertaining workshops including circus skills, soft sculpture, puppet making, talisman keyrings, and cartooning.

      Visit our Hawthorn Arts Centre page for more information.

      Mum and child doing craft activities.

      Cosy up in the library

      Boroondara Library Service offers a range of activities across its six branches in the school holidays. Enjoy family storytime sessions with songs and activities, or join an afternoon craft session. If you don’t feel like venturing out of the house, why not access the wide range of online resources including ebooks, audio books and film and music streaming?

      Visit our Libraries page for more information.

      Young girl doing a craft activity with coloured paper.

      Zoom around the track at Kew Traffic School

      BYO bike, tricycle or scooter to the ‘play and ride’ sessions at the newly refurbished Kew Traffic School. School holiday sessions are available from Monday to Friday for ages 2 to 10 years.

      Visit out Kew Traffic School page for more information.

      Child riding a bike on the track at Kew Traffic School.

      Warm up at your local recreation centre

      Keeping active is a great way to keep fit and make new friends. If your child loves to swim, Boroondara has two heated indoor pools for our community to enjoy, and you can pay for a casual swim session if you’re not a member. Boroondara Sports Complex also offers a school holiday program as part of the YMCA Children’s Program with activities ranging from science, nature and sensory experiences through to a music and movement area.

      Visit Boroondara Leisure to find your local recreation centre.

      More information

      For more information and to book, visit School holiday activities or call 9278 4444.

      What's on around Boroondara

      What's on around Boroondara kreynold Fri 21 May 2021

      We love our libraries!

      Boroondara’s libraries are well-loved community facilities, and they are proving as popular as ever.

      In March alone, more than 1000 people became Boroondara Library Service members. Balwyn Library also issued around 25,000 borrowings, including more than 6500 reserves. Our study spaces have re-opened to the public, and our program of in-person events, including storytime and our family history group, has been well attended.

      Library members also borrowed or renewed 84,053 items using our self-service kiosks – accounting for 82 per cent of all loans made in March.

      Remember, our friendly library staff are always on hand to help out, whether you are picking up a reservation or want to stay, roam or browse.

      Just scan it

      Not sure how to use our libraries’ book scanners? Simply place your items on the scanner, and the technology will instantly record your loans.

      For more information visit Libraries.

      A dad reading a picture book with his child in the library. They both look happy.

      What’s on at your neighbourhood house

      If there’s an interest or a passion you’d like to pursue, your local Neighbourhood House has a range of courses, classes and workshops to explore. Nurture a creative talent, learn a language, develop your skills or join a social group. We have options for children and teens through to the senior members of our community. Get in contact with your local house and find out what’s on offer.

      Download a copy of the full Short Course Guide at Neighbourhood Houses and Community Centres.

      Yoga for all – online pass

      Join our online yoga classes any day of the week. Styles include Raja Yoga, Yin Yoga, Slow Flow Yoga and more. Mid-term enrolments welcome.

      Ashburton Community Centre
      Call: 9885 7952

      Games Day Wednesday

      Join our Solo bridge group at 9:30am or the Bridge group at 12:30pm every Wednesday. Call to register.

      Camberwell Community Centre
      Call: 9882 2611

      Yoga (gentle)

      A lighter version of traditional Hatha yoga ideal for anyone looking for a slower paced yoga program.

      Mondays 10:45am to 11:45am.

      Mid-term enrolments welcome.

      Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre
      Call: 9830 4214

      Essential personal assistant/receptionist skills

      Learn to set up online meetings and create professional business documents from home.

      Wednesdays 6:30pm to 8:30pm, from 9 June.

      Online via ZOOM.

      Alamein Neighbourhood and Learning Centre
      Call: 9885 9401

      Cost: $25 (3 weeks)

      Sourdough workshop

      Learn how to make sourdough bread at home. Includes take-home notes and lunch.

      10am to 1pm, Wednesday 9 June.

      Balwyn Community Centre
      Call: 9836 7942

      Cost: $90 (1 session)

      Toddler toilet training tips

      Learn practical steps to help your child achieve toileting independence.

