Boroondara Bulletin - July/August 2019

Boroondara Bulletin - July/August 2019 tmurphy1 Fri 28 June 2019

Welcome to the July/August edition of the Boroondara Bulletin

Take advantage of an array of events to get you out about in these chillier months while still keeping cosy indoors. 

You can join an Open House tour to explore the architectural gems of Boroondara, choose from over 70 events at the Literary Festival or learn new skills to grow your business, as well as much more. 

Inside this edition

Explore and discover 

Curious about what’s behind the doors of our most iconic buildings? Get a sneak peek during the Open House weekend with tours, workshops and expert talks. Take an Open House tour.


Join the e-waste revolution

One in 5 Australians have a stash of unwanted or broken e-waste items like old toasters, hairdryers and coffee machines in their home or office. Learn about new e-waste rules.

Think global, act local

Join the worldwide men’s shed movement and sign up to your nearest shed to create, connect and converse. Visit your local men's shed.


Grow your business in winter

Expand your networks and gain expert insights into how to create an edge for your business in an increasingly competitive market. Sign up for our business events.

Message from the Mayor, Cr Jane Addis

Message from the Mayor, Cr Jane Addis tmurphy1 Fri 28 June 2019

I am pleased to announce that on Monday 24 June Council’s Budget for 2019-20 was formally adopted.

Highlights of the Budget include the endorsement of significant investment to support the health and wellbeing of residents; with four major community centres confirmed for renewal or construction.

It is also pleasing that the Boroondara Customer First Program and Early Years Hub digital projects, as well as the Food Organics and Garden Organics waste service, were supported. These three projects will provide important benefits for our community and the environment.

More information about the projects in your local area, which have been funded by the 2019-20 Budget, can be found in your ward newsletter now being delivered to households. There is also a snapshot of the breakdown in budget allocation for various community assets and services in this edition of the Bulletin.

Another action Council is undertaking to benefit the environment relates to electronic waste (e-waste). This is the fastest growing waste stream and only a small percentage of it is recycled, with the rest ending up in landfill. In the past 10 years Boroondara’s waste services collected more than 3,600 tonnes of e-waste. From Monday 1 July 2019, the Victorian Government has banned all e-waste from going to landfill. To assist residents, Council has collection banks across Boroondara to help you recycle a range of items. Read on to find out where you can recycle your e-waste, as well as other helpful tips to help reduce waste.

Among the many interesting activities to do in our City this winter which are featured in this Bulletin, I would like to highlight the Open House event. This year we are offering even more options to explore our historic buildings. The event provides an opportunity to enjoy and celebrate our beautiful heritage architecture that makes our City so iconic.

We know that heritage remains a priority for the vast majority of our community, and I am glad to report that steady progress is continuing on the Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study to identify and protect valued heritage places of local significance. This will ensure we can continue to enjoy our beautiful buildings for many generations to come.

Mayor Jane Addis signature

Cr Jane Addis
Mayor of Boroondara

Open House Melbourne

Open House Melbourne tmurphy1 Mon 1 July 2019

Discover Boroondara’s most iconic buildings during the 2019 Open House Melbourne weekend - Saturday 27 to Sunday 28 July 2019.

Take a tour and explore remarkable architecture, or chat with a local historian to hear unique stories about living through Federation, the Great Depression and two world wars.

Open House Melbourne weekend inspires locals and visitors to immerse themselves in the community by exploring buildings of significance.

For more information about each location please visit Open House Melbourne.

Discover Kew

Kew is home to some of Boroondara’s oldest houses and institutes. During Open House Melbourne weekend, you can unearth stories of the past by visiting Kew Court House, Willsmere, Villa Alba Museum and Boroondara General Cemetery.

Kew Court House

Where: 188 High Street, Kew
When: 11am to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday

A prominent feature at Kew Junction, learn about the transformation of the Kew Court House from a functioning courthouse and police station in to an intimate theatre and community art space.


Where: Kew - full address available on booking
When: 9.30am to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday

Open to the public once a year, Willsmere is one of the largest asylums ever built in Australia. As one of the rarest, most intact 19th century asylums in the world, Willsmere illustrates the evolution of mental health treatment in Australia.

