Boroondara Bulletin - November 2019

Boroondara Bulletin - November 2019 dkran Wed 9 October 2019

Welcome to the November edition of the Boroondara Bulletin

In this edition, we've got tips to end recycling contamination, ideas for you to enjoy the outdoors and an inspiring story about inclusion in Boroondara sports clubs. Also this month, we're reflecting on our achievements in our Annual Report whilst looking ahead at how to make Boroondara even better with our exciting placemaking projects.

End recycling contamination

Contamination can lead to your recycling bin contents being sent to landfill. Let's all work together to stop it. Learn how to stop recycling contamination.

Skate, scoot or cycle

We've got courses, maps and repair stations to help you get cycle, skate or walk throughout Boroondara. Find out what's available for you.


It's a new way of working with our community to co-design vibrant and memorable public places. Our first two projects will take place in the Maling Road and Glenferrie Precincts. Learn about placemaking.

Celebrating inclusion in sports clubs

More than just a place for sports and fitness, Boroondara sports clubs have become important spaces for people to make friends whilst promoting good mental health and wellbeing. Read more about diversity in sports clubs.

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Message from the Mayor, Cr Jane Addis

Message from the Mayor, Cr Jane Addis dkran Tue 15 October 2019

Reflecting on our achievements over the past year

The release of Council’s latest Annual Report is an opportunity for us all to reflect on how Council’s decisions are being implemented and the accomplishments we have achieved together over the past year. 

The 2018-19 reporting year saw the delivery of projects that you told us were important to you through the Boroondara Community Plan. We are proud of the progress we have made, continuing to invest in our facilities with more than $57.32 million committed to infrastructure projects throughout Boroondara.

Of this, $6.66 million was invested in our much loved parks, open spaces and streetscapes and $21.98 million was invested in enhancing community buildings so that they better meet your needs.

Construction at Balwyn Community Centre commenced this year, with the new building set to provide much needed functional spaces for our valued community groups to enjoy. The centre will provide a new home for the Balwyn Maternal and Child Health Centre, and enhanced parklands and gardens will surround the building.

Council also conducted consultation to inform the complete transformation of Kew Recreation Centre into a state of the art facility for people of all ages and abilities.

We continued important planning for the redevelopment of Camberwell Community Centre and Ashburton Seniors Centre, both of which are now under construction, expected to be completed in 2020. 

This year we also developed the Over 55s section on our website, which now hosts over 700 health and wellbeing activities, events and services encouraging older adults in our community to stay happy and healthy in Boroondara. 

The Boroondara community value our City’s heritage, so we continued work to protect it with the implementation of the Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study. This proactive initiative has identified over 5,000 heritage properties for protection that sit outside existing Heritage Overlays across Boroondara.

Finally, we continued to invest in the important services that our community need:

  • We spent $8.22 million on library services, providing a seven day per week service across the City, with more than 1 million visits and nearly 2.4 million loans last year.
  • We invested $3.28 million in aged, disability and health services. This includes the delivery of 70,813 hours of in-home care for the elderly and those with a disability, and 25,245 immunisations to infants and children across Boroondara. 
  • We also invested $2.17 million in family and youth services, with 38 buildings also leased to community organisations which provide long day care, occasional care and kindergarten services at little or no cost. 
  • We collected a total of 67,468 tonnes of waste from household bins.

None of these achievements are possible without the support and partnership of our residents, community groups, local businesses and Council staff. Together we need to continue to make decisions that results in the best possible outcome for our City and the community as a whole.

So, on behalf of Council, I would like to thank you all for your interest and ongoing contributions to ensuring Boroondara continues to thrive.