      10am to 11am, Thursday 10 June.

      Bowen Street Community Centre
      Call: 9889 0791

      Cost: Free

      Winter healthy cooking workshop – online

      Prepare a two-course meal from the comfort of your own home.

      4:30pm to 6:30pm, Thursday 17 June.

      Trentwood at the Hub
      Call: 9006 6590
      Cost: $45

      Family yoga workshop

      Explore yoga postures together. Fun partner activities that connect, challenge and strengthen you emotionally and physically.

      9:30am to 11am, Saturday 19 June.

      Craig Family Centre
      Call: 9885 7789

      Cost: $30 per pair/$25 members (one session)

      iPad art

      Create exciting images using the Procreate App on your iPad or iPhone using a variety of artistic styles.

      Thursdays 3:15pm to 5:15pm, from 15 July.

      Hawthorn Community House
      Call: 9819 5758

      Cost: $229 (10 weeks)

      Skills for work and study

      Introduction to Community Service industries for low-level literacy and numeracy students.

      Mondays 9:30am to 3pm, from 19 July. (12 sessions)

      Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre
      Call: 9853 3126

      Get the most out of your superannuation after retiring

      Are you nearing retirement? Find out how to get the most out of your superannuation.

      7pm to 9pm, Friday 23 July.

      Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre
      Call: 9890 2467

      Cost: $15 (one session)

      Prince Philip condolence book

      Prince Philip condolence book tedwards Fri 21 May 2021

      Following the death of His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, on 9 April, Council invited the community to visit our City of Boroondara libraries or the Camberwell Customer Service Centre to leave a message of condolence.

      Boroondara residents were invited to visit the libraries and service centre to leave hand-written messages of condolence and share their memories of the Prince.

      These messages will now be collated into a book and sent to Buckingham Palace with an official letter of condolence under seal to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

      You can read more about the life of His Royal Highness at The Royal Family

      Prince Phillip portrait

      Boroondara councillors

      Boroondara councillors kreynold Fri 21 May 2021

      Cr Garry Thompson, Mayor

      Solway Ward

      Including parts of Ashburton and Glen Iris and Camberwell

      Ph: 9278 4457
      E: [email protected]

      Cr Jim Parke

      Bellevue Ward

      Including parts of Kew East and Balwyn North

      Ph: 9835 7840
      E: [email protected]

      Cr Felicity Sinfield

      Cotham Ward

      Including parts of Deepdene, Kew, Kew East, Balwyn, Balwyn North, Canterbury, Camberwell, Hawthorn East and Hawthorn.

      Ph: 9835 7841
      E: [email protected]

      Cr Victor Franco

      Gardiner Ward

      Including parts of Hawthorn East, Camberwell, Ashburton and Glen Iris.

      Ph: 9835 7842
      E: [email protected]

      Cr Wes Gault

      Glenferrie Ward

      Including parts of Hawthorn and Kew
      Ph: 9835 7849
      E: [email protected]

      Cr Di Gillies

      Junction Ward

      Including parts of Hawthorn East, Hawthorn, Camberwell and Canterbury
      Ph: 9835 7843
      E: [email protected]

      Cr Lisa Hollingsworth

      Lynden Ward

      Including parts of Camberwell, Surrey Hills and Canterbury

      Ph: 9835 7844
      E: [email protected]

      Cr Jane Addis

      Maling Ward

      Including parts of Canterbury, Surrey Hills, Deepdene and Balwyn

      Ph: 9835 7845
      E: [email protected]

      Cr Cynthia Watson, Deputy Mayor

      Maranoa Ward

      Including parts of Balwyn, Balwyn North and Mont Albert

      Ph: 9835 7846
      E: [email protected]

      Cr Susan Biggar

      Riversdale Ward

      Including parts of Hawthorn, Hawthorn East and Glen Iris

      Ph: 9835 7810
      E: [email protected]

      Cr Nick Stavrou

      Studley Ward

      Including parts of Kew

      Ph: 9835 7848
      E: [email protected]

      Council and committee meetings

      Be involved in decision making at the Boroondara council and committee meetings