Villa Alba Museum

Where: 44 Walmer Street, Kew
When: 10am to 3pm, Saturday and Sunday

Villa Alba Museum is one of the finest examples of late 19th century decoration in Australia, featuring rare hand-painted, stencilled and gilded decoration by renowned Scottish-trained interior designers, the Paterson Brothers.

Boroondara General Cemetery

Where: Corner of High Street and Parkhill Road, Kew
When: 11am to 4pm, Saturday

Visit one of Victoria’s oldest cemeteries, featuring the still-operational 1850s gatehouse and clock tower designed by prominent Melbourne architects Charles Vickers and Albert Purchas.

About Open House Melbourne

Open House Melbourne is a chance for the community to celebrate Melbourne’s architecture and heritage by opening buildings of significance over one weekend.

For more information, visit Open House Melbourne.

Discover Hawthorn

Explore some of Hawthorn’s most iconic buildings including the former Town Hall, Telephone Exchange and Telstra Museum, Tram Depot, Immaculate Conception Church and Tay Creggan (Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School). See how they are used today and pay homage to their former lives.

Hawthorn Arts Centre

Where: 360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
When: 11am to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday

Tour Hawthorn’s landmark building and discover how it was converted from a community Town Hall into one of Melbourne’s most beautiful arts centres - home to City of Boroondara’s premier gallery and performance spaces.

Hawthorn Telephone Exchange and Telstra Museum

Where: 375 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
When: 10am to 4.30pm, Saturday and Sunday

Uncover this hidden gem of Australia’s telecommunications history, housed in the 1930s two-storey, redbrick, former Telephone Exchange. View the Heritage Telecommunications Collection showcasing the history of Telstra from its 1850s beginnings to the present day.

Hawthorn Tram Depot

Where: 8 Wallan Road, Hawthorn
When: 10am to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday

Visit the heritage-listed Hawthorn Tram Depot to discover the history of Melbourne’s unique trams and tramways system. Enjoy the heritage tram collection and exhibits for the whole family to interact with.

Immaculate Conception Church

Where: 345 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
When: 2pm to 4pm, Sunday

Explore one of Victoria’s more impressive suburban churches, with its outstanding Gothic bluestone tower and glorious stained glass window. This towering landmark is a must-see for the weekend.

Tay Creggan

Where: Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School, 30 Yarra Street, Hawthorn
When: 10am to 3pm, Sunday

Take a tour of one of Victoria’s most unique buildings with architectural examples of Victorian Queen Anne Revival and elements of Elizabethan Revival, 19th century Eclecticism, Arts and Crafts, Picturesque Gothic and Art Nouveau.

Boroondara Literary Festival

Boroondara Literary Festival tmurphy1 Mon 1 July 2019

Stay cosy this winter with the second annual Boroondara Literary Festival being hosted across our 6 libraries.

From Tuesday 28 May 2019 until Wednesday 28 August 2019 there are more than 70 free events to choose from. Enjoy something for all ages with poetry readings, workshops, history sessions, author talks and children’s workshops among the offerings.

Join our inspirational author talks with the likes of Melbourne crime writer J.P. Pomare, heart surgery survivor and author of The Long Road from a Broken Heart, Jeremy Scott and author of The Dressmaker, Rosalie Ham.

If poetry is more your forté, then head to Hawthorn Library for the Australian Poetry Slam heats. Bring your best words for a chance to be selected for the finals at the Sydney Opera House! Or come along to Painting in Tongues, our regular night of spoken word poetry and open mic.

Journey through history with sessions on the origins of language and writing a timeline of history through books, or find the best historical collections and podcasts online. We will also delve into the history of some famous fairytales and their modern retellings.

Our children’s workshops are the perfect activity to keep kids' minds active throughout the colder months. The Young Writers, Readers and Publishers Workshop covers creative writing for magazines, comics, poetry and fan fiction, with sessions for upper primary and secondary school ages. The Boroondara Library Service staff will also be dressing up for story times and crafts during Children’s Book Week in August.