Mayor Jane Addis signature

Cr Jane Addis
Mayor of Boroondara


Highlights from our Annual Report 2018-19


67,468 tonnes of waste collected from household bins


2.4 million library items borrowed


70,813 hours of in-home care for the elderly and people with a disability


563 kilometres of local roads maintained


2.64 million visits to our leisure and aquatic centres


225,606 enquiries received and responded to


25,254 children immunised at our maternal and child health centres


$57.32 million invested in infrastructure projects

Boroondara Arts - What's on

Boroondara Arts - What's on dkran Wed 9 October 2019

Each month we stage an array of exhibitions, workshops, performances and special events. To discover the full program, see Boroondara Arts.

Skate, scoot or cycle

Skate, scoot or cycle dkran Tue 15 October 2019

Want to find ways you can get out and about and enjoy this wonderful spring weather? Here are some ideas to enjoy the outdoors in Boroondara.

Get adventurous at Junction Skate and BMX Park

Feeling adventurous? Why not visit Junction Skate and BMX Park! The facility has trained staff on site at various times throughout the week for riders’ safety. Staff are also available for private or group lessons.

The staff are qualified in first aid and provide sessions for riders of all age groups and skill levels. Participants can learn skills to skateboard, scooter or ride BMX at one of Melbourne’s best action sports facilities.

Private lessons - up to 2 participants

When: Saturdays and Sundays, 1pm/2pm/3pm (45-minute sessions)
Cost: $26.50 (one person), $47 (two people)
Bookings essential.

Private group lessons - 3 to 7 participants

When: Saturdays and Sundays, 1pm/2pm/3pm (45-minute sessions)
Cost: $17.50 per person
Bookings essential.

To book private lessons, contact YMCA staff on 0459 988 125 or at [email protected].

Bike and skate repair stations

While you’re at our Junction Skate Park and Hill ‘n’ Dale Skate and BMX Park, you can now also repair your skateboard on site by using our new skate repair stations. The stations have the tools for basic skateboard

We’ve also recently installed 5 new bike repair stations across our City, making a total of 15 stations on all of the major off-road shared paths and other destinations you can ride to. The stations include a pump and a range of tools to fix punctured tyres and make minor adjustments to bikes. To find their locations, see Find a bike and skate repair station.

Bike skills courses

If you’re a little rusty on the bike or not confident riding on or off-road, join our bike education courses and improve your bike riding and maintenance skills.

On Tuesday 12 November 2019, we’re holding a hands-on bike maintenance course. Bring your bike and master essential bike repairs, including taking off a wheel, cleaning a chain and repairing punctures.

We will also offer a limited number of one-on-one training sessions for beginners over this spring-summer period.

For more information or to view other bike skills events coming up over spring and summer, see Bike skills workshops.

Bike parking 

We’ve recently installed new bike hoops all across the City, making it easy to find a place to park your bike as you visit our libraries, shopping centres, parks and playgrounds. You’ll also find secure bike parking at most train stations.

As the weather warms up, leave the car at home and take the bike out. It’s a great way to fit exercise into your day, help our environment and enjoy the glorious spring weather. For more information see Find bike parking.

Shared paths

With shared paths and walking groups, Boroondara is the perfect place to get outdoors and enjoy nature.

Our travel smart map shows you the on and off-road cycling routes, on-road bike lanes, informal cycling routes and local bike shops, as well as walking routes, public toilets, water fountains and public transport routes.

There is a recreational cycling map which shows the off-road paths, as well as walking maps which show walking routes with access to seats, drinking fountains, pedestrian crossings and toilets. The idea of the map is to help you walk for strength, to rest, to recover and to talk for connection.

We’re also sprucing up the line marking and adding pavement decals on our shared paths to help promote safe use. To view the maps, see Find a bike or walking path.

Christmas in Boroondara

Christmas in Boroondara dkran Tue 15 October 2019

We’re getting into the festive spirit early! This month you’ll notice special decorations beginning to festoon our City.

Magnificent Christmas trees will be adding a festive touch to the Hawthorn Arts Centre civic square and the Camberwell Library forecourt. If you’re looking for a way to give back this year, you can leave a book under the ‘book giving tree’ for children in need. The tree will be located inside the Camberwell Library near the children’s area.

