Boroondara Bulletin - March 2021

Boroondara Bulletin - March 2021 ttoth Thu 18 February 2021
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Shop local, and show your appreciation for Boroondara businesses and the families, community clubs, organisations and jobs they support.

Say #ThanksBoroondara

Woman wearing an orange top rides her bike over a bridge

Climate Action Plan next steps

Take part in the community consultation and help define Boroondara's environmental sustainability direction for the next decade. 

Have your say

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Celebrating Boroondara's incredible women

International Women's Day celebrates women past and present who have made their mark on history: Meet three Boroondara women doing the same. 

Get inspired

A girl with brown hair and in her team uniform handballs a football while similing

Get in to winter sports

There's a wide range of community sports clubs in Boroondara - why not get into a game this winter?

Message from the Mayor, Cr Garry Thompson

Message from the Mayor, Cr Garry Thompson ttoth Thu 18 February 2021
Portrait photo of Cr Garry Thompson

March is a beautiful time of year: There’s a glimpse of autumn colour in  our parks and gardens yet we can still enjoy good weather and longer days. Our community centres and neighbourhood houses are a hive of  activity and performances are returning to the Hawthorn Arts Centre.

While many of these activities are adapted for COVID-normal, it’s important to maintain our community spirit, mark important occasions and celebrate our collective achievements. Thank you all for your contributions to our vibrant city, from fostering community connection, shopping and dining locally, and having your say on important initiatives. If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s the importance of building social connections. Neighbour Day and Harmony Week are occasions to celebrate our community connectedness and to recognise cultural diversity. Also on a celebratory note, we are proud to recognise the women of our community on International Women’s Day.

We all continue to play an important role in contributing to a vibrant local economy. Together with local businesses, we’re saying thank you with the #ThanksBoroondara campaign, acknowledging all who spent locally, helping local business to stand strong. Thank you again for continuing to support our local businesses.

Last year, during our first stage of community consultation, we received strong support for the development of our Climate Action Plan. We now have a better understanding of our community’s perceptions, behaviours, and aspirations regarding climate action locally, and the role you see Council performing in response. While the plan is being developed, we’re continuing to take action including:

  • installation of low-emission technologies and energy-efficiency upgrades across council facilities
  • harvesting rainwater and storm water for better water efficiency, waterway protection and pollution control
  • continuing the rollout of our FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) kerbside waste collection service
  • restoring remnant vegetation and creating new biodiversity zones.

I encourage you to continue to share your feedback and ideas in the second phase of consultation, which will confirm we have understood you correctly, so we can develop an action plan our community will support, and ultimately reduce our city’s environmental footprint.

signature of Mayor Cr Garry Thompson

Cr Garry Thompson

Mayor of Boroondara

Climate action plan next steps

Climate action plan next steps ttoth Thu 18 February 2021
A woman in an orange top rides her bike across a bridge

Last year we began community consultation to develop our new Climate Action Plan (CAP), to define Boroondara's environmental sustainability direction for the next decade.

During the first round of consultation we heard strong support for the development of this plan. We learnt more about your sustainable behaviours and ambitions, and you helped us identify priority areas based on what you want to do or see more of, including:

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy – 89 per cent said very/fairly important
  • Sustainable water use and healthy waterways – 89 per cent said very/fairly important
  • Waste management and recycling – 83 per cent said very/fairly important
  • Protecting and enhancing biodiversity – 80 per cent said very/fairly important
  • Sustainable community transport – 75 per cent said very/fairly important.

Our second round of community consultation will ensure we have heard your feedback correctly, and provide an opportunity to explore further ideas for inclusion in the draft plan.

To find out more about how you can participate in this second round of consultation, and to see more findings from the first round, head to our CAP webpage for the latest details.

Together, we can all contribute to a more sustainable Boroondara.

Visit our Climate Action Plan page for more information.


#ThanksBoroondara ttoth Thu 18 February 2021

Our community plays an integral part in supporting local businesses, which contributes to a vibrant local economy. By shopping local, you’re not only helping Boroondara businesses, but supporting families, community clubs, organisations and jobs in your neighbourhood. 

Local traders have shared what it means to them when our community chooses to shop locally:

By choosing my store, I can support local schools and charities with their fundraising efforts.
– Michelle

Choosing to shop with me means I can then spend with other local businesses.
– Paul

Choosing my small business means I can invest in its growth and secure my family’s future.
– Joanne

How you can continue to support local businesses

Despite the challenges faced as a result of COVID-19, some businesses continued to operate, with many adapting and diversifying their offerings to keep staff employed and meet the needs of the local community.