How to book

All events are free. Simply register online to secure your spot.

To see the full schedule of Literary Festival events, times and locations, visit Boroondara Literary Festival or call Boroondara Library Service on 9278 4666.

Don't forget... 

Submissions for the Boroondara Literary Awards are open until 5pm, Friday 30 August 2019.

Held in partnership with the Rotary Club of Balwyn, the annual awards encourage literacy and celebrate creativity by writers and poets.

There’s a total prize pool of $8,000 up for grabs across the Young Writers and Open Short Story categories. The winners and highly commended entrants will have their work published in the Boroondara Literary Awards Anthology and will also be invited to a special ceremony at the Hawthorn Arts Centre.

Interested in entering? Visit Literary awards or call the Boroondara Literary Awards coordinator on 9278 4036.

Recycling your e-waste is now mandatory

Recycling your e-waste is now mandatory tmurphy1 Fri 28 June 2019

The Victorian Government has banned all e-waste from going to landfill, effective from 1 July 2019.

Electronic waste, or e-waste as it is commonly known, includes any item with a plug, battery, cord or alternative power source, which is no longer working or wanted.

The new law means you can’t put e-waste in any of your bins. All e-waste items must be kept separate and recycled at designated points.

Where can you recycle your e-waste?

You can drop off small e-waste items (up to the size of a large toaster) in one of these 6 collection banks across Boroondara:

  • City of Boroondara Customer Service area - 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell
  • Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre - 8 Warner Avenue, Ashburton
  • Hawthorn Arts Centre Customer Service area - 360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
  • Kew Library - Corner Cotham and Civic Drive, Kew
  • Greythorn Community Hub - 2 Centre Way, Balwyn North
  • Boroondara Sports Complex - 271C Belmore Road, Balwyn North.

For all other larger e-waste items, you can take them to the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre, 648 Riversdale Road, Camberwell.

Electronic waste (e-waste) recycling station

The following items can be recycled at Boroondara's 6 collection banks:

  • mobile phones and accessories
  • batteries (no car batteries)
  • small appliances
  • computer and accessories

More information

For more information visit e-waste or call 9278 4444.


What does the change on 1 July 2019 mean to our community?

Hawthorn residents, Nick and Mirren share their thoughts about changes to our e-waste, and what it will mean for residents in Boroondara.

How do you feel about the government’s ban on all e-waste going in household waste bins?

We think banning e-waste from going in rubbish dumps or landfills really makes sense. We recently read that 95 per cent of all the components of e-waste can be recycled, so we all need to start doing our bit to ensure that all of the e-waste from our homes is separated and recycled properly.

What does the term ‘e-waste’ mean to you?

‘E-waste’ is just short for ‘electronic waste’. This used to make me think about TVs, computers, batteries, mobiles and light globes. We now know that e-waste is everything with a plug, battery, or power cord. It’s also things with alternative power sources like solar lights. Think; toaster, hairdryer, vacuum, microwave, toys, etcetera.

Why is recycling e-waste important to you?

We hate thinking about the environmental damage from all of the dangerous waste, including e-waste, that is in landfill sites around the world. We must think before we act to protect our water, land and air. Also in landfill there is a huge loss of all of the precious metals in e-waste - like gold. It is just madness that we throw away gold. By simply recycling all of our e-waste, we can help protect the environment and ensure the components are recycled - and not lost.

My sister just had a baby, and when we recycle, we think about the future for him and all of his generation.



How will you recycle your e-waste after 1 July 2019?

We have a little box that we keep in our laundry for our smaller e-waste, and when it's full we will take it to one of those new e-waste collection banks. We live in Hawthorn, so we will take our stuff to the collection bank at Hawthorn Arts Centre … which will be super easy and close to us!

For bigger stuff, we’ll head to the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre in Camberwell. Or, if we have a bunch of other bulky stuff, we can call Council for a free hard waste collection pick up for the lot, as the e-waste will be recycled through the hard waste collection too.

How are you managing data protection on your e-waste?