Also, don’t forget we have 53 shopping centres in Boroondara that have everything you need this Christmas. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift, pieces to make your dining table spectacular or fresh produce to make mouth-watering meals, our shopping centres and markets have you covered.

Each night, beautiful light displays will illuminate the Hawthorn Arts Centre, Camberwell Town Hall, Kew Court House and the Camberwell Fresh Food Market (Riversdale Road entry).

Christmas Window Competition

Another perk of shopping locally this festive season is our annual Christmas Window Competition. Vote for your favourite shopfront window and go in the running for great prizes while supporting your local retailers. 

More information

For more information, contact the Economic Development Department on 9278 4814 or see Christmas in Boroondara.

Boroondara Library Service

Boroondara Library Service dkran Tue 15 October 2019

Our libraries are a great place for VCE study

Students are hitting the books in preparation for their VCE exams and what better place to study than one of Boroondara’s 6 libraries.

Children and Youth Services Librarian, Jacquie, is based at the Camberwell Library where students come to escape the temptations and distractions of home.

“At any point there can be up to 30 students studying at each of our major libraries, particularly between 3pm and 6pm,” Jacquie said. 

Kat, another of our dedicated Children and Youth Services librarians based at the Ashburton Library said that each library has information professionals on hand to provide guidance on credible sources and information literacy.

“We also help students find tools to cite correctly, to look beyond Google and to critically evaluate information,” Kat said.

“By attending with friends, there is the chance for occasional breaks, while also keeping each other accountable.”

At the library, students have access to a number of helpful resources to assist them with their studies. Jacquie noted that the top resource is definitely access to free Wi-Fi and study spaces.

“We have dedicated desks, areas with tables for group study or study with a tutor and study rooms that can be booked,” she said.

“Students see the library as the ‘third place’ beyond home and school, with tech-friendly spaces and the inspiration to study with so many other students working equally as hard all around them.”

“Library staff are available to help guide students on how to find what they need from a variety of sources, including our many digital resources.”

Students can access world-class reference databases like Credo and Brittanica and access academic journals using Proquest and ANZ Reference Centre.

Kat said that students know what to expect at the library and schedule it as study time.

“Having a physical location helps to mentally delineate between all of the things that go on at home and at school,” said Kat.

We encourage students to come and take advantage of our libraries for study all year round.

For more information call 9278 4666 or visit our Libraries page.

Students from Camberwell High School say why they love studying at our libraries

“I don’t mind studying at the library because although there are lots of people there, they don’t disturb me.” (Year 11 student)

“I’ve used the quiet study area a few times on weekends. You can usually find a spot to work. There are great books to choose from and a wide selection.” (Year 11 student)

“My friend goes to a different school, but we go to the Camberwell Library together to do homework, study and borrow books on the holidays.” (Year 10 student)

Recycling and sustainability

Recycling and sustainability dkran Tue 15 October 2019

End your recycling contamination this National Recycling Week

This National Recycling Week (11 to 17 November), we encourage you to think about the items you’re placing in your recycling bin to stop contamination and ensure your recycling efforts really count.

Contamination can lead to your recycling bin contents being sent to landfill. It can also result in soaring recycling service costs, which are passed on to residents.

Residents will receive a warning when their bin is contaminated and will be asked to remove the items.

One of the biggest issues we face in Boroondara is contamination within recycling bins.

Let’s all work together to reduce the 6 major contaminants in Boroondara recycling bins:

Recycling in bags

Ensure all your recyclable items are put directly into your recycling bin, not in bags.

Food and garden waste

Containers with food scraps must be emptied and food-free before you recycle them. Garden waste should go directly in your green waste bin only.

Flexible/soft plastics

VISY does not accept flexible/soft plastics like plastic bags, wrappings and soft plastic food bags. Drop these off at a ‘REDcycle’ collection point at your local Coles or Woolworths supermarket.