As restrictions have eased and businesses reopen, we encourage you to continue to support local businesses by:

  • visiting our diverse range of 53 local shopping centres and strips
  • dining out at your local cafes and restaurants
  • finding a local business near you using the Love Local Life online directory
  • following local businesses online via social media
  • writing a positive online review about local businesses you visit. 
a woman stands with a hamper in her shop and smiles at the camera

    Enter our #ThanksBoroondara competition

    To say #ThanksBoroondara, we’re giving away an ‘Ultimate Day Out in Boroondara’ worth $3000 to two lucky winners. There are also 50 x $50 vouchers for local stores.

    To enter the competition, all you need to do is make a purchase from a local business and upload your receipt on our Thanks Boroondara page until Monday 22 March 2021.

    Boroondara Arts - What's on

    Boroondara Arts - What's on ttoth Thu 18 February 2021

    Celebrating Boroondara’s incredible women

    Celebrating Boroondara’s incredible women ttoth Thu 18 February 2021

    International Women’s Day acknowledges the achievements of women today and throughout history. In Boroondara there are many women making their mark. 

    Celebrated on Monday 8 March 2021, this global awareness day celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of all women.

    This year’s theme is ‘Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world’. To mark the occasion, we asked four leading Boroondara women to share their stories and advice for future leaders.

    A voice for youth

    A passion for politics led Sophie Chiew and Rino Suwa to participate in Youth Parliament, giving the pair an opportunity to learn about parliament and politics, operations, and have a chance to be heard.

    “Try your hand at whatever you’re passionate about, even if you make mistakes in the process. You can’t become a leader if you don’t back yourself and give things a go,” Sophie said.

    Rino’s advice was “don’t be afraid to try new things”.

    “Stepping outside your comfort zone and overcoming challenges will give you confidence for the future," she said. 

    Sophie Chiew and Rino stand in their school uniforms similing at the camera

    Encouragement, support and a drive for excellence

    Eliza Roxborough-Judd is a leading young sports club ambassador in our community. Representing Camberwell Hockey Club, Eliza was a finalist in the Boroondara 2019 Young Clubperson of the Year awards. She’s contributed to the development of the junior programs, and also continues to volunteer and assist the club in activities which promote participation and a drive for excellence.

    “I believe that the most effective way to guide and lead people through sport is by being adaptable, approachable and enthusiastic, through bringing a positive energy to the sporting environment and people around you,” she said.

    “By encouraging and supporting the involvement of all individuals, you can guide them to be passionate and motivated about the success of their teams’ and individual performance."

    a girl wearing a blue jumper stands on a hockey pitch holding her hockey stick

    Lifelong commitment to volunteering

    Amanda Mandie is the Volunteer Program Director at Koala Kids Foundation. As a passionate leader in her field, volunteering has been a lifelong commitment and her work has extended across schools, football clubs, community groups and charity organisations.

    In 2006, Amanda was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and although she previously experienced very poor mental health, once she became medically stable, she devoted her life to her family, friends and her voluntary work.

    “I feel very privileged to spend my time to benefit my own mental health and the wellbeing of others.” Amanda encourages others to volunteer “to create challenges for one’s self in a non-professional environment and use one’s professional skills to benefit those who are who are disadvantaged."

    Amanda Mansie stands in an orange top and with a koala teddy smilling at the camera

    Get involved

    Find out more about our free International Women’s Day events and activities and register your attendance by calling 9278 4898 or emailing [email protected]

    Lockdown through children's eyes

    Lockdown through children's eyes ttoth Thu 18 February 2021

    Last year, at the height of extended stay-at-home measures in Melbourne, we captured the thoughts and feelings of some of our local children.

    During a seemingly endless cycle of lockdowns, restrictions, openings and closures, and social distancing that affected our whole community, Boroondara children were there to see it all.

    We held workshops with local children in September 2020 to help them document their day-to-day lives through their own words and artwork. The result is two community books. Most kindergartens in Boroondara remained open so children of essential workers, or those from vulnerable backgrounds, could still play and learn. Through my window... Lockdown in Boroondara through kindergarten children’s eyes, features the drawings and thoughts of children aged three to five who attended kindergarten throughout the pandemic.

    In the way only children can do, they tell of building cubby houses with blankets, making creations with Lego, watching birds, flowers and veggie patches growing outside the window, playing with siblings, and aching to play in the park.

    The second book, Boroondara Bubble, is a collection of stories and reflections from mostly primary school children, aged four to 12, on living through the pandemic. It was created during online workshops with author-illustrator Trace Balla, organised by our libraries.