We were worried about recycling our old laptops and mobiles due to the potential for data theft. However, we contacted the Council and they recommended that we visit the Sustainability Victoria’s data protection checklist online. There is lots of useful information on the site which answered our questions. We are now confident about how to remove our data and recycle our laptops and mobiles safely.

Do you have any tips to avoid, reduce or reuse e-waste?

Well, we try to embrace the ‘think-before-you-buy’ mindset and try to only buy things as we really need them. When buying electrical items, we buy good quality, and we take good care of our possessions, hoping that translates to longer product life. We have bought and sold a few used electrical items on eBay and Gumtree, which is a great way to make some money or get a bargain while also reducing our waste.

We also have given away working e-waste items to charity shops too. Oh and we recently heard about that free North Balwyn Repair Café at the Greythorn Community Hub that fixes electrical items too. We are going to check that out soon. Such a great idea.

Boroondara Arts - What’s on

Boroondara Arts - What’s on tmurphy1 Mon 1 July 2019

Create a backyard oasis

Create a backyard oasis tmurphy1 Mon 1 July 2019

Pollinator species, like bees and butterflies, are of great conservation concern.

They are declining across the globe due to intense farming, climate change, disease, and changing land use including urbanisation. The good news is we can help support these species in our own backyard.

The Balconies for Biodiversity workshop will show you how you can create your own biodiversity hotspot with minimal space. Let the experts show you how your courtyard, balcony or porch can become attractive to a range of wildlife with just a little bit of planning.

When: 7pm to 8.30pm, Tuesday 10 September 2019
Where: Boroondara Room, Council Offices, 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell

Book now

If you don’t have internet access please call 9278 4444 to register.

Apply for parking permits online

Apply for parking permits online tmurphy1 Fri 28 June 2019

Whether you are moving into Boroondara for the first time, you've had new parking restrictions introduced in your street, or you've found a new rental property within our great City, you may be entitled to a parking permit. 

Go to Parking permits and select ‘Apply for a residential parking permit’ to find out if you are eligible. If you qualify, you can complete your permit application online in around 5 minutes.

If you prefer to apply for a parking permit in person we welcome you at any of our customer service counters (Camberwell Council offices, Kew Library or the Hawthorn Arts Centre).

More information 

For more information, visit Parking permits or call 9278 4949.

Get busy at our men’s sheds

Get busy at our men’s sheds tmurphy1 Fri 28 June 2019

Did you know that we have 4 men’s sheds in Boroondara?

A men’s shed is a community space which welcomes men of all backgrounds and ages to socialise and join in a range of activities. We have 4 men’s sheds in Boroondara; Alamein, Kew, Hawthorn and Balwyn North.

They play an important role in the community, creating supportive and welcoming environments where members have the chance to keep active and meet new people, as well as share and learn new skills, like woodwork.

The men’s shed in Buchanan Avenue, Balwyn North is a joint project between Council and the North Balwyn Rotary Club. It opened in  September 2017 and has already grown its active membership base to 77.

Chairman and President, Tony Hart explained that the shed came about when the North Balwyn Rotary Club held a forum with the local community and a shed was flagged as a top priority.

"Everyone was keen to create a place for socialising and a safe place to discuss mental health,” Tony said.

One of the main activities on offer is woodwork, with members able to collaborate on assignments or bring in their own personal project. Supervisor, Tony Brownbill stressed that members don’t need to have skills to join.

“A lot of us have skilled backgrounds so we are here to teach new members”, Tony said.

Many men go into retirement and don’t know what to do with their time. The shed gives them a place to go and something to do, as well as  companionship.

Men’s sheds also provide members with the chance to give back to their community through helping with maintenance jobs and special projects.

Supervisor, Bernie Smith said the men’s shed was recently approached by a local kindergarten to create a boot rack for the kids.

"We also built a cubby house for Bunnings, who then donated it to a special school in Burwood," Bernie said.

The North Balwyn Men’s Shed is expanding its offerings by revamping its outdoor area to create garden beds for those with a green thumb and a safe area for members to do metal work.

Interested in joining a men’s shed?