Clothing and shoes

If you have old, unwanted clothes and shoes, consider donating them to the local charity/op-shop or selling them first. Dispose of damaged clothes and shoes in your household waste bin.

Polystyrene (solid white only)

Polystyrene/styrofoam needs to be recycled at our Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre. Say no to hot drink cups and take-away food packaging, instead use your own reusable cup and containers.

Electronic waste (e-waste)

It is now illegal to put e-waste in any bin as it must be separated for special reprocessing. Donate or sell functional e-waste or recycle broken e-waste items through our Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre or at local e-waste collection banks (6 sites located across Boroondara). Alternatively, book a free hard waste collection.

For more information about what goes in your recycling bin, see our Recycling bin page.

The Vic Bag Ban

Victorians use an average of 1 billion plastic shopping bags every year. The majority of these bags end up in landfill and around 10 million end up as litter, polluting our environment and endangering our wildlife.

To combat this problem, the Victorian Government is implementing a state-wide ban on lightweight plastic shopping bags, commencing 1 November 2019.

Get organised and declutter your life

Join Julie Cliff from Space and Time for a free, step-by-step workshop to show you how to organise, declutter and store just about anything.

She will share strategies to avoid clutter in the first place and responsibly recycle and dispose of items you no longer need.


Placemaking dkran Tue 15 October 2019

Find your place in Boroondara

Have you heard of placemaking? In one way or another, you may have already experienced it without even realising. Picture pop up parks where people gather to relax and escape the hustle of city life, or food trucks on a Friday evening where friends come to socialise. Imagine street art and light installations that bring to life a previously underutilised space. All of these activities are examples of placemaking in action.

Placemaking is a new way of planning, building and renewing our public places with the overall aim to create places which improve social interaction, create thriving local economies, contribute positively to the environment and enhance our community’s quality of life.

To achieve this, we’re exploring a placemaking approach to better design our shopping precincts, facilities and green spaces across Boroondara.

We know that local communities make public places vibrant. People who live, work and regularly spend time in a place have a connection to that particular place. They are our experts. In placemaking, we work together with the community to co‑design vibrant and memorable places, providing opportunities for people to stay, connect, meet and belong.

We are excited to embark on our first two placemaking projects.

Over the coming months, you will have the opportunity to join us on this journey and participate in various activities at the Maling Road Precinct and the Glenferrie Precinct.

We will ask you, our community experts, to tell us what is important to you about the place, what makes it special and how you might like to see it evolve in the future.

Keep your eye out around the Maling Road Precinct this month and the Glenferrie Precinct early next year for opportunities to share your vision.

For more information about these projects, see our Placemaking page.


Celebrating inclusion in sports clubs

Celebrating inclusion in sports clubs dkran Fri 18 October 2019

More than just a place for sports and fitness, Boroondara sports clubs have become important spaces for people to make friends and connect with their local community, as well as promoting good mental health and wellbeing.

All residents should have the right to enjoy the benefits of sports clubs regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity and ability.

Over the coming months, we will be publishing a series of stories in the Bulletin about the unique pathways our local sporting clubs are forging to promote inclusiveness in their clubs. We hope you find their stories inspiring.

The South Hawthorn Tennis Club is encouraging and providing opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to participate.

In particular, Sue Davey, a coach at the South Hawthorn Tennis Club, has recently played a special role as mentor for asylum seeker, Milad Jafarnejad.

A former top 10 ranking tennis player in his home country of Iran, the South Hawthorn Tennis Club has nurtured the opportunity for Milad to share his knowledge and become a coach in their program, utilising his elite background in the sport.

Since leaving his family in Iran due to safety reasons, it had been a difficult start in Melbourne for Milad. Over the past few years, Milad endured major challenges, battling loneliness and depression, while also trying to learn a new language.

During this time, there was one thing which always helped him feel at home and that was playing tennis, thanks to the opportunity provided by Sue and the South Hawthorn Tennis Club.