    Their stories and illustrations capture the funny, resilient and imaginative perspectives on virtual learning, home haircuts, library book deliveries and even a fictional comic book super-hero fighting COVID-19.

    You will be able to read digital versions of both books in full here after the launch event on 23 March.

    You will also be able to borrow hard copies of the books from Boroondara Library Service:

    thre children read a book

    Celebrating 'Neighbours in Harmony'

    Celebrating 'Neighbours in Harmony' ttoth Thu 18 February 2021

    This month, we’re marking Neighbour Day and Harmony Week with special events for everyone to enjoy from 23–25 March 2021.

    Harmony Week celebrates our cultural diversity and spreads the message of ‘everyone belongs’, while Neighbour Day recognises the importance of building connections within our local neighbourhoods.

    More than 30 per cent of Boroondara residents were born overseas, originating from more than 150 different countries. We invite you to celebrate this rich diversity, learn about stories of migration from cultural leaders in Boroondara and form connections with others in your local area. 

    At each ‘Neighbours in Harmony’ event, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in exciting cultural activities and programs, including a Chinese tea ceremony, bocce and a Vietnamese green tea history lesson.

    Upcoming Neighbours in Harmony events

    Neighbours in Harmony with Jennifer Yeung

    Location: Balwyn Community Centre

    Date Tuesday 23 March 2021

    Time: 10:30am to 11:30am

    Join Jennifer Yeung, Balwyn resident and President of the Chinese Women’s Association of Victoria (CWAV), as she shares her story. “I was born in Hong Kong and migrated to Australia with my parents in 1987. With three grown up children, I am now able to contribute more time to society through my voluntary work,” Jennifer said.

    “At CWAV, we focus on women’s physical, mental and social health by offering weekly classes, seminars and events. These activities provide a platform for members to foster new friendships,” she said. “Australia’s cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths and central to our identity. I feel strongly about using my experiences and expertise to create a harmonious and safe environment for all residents of Boroondara."

    Jennifer Yeung, the president of the Chinese Women's association of Victoria looks and smiles at the camera

    Neighbours in Harmony with Amelia Dozzi

    Location: Hawthorn Neighbourhood House

    Date: Wednesday 24 March 2021

    Time: 10.30am to 11.30am

    Join Hawthorn resident Amelia Dozzi, as she shares her family’s history of migration from Italy.

    “It has always been significant to be proud of my heritage, to recognise it in me, to respect it and to share and celebrate it as best I can,” Amelia said.

    Amelia’s family life in Hawthorn in their early years was not easy. However, things slowly began to change as stores opened up to serve the new and emerging Italian community.

    “In the ensuing years, there have been many changes and developments in Hawthorn and the wider Boroondara community. Many different ethnic cultures have made their home in the area and added a richness in the diversity that serves to make us more understanding, more informed and thus connected as Australians,” she said.

    Amelia Dozzi, a Boroondara resident stands in front of a rose bush wearing a green dress and smiles at the camera

    Neighbours in Harmony with Yen Bui

    Location: Ashburton Community Centre

    Date: Thursday 25 March 2021

    Time: 10.45am to 11.45am

    Join Yen Bui, President of the Vietnamese Senior Cultural Association (VSCA) and Treasurer of the Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association (AVWA), and hear her first-hand account of migration from Vietnam.

    “Our vision at VSCA is to live in a harmonious society in which everyone feels valued, welcomed, motivated and encouraged to contribute. We learn to appreciate both Vietnamese and Australian cultural values in terms of behaviour, community, responsibility and connectivity,” Yen said.

    Yen believes it is very important to celebrate multiculturalism year round.

    “If you look at the population of migrants in Boroondara, there are people from so many different nationalities. You can always see a lot of cultural activity here, from young people, to women, to the elderly as well,” she said.

    Jen Bui, the president of the Vietnamese Senior Cultural Association wears a pink top and smiles at the camera

    For more information or to register your attendance, call 9278 4938.

    Add life to your years

    Did you know there are many opportunities to connect with other older adults in your community year round? Visit our Over 55s page to find upcoming events, activities, groups you can join and more. 

    Residents empowering change

    Residents empowering change ttoth Thu 18 February 2021

    Many of our residents are finding that the newly developed online forms are not only offering them convenience, but empowering them to lead change. 

    Danai Madziwa from Ashburton recently used the ‘report an issue’ form to alert the Council to a dangerous blind spot on the Anniversary Trail.