For more information about Boroondara’s men’s sheds including locations, visit Mens sheds or call 9278 4094.

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Grow your local business

Grow your local business tmurphy1 Mon 1 July 2019

Do you run a small business? If so, you’d know more than anyone how tough it is to set yourself up and keep your head above water.

We want to encourage our local business owners to learn, grow and thrive in what can be a tough environment.

Boroondara needs to have strong local services and shops, so residents can get help, services, and products from the people who know the area and its people.

To do this, we’ve set up the Business Boroondara program to support our local networks. You can join Business Boroondara to build relationships with other businesses, share your skills, your services, and also your products to make sure we’re all helping each other to be our best.

Business Boroondara also facilitates specialist workshops that offer the chance to learn ways to market your product, develop your business skills and operate successfully.

There are dozens of events scheduled across the year ranging from how to prepare your business plan, how to use LinkedIn, finding grants and funding support and also information from the ATO about tax and your business.

We want to help you to establish and grow your business. After all - you’re putting your heart and soul into it!

Our workshops have proven to be very helpful to business owners who might need a steer in the right direction.

Events for business 

Ride-sourcing and tax
6.30pm, Wednesday 24 July 2019

Facebook marketing for business
6.30pm, Wednesday 14 August 2019

Search engine optimisation
6.30pm, Thursday 29 August 2019

Express networking
6pm, Thursday 5 September 2019

For more information and to see a full list of business events, visit For business or call 9278 4814.

A word from the experts

Lynette Coulston is the owner of iTandCoffee, which offers a wide range of technology courses so people have the tools to understand and handle technology, be it a mobile phone, iPad, computer, or the programs that come with them. Lynette has been coming to Council workshops since 2012, and now she’s even one of our presenters, sharing how our business workshops have helped her.

Lynette said she first joined a course about digital marketing and search engine optimisation.

"This course was such a great kick-start for my confidence with using a website. It was great value for money", Lynette said.

Lynette also attended courses about how to use Instagram and Facebook for business, skills that are critical to making a mark and attracting new customers.

“You might have a great product, but if nobody knows about it, how will you get it out there?” she said. The workshops are always well attended, with a few regulars creating their own splinter network to support each other.

Join a Council workshop, they’re amazing! It’s a fantastic way to get your business started.

“I always learn something at the workshops even if I go more than once.” Lynette said.

“A lot of people love the Instagram and Facebook for Business workshops because it really opens their eyes to what’s possible.

“The workshops help business owners build confidence and see pathways for local and online marketing and customer engagement that they may not have previously considered.”

Vicki Doufas is the founder of StyleColab, a personal and image styling business based in Balwyn North.

StyleColab launched early this year to help people of all ages find a style which is compatible with their shape, budget and lifestyle, and build the confidence to achieve personal and professional aspirations.

A long-time resident of Boroondara, Vicki reached out to Business Boroondara for opportunities to increase connections and build support for her business.

Vicki said Business Boroondara has made her feel welcome and the range of services has been beneficial for her and her business with the workshops also designed to provide networking opportunities.

“Attending these workshops has not only been beneficial from a learning and refresher perspective, it has been a great networking experience,” Vicki said.

“As a small business owner, you have to wear so many hats, with so much to think about and do and never enough time.

“For many businesses there are limited funds and the opportunity to connect with other people who can offer complementary services, support and recommend each other, share stories and discuss challenges, is really beneficial,” she said.

Council’s Economic Development Department is available to support business owners during all life cycles of their business by providing advice and a range of helpful resources.  The Council’s kind words of support and encouragement for me and my business, means a lot to me,” Vicki said.

“Their personality and enthusiasm is contagious!”

It was wonderful to connect with other like-minded people, experience enriched learning opportunities and promote my business.

Coming to Boroondara in mid-2020, a new food and garden waste collection

Coming to Boroondara in mid-2020, a new food and garden waste collection tmurphy1 Fri 28 June 2019

FOGO is coming to Boroondara mid-2020!