Sue said she first met Milad in October 2016 through a member at the club, who had previously mentored Milad at Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre and saw his potential to become a great tennis coach.

“At first, Milad was involved in observing the way we ran our sessions. We wanted him to understand the language and learn how to connect with kids,” said Sue.

“Then he started coaching young players, initially as a volunteer and now more recently in a paid position.”

Milad said being part of the South Hawthorn Tennis Club has given him a new outlook on his life in Melbourne.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a tennis coach again. Learning from Sue and the club has been so valuable,” said Milad.

I’ve been able to keep my passion for tennis alive and meet some wonderful people along the way.

For more information, contact our Recreation and Wellbeing Department on 9278 4797.

For helpful resources about how to build diversity in your club, you can visit Access Health and Community or Centre for Multicultural Youth.

Heritage protections in Boroondara

Heritage protections in Boroondara dkran Tue 15 October 2019

Heritage buildings form a large part of our City’s unique character and Boroondara has a large number of properties registered as historically significant.

Some of the studies which formed the basis of this recognition are now many years old and it is apparent that some areas of significance have been missed.

To address these gaps, Council has allocated over $1 million over 5 years to implement a Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study.

During a Heritage Gap Study in a particular location, we undertake an extensive consultation process with affected property owners and other interested parties.

The bulk of this consultation is done during each study’s ‘preliminary consultation’ and ‘public exhibition’ stages. There are numerous opportunities during the heritage assessment process for property owners or other interested parties to give feedback on a draft gap study.

As well as providing written submissions, owners and other interested parties will have 3 opportunities to address our Urban Planning Special Committee, which considers the feedback before making a decision on whether to adopt the study or not. In addition, there is an opportunity to present to an independent planning panel.

When a Heritage Gap Study is undertaken, it’s not uncommon to discover buildings of heritage significance, which may be subject to an existing demolition approval.

© Photo: James Oaten, ABC News

These approvals have been given prior to heritage studies being completed, before the significance of those properties is known.

Ordinarily, a property’s inclusion in a Heritage Overlay would require the owner to obtain a planning permit before they could act on their existing building permit. This is an important check built into our processes, designed to protect properties while heritage studies are completed.

However, the Victorian Minister for Planning’s ‘Amendment C299’, specific to the City of Boroondara, enables property owners with a previously-issued building permit to ignore heritage overlays and demolish historic buildings.

Indeed, the recently demolished property at 368 Auburn Road was included in an interim heritage overlay as part of our Hawthorn East Heritage Gap Study. Because of the C299 loophole, we were not able to prevent its demolition.

To avoid this situation in the future and in the absence of any action by the Minister, Council passed a motion on Monday 2 September 2019 to suspend any applications for demolition received while a heritage gap study is being completed. This process of suspending applications for demolition is supported by the Building Act 1993.

For more information about heritage protections in Boroondara, see our Heritage page.

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day dkran Tue 15 October 2019

Donated poppies commemorate our history

At Greythorn Community Hub in Balwyn, a display of red, woollen, felt and paper poppies with white crosses has been created as a mark of respect for our fallen soldiers.

The project is the brainchild of Gwenda Foard, a long-time local resident, former Boroondara Citizen of the Year winner and secretary of the North Balwyn RSL, which is located at the Hub.

Nationally, knitted poppies have become a popular way to pay respect and the idea for this initiative was sparked when Gwenda and a friend visited Federation Square in 2015 for the Remembrance Day service.

Since then, Gwenda has knitted and collected poppies that have been created by local community groups including ladies from the RSL and Probus Club, North Balwyn Cubs and children doing craft sessions at the library.

There’s currently a remarkable amount of poppies on show, with over 1,200 poppies incorporated into the display since the Greythorn Community Hub launched one year ago. 

Gwenda said it’s been wonderful to see the support shown for the project.

“One lady from the RSL, Mrs Helen Monks, has knitted hundreds of poppies,” she said.