    “What impressed me most was I received a prompt response acknowledging my feedback and within a couple of weeks of submitting the form, a sign had been installed on the trail to alert bike riders to entering pedestrian traffic,” Danai said.

    “After several near misses, I can now use the trail with peace of mind knowing that my family and other trail users will be safe from a collision! I felt such a sense of pride when the sign was installed and a real sense of being a valued part of the community.”

    This initiative is delivered to you by Transforming Boroondara, a program that aims to provide you with a consistent customer experience and more choices for connecting with us.

    A man walks along his child on a shared bike path while the child rides a tricycle

    Get ready for autumn

    Get ready for autumn ttoth Thu 18 February 2021

    Start a book club this year

    Starting a book club is easy, with plenty of help available at your local Boroondara library.

    We have an excellent collection of thought-provoking fiction and non-fiction titles to spark conversations. Also, many of the recommended titles for book groups come in multiple formats such as large print, audiobook and ebook.

    Being involved in a book club is a wonderful way to further your love of reading and discover new titles. It’s also an opportunity to connect with others in the community in an engaging, social setting.

    If you don’t want to start your own book club, but still wish to be part of a book group, join the Chatterbooks program, our fun online book chat. Hosted by library staff, discuss interesting new books and those that have stood the test of time. You are welcome to either come and listen, or be part of the conversation. Search our library events page for 'Chatterbooks' for upcoming sessions. 

    For more information about coming events, visit our Library events page

    Book a bundled green waste collection

    Autumn is a good time to prune them back and make sure our streets and footpaths are safe for everyone. Branches or shrubs overhanging public spaces can create hazards for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

    Low-hanging foliage can strike pedestrians as they pass and ground level shrubs can block footpaths and create tripping or slip hazards, particularly for the vision-impaired and elderly.

    Each eligible property can book one free bundled green waste collection for April, which can be used to recycle up to two cubic metres of bundled and tied green waste. Bundles must be securely tied with string/twine (non-plastic only) and neatly stacked to guarantee pick-up.

    Collections will commence on Monday 29 March and end on Friday 30 April 2021.

    Bookings open on Monday 15 March and close at 2pm on Friday 23 April 2021.

    Visit our Bundled green waste collection page for more information. 

    Someone holds a pair of pruning scissors and cuts a branch of a tree

    Responsible pet ownership

    Off-leash dog parks

    With a number of off-leash parks available for you and your dog to enjoy around Boroondara, it is important that you ensure you, your dog and others using the park remain safe. It is important that you keep your dog under effective control at all times when out in public, including in off-leash areas.

    By carrying a leash, staying in close proximity to your dog so it can hear your command and maintaining constant visual contact, you can ensure you, your furry friend and those around you can safely enjoy our shared spaces together. Please also remember to carry a suitable bag to clean up after your pet.

    Renew your pet registration

    If you have a dog or cat older than three months, it must be registered with Council and renewed each year. Registering your pet is required by law, but it also helps us reunite you with your furry friend if it goes missing.

    Pet registrations must be renewed by Friday 9 April 2021.

    You can register your pet, renew or update your pet information on our website. 

    For more information about pets and responsible pet ownership, visit our Pets page.

    a beige coloured whippet dog stares at the camera

    Transforming Boroondara

    We’ve been working hard to improve your customer experience and we understand that minimising the time you spend on “life admin” tasks, such as registering your pet or booking a green waste collection, is a big part of that. We hope our handy online forms provide you with more time to spend on more enjoyable things, like relaxing in your garden or taking your pooch for a walk at one of our lovely trails and parks.

    This online form is part of our effort to ensure we deliver contemporary customer services across all communication channels.

    Visit our Transforming Boroondara page for more information. 

    What's on in your neighbourhood house

    What's on in your neighbourhood house ttoth Thu 18 February 2021

    If there is an interest or a passion you’d like to pursue, your local neighbourhood house has a range of courses, classes and workshops to explore. Nurture a creative talent, learn a language, develop your skills or join a social group. There are options for children and teens through to the senior members of our community. Get in contact with your local house and find out what it offers.

    Building resilience

    Discover ways to build your ability to respond to change and setbacks in a safe and supportive environment,

    When: 10am to midday, Thursdays from 18 March 2021

    Alamein Neighbourhood and Learning Centre

    Cost: $30 (three weeks)

    Call 9885 9401 for more information.

    Raja Yoga

    A gentle yoga that incorporates simple stretching exercises, deep breathing, total body relaxation and meditation. Mid-term enrolments welcome.

    When: Wednesdays from 10:45am to 11:45am

    Ashburton Community Centre

    Call 9885 7952 for more information.