“We also had a generous donation of red wool from two lovely gentlemen to help keep it going.”

There is a personal connection for Gwenda, with her husband serving as the long-standing president of the North Balwyn RSL and a national serviceman, as well as their daughter having served as a soldier in the Australian Army.

“It’s important to keep our history alive,” Gwenda said.

“I ran an education session with the children who attend the Greythorn Early Childhood Centre and told them about the importance of the poppies and what they represent."

“They then pinned their name to a poppy each to create a connection and now proudly tell their parents all about it.”

Gwenda wants to create a legacy and keep knitting and collecting poppies until the space is full.

“I’m hoping that these poppies will be here for a long time for future generations to learn about and enjoy.”

To learn more about Greythorn Community Hub, call 9006 6590 or see our Greythorn Community Hub page.

International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day dkran Fri 18 October 2019

Celebrate our City’s volunteer efforts

International Volunteer Day is a time to celebrate the valuable efforts of our volunteers and the important contribution they make to our community.

Join us at this special event as we recognise and thank volunteers across our community and announce the 2020 Boroondara Volunteer of the Year.

What’s on at your neighbourhood house

What’s on at your neighbourhood house dkran Thu 10 October 2019

If there is an interest or a passion you’d like to pursue, your local neighbourhood house has a range of courses, classes and workshops for you to explore.

Nurture a creative talent, learn a language, develop your skills or join a social group. We have options for children and teens through to the senior members of our community. Get in contact with your local house and find out what we have on offer. 

To find out what's happening in your neighbourhood, download a copy of the full Short Course Guide. Printed copies are also available at Boroondara libraries.

Get a job: pathways to

Alamein Neighbourhood and Learning Centre

Covers transferable skills, 21st century job-searching, resumés, interviews and more.
When: 9.45am to 2.45pm, Mondays and Tuesdays
Cost: $70 (5 sessions)

Drawing and thinking

Ashburton Community Centre

Develop your drawing skills and confidence using watercolour along with stencils, pastels, acrylics and printing. 
When: 10am to 12pm and 12.30pm to 2.30pm, Fridays
Cost: Free trials available

Hi/lo exercise class

Balwyn Community Centre

Get fit and have fun in this dynamic exercise class.
When: 9.15am to 10.15am, Thursdays
Cost: $167.50 (11 weeks)

Christmas gifts

Bowen Street Community Centre

Join Barbara to make some crafty, homemade Christmas gifts.
When: 1pm to 3.30pm, Friday 22 November 2019
Cost: $40

Porcelain decorations

Camberwell Community Centre

Create porcelain decorations to hang on trees or for gifts in time for Christmas.
When: Taking expressions of interest for early December

Creative drawing

Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre

Using graphite, charcoal, pens and watercolour, this class breaks down the techniques of drawing.
When: 10am to 12pm, Wednesdays
Cost: $20 (2 weeks)


The Craig Family Centre

Develop core strength, increase your flexibility and approach the rest of the day relaxed.
When: 9.15am to 10.15am, Mondays and Wednesdays
Cost: $7 per session

Natural kefir and yoghurt making

Hawthorn Community House

Learn how to make traditional probiotic yoghurt and kefir, great for gut health.
When: 7pm to 8.30pm, Tuesday 12 November 2019
Cost: $25 (bookings essential)

Small business mentoring

Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre

Specialised one-on-one small business mentoring.
When: 12pm to 1pm, Fridays from 8 November 2019
Cost: $50

Introduction to gold leaf and ink painting

Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre

Learn to paint with gold leaf and ink.
When: 10am to 4pm, Sunday 10 November 2019
Cost: $140 (includes light lunch and bubbles)

Strength training

Trentwood at the Hub

Chair supported, light weight-bearing exercises to maintain bone density and muscle strength.
When: 11.30am to 12.30pm, Wednesdays
Cost: $77 (11 sessions)

More information

For more information, locations and contact details, see our Neighbourhood houses and community centres page.