    Cost: contact centre

    Mindfulness based stress reduction workshop

    Learn evidence-based methods to relieve stress and improve wellbeing.

    When: 10am to 11:30am on Friday 12 March 2021

    Balwyn Community Centre

    Cost: $25 (one session)

    Call 9836 7942 for more information.

    Coil baskets

    Learn to sew fabric baskets using raw rope or colourful fabric scraps.

    When:12:30pm to 3pm, Fridays from 5 March 2021

    Bowen Street Community Centre

    Cost: $55 (two sessions)

    Call 9889 0791 for more information.

    Love playing cards?

    Join our social 500 card drop-in group. Suitable for experienced card players.

    When: 1pm to 3pm every Friday

    Camberwell Community Centre

    Cost: $2 per session

    Call 9882 2611 for more information.

    Botanical succulent sculptures

    Take home your own stunning botanical succulent sculpture

    When: 10am to midday on Tuesday 23 March 2021

    Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre

    Cost: $110 (single session)

    Call 9830 4214 for more information. 

    Occasional/ sessional childcare

    Facilitated by qualified early childhood educators, children enjoy a range of activities. Childcare subsidy available.

    When: 9am to 2pm, Monday to Friday

    The Craig Family Centre

    Cost: $72 per session

    Call 9885 7789 for more information.


    Improve your physical and mental health

    When: 8:15am to 9:15am, Tuesdays from 2 March 2021

    Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre

    Cost: $80 (five weeks)

    Call 9853 3126 for more information.

    Smartphone photography

    Take your photos from average to awesome with a professional photographer

    When: 11am to 1pm, Sunday 14 March 2021

    Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre

    Cost: $120 (single session)

    Call 9890 2467 for more information.

    Wednesday Craft WIP-ettes

    Bring along your work-in-progress craft project and join this group for some crafty fun.

    When: 2pm to 3pm, Wednesdays from 3 February 2021.

    Trentwood at the Hub

    Cost: Free (eight weeks)

    Call 9006 6590 for more information.

    Boroondara councillors

    Boroondara councillors ttoth Thu 18 February 2021

    Cr Garry Thompson


    Solway Ward

    Including Ashburton, Camberwell and Glen Iris.

    Phone: 9278 4457

    Mobile: 0417 153 512

    Email: [email protected]

    Cr Cynthia Watson

    Deputy Mayor

    Maranoa Ward

    Including parts of Balwyn, Balywn North, Mont Albert and Surrey Hills.

    Phone: 9835 7846

    Mobile: 0419 488 204

    Email: [email protected]

    Cr Jim Parke

    Bellevue Ward

    Including parts of Balwyn North, Kew and Kew East.

    Phone: 9835 7840

    Email: [email protected]

    Cr Felicity Sinfield

    Cotham Ward

    Including parts of Balwyn, Balwyn North, Camberwell, Canterbury, Deepdene, Hawthorn, Hawthorn East, Kew, and Kew East.

    Phone: 9835 7841

    Mobile: 0418 793 573

    Email: [email protected]

    Cr Victor Franco

    Gardiner Ward

    Including parts of Ashburton, Camberwell, Hawthorn East and Glen Iris.

    Phone: 9835 7842

    Mobile: 0482 888 635

    Email: [email protected]

    Cr Wes Gault

    Glenferrie Ward

    Including parts of Hawthorn and Kew.

    Phone: 9835 7849

    Mobile: 0482 999 939

    Email: [email protected]



    Cr Di Gillies

    Junction Ward

    Including parts of Hawthorn, Hawthorn East, Camberwell and Canterbury.

    Phone: 9835 7843

    Mobile: 0482 999 919

    Email: [email protected]

    Cr Lisa Hollingsworth

    Lynden Ward

    Including parts of Camberwell, Canterbury and Surrey Hills.

    Phone: 9835 7844

    Mobile: 0417 908 485

    Email: [email protected]

    Cr Jane Addis

    Maling Ward

    Including parts of Balwyn, Canterbury, Deepdene and Surrey Hill.

    Phone: 9835 7845

    Mobile: 0409 267 902

    Email: [email protected]

    Cr Susan Biggar

    Riversdale Ward

    Including parts of Glen Iris, Hawthorn, and Hawthorn East.

    Phone: 9835 7810

    Mobile: 0482 999 959

    Email: [email protected]

    Cr Nick Stavrou

    Studley Ward Councillor

    Including parts of Kew. 

    Phone: 9835 7848

    Mobile: 0482 999 209

    Email: [email protected]