Council meetings and notices

Council meetings and notices dkran Thu 10 October 2019

Council meetings in November

Meetings are held in the Council Chamber located at 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell. All welcome.

Date and time Meeting
6.30pm, Wednesday 6 November 2019 Special Council (followed by Civic Reception)
6.30pm, Monday 11 November 2019 Services Special Committee
6.30pm, Monday 18 November 2019 Urban Planning Special Committee
6.30pm, Monday 25 November 2019 Council (Annual Report presentation)

For up-to-date information about meetings or to obtain copies of agendas and minutes, see our Council and committee meetings page or call 9278 4471

Invitation to the Civic Reception

On Wednesday 6 November 2019 your 2019/20 Mayor will be elected and we invite you to attend the Civic Reception to welcome them.

Come and meet your local government representatives in an informal and enjoyable atmosphere. Light refreshments will be provided.

Rates instalment due

If you’ve chosen to pay your rates in quarterly instalments, your 2nd instalment is due by Saturday 30 November 2019.

There are a number of convenient ways to pay your rates, including online payments. All payment methods are detailed in your rates notice and on our website.

Boroondara Councillors

Boroondara Councillors dkran Thu 10 October 2019

The City of Boroondara has 10 Councillors, elected by the people who live in each of the 10 wards.

Your Councillors work across Boroondara to represent the interests of their ward and the broader community, as well as to help the community with issues affecting them.

Which ward do you call home?

If you are unsure which ward you reside in, see our ward map or call 9278 4444 to find out.

Cr Jane Addis, Mayor 

Councillor Jane Addis

Maling Ward
Including parts of Canterbury, Surrey Hills and Balwyn
Ph: 9278 4457 or 0409 267 902
E: [email protected]

Cr Jack Wegman

Councillor Jack Wegman 

Junction Ward
Including parts of Hawthorn East, Camberwell and Canterbury
Ph: 9835 7843
E: [email protected]

Cr Jim Parke

Councillor Jim Parke

Councillor Jim Parke 

Bellevue Ward
Including parts of Kew East and Balwyn North
Ph: 9835 7840
E: [email protected]

Cr Lisa Hollingsworth

Councillor Lisa Hollingsworth

Councillor Lisa Hollingsworth 

Lynden Ward
Including parts of Camberwell, Glen Iris and Canterbury
Ph: 9835 7844 or 0417 908 485
E: [email protected]

Cr Felicity Sinfield

Councillor Felicity Sinfield 

Councillor Felicity Sinfield 

Cotham Ward
Including Deepdene and parts of Kew, Kew East, Balwyn and Balwyn North
Ph: 9835 7841 or 0418 793 573
E: [email protected]

Cr Cynthia Watson

Councillor Cynthia Watson

Maranoa Ward
Including parts of Balwyn, Balwyn North and Mont Albert
Ph: 9835 7846 or 0419 488 204
E: [email protected]

Cr Coral Ross

Councillor Coral Ross

Councillor Coral Ross

Gardiner Ward
Including parts of Hawthorn, Hawthorn East, Camberwell and Glen Iris
Ph: 9835 7842 or 0438 005 225
E: [email protected]

Cr Garry Thompson

Councillor Garry Thompson

Councillor Garry Thompson 

Solway Ward
Including parts of Ashburton and Glen Iris
Ph: 9835 7847 or 0417 153 512
E: [email protected]

Cr Steve Hurd 

Councillor Steve Hurd 

Councillor Steve Hurd 

Glenferrie Ward
Including parts of Hawthorn and Hawthorn West
Ph: 9835 7849 or 0417 708 182
E: [email protected]

Cr Phillip Healey

Councillor Phillip Healey

Studley Ward
Including parts of Kew and Kew East
Ph: 9835 7848 or 0437 374 773
E: [email protected]

Your feedback is important

Your feedback is important dkran Thu 10 October 2019

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