Did you know that Boroondara waste bins contain 46 per cent food and organic waste? This is sent to landfill, which creates harmful greenhouse gases. From mid-2020, a new weekly Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) recycling service will enable residents to put garden waste and all food waste in the same bin.

Please continue to use your fortnightly garden waste collection as usual, for now. Please do not put any food waste in your green waste bin until further advised. Stay tuned for further updates.

It’s not too late for your flu shot!

It’s not too late for your flu shot! tmurphy1 Mon 1 July 2019

The flu isn’t like the common cold - it is highly contagious, hits quickly and can last for weeks. It can result in time off work or school, and time away from family and friends.

For children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems, the flu can have devastating effects. Everyone should get an annual flu shot during the peak flu season (June to September) to protect themselves and their family.

There are many immunisation sessions to choose from. No appointment is needed and the fee is a nominal $25.

The Victorian Government will fund free influenza vaccines for:

  • all children aged between six months to less than five years
  • all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged six months plus
  • pregnant women (during any stage of pregnancy)
  • all people aged six months plus who have medical conditions like severe asthma, lung or heart disease, low immunity, or diabetes.
  • all adults aged 65 years plus.

For further information about our immunisation service, visit Public immunisation sessions or call 9278 4711.

What's on at your neighbourhood house

What's on at your neighbourhood house tmurphy1 Tue 2 July 2019

If there is an interest or a passion you’d like to pursue, your local neighbourhood house has a range of courses, classes and workshops for you to explore.

Nurture a creative talent, learn a language, develop your skills or join a social group.

We have options for children and teens through to the senior members of our community. Get in contact with your local house and find out what we have on offer. 

To find out what's happening in your neighbourhood download a copy of the full Short Course Guide. Printed copies are also available at Boroondara libraries.

Introduction to English as a second language

Alamein Neighbourhood and Learning Centre

Learn English as a Second Language teaching strategies, grammar, pronunciation rules and macro language approaches.
When: 12.30pm to 3pm, Wednesdays from 31 July 2019
Cost: $85 (10 sessions)

Mixed media and collage for women

Ashburton Community Centre

Create, chat and connect with other women while creating art.
When: 6.30pm to 8.30pm, Wednesdays from 17 July 2019
Cost: $160 (eight sessions)

Tapestry workgroup

Balwyn Community Centre

Join this friendly group and work on your needlework tapestry.
When: 10am to 12noon, Tuesdays from Tuesday 16 July 2019.
Cost: $5 (per session)

Childcare sessional

Bowen Street Community Centre

When: 9.15am to 12.15pm, Wednesday and Friday
Cost: $45 (per session)
When: 9.30am to 2.30pm, Wednesday and Friday
Cost: $75 (per session)

Saturday pottery

Camberwell Community Centre

Expert tuition from highly experienced ceramicist in hand building and wheel throwing. Maximum eight people.
When: 10am to 12noon, or 1pm to 3pm, Saturdays from 27 July 2019
Cost: $340 (eight sessions)

Artists in conversation

Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre

Prominent Melbourne artist talks.
When: 7pm to 8pm, Thursdays 8 and 22 August 2019
Cost: free 

Facilitated playgroup

The Craig Family Centre

Kindergarten teacher-facilitated playgroup session where families meet and children enjoy a variety of activities.
When: 9.30am to 11.30pm, Mondays
Cost: $185

Sauerkraut and gut health

Hawthorn Community House

A workshop around obtaining great gut health focusing on how to make sauerkraut.
When: 7pm to 8.30pm, Tuesday 13 August 2019
Cost: $25 (one session)

IT for office

Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre

Get up to date and improve your IT skills
When: 9am to 11.30am, Thursdays from 18 July 2019
Cost: $145 ($10 sessions)

Fermented foods workshops

Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre

Make kombucha and sauerkraut with Dr Gondalia.
When: kombucha - 6pm to 8pm, Friday 9 August 2019 and sauerkraut - 6pm to 8pm, Friday 23 August 2019.
Cost: $70 non-members/ $60 members (per session)

Messy Play

Trentwood at the Hub

Fun creative art play suitable for 18 months to 5 years
When: 10am to 11am, Wednesdays from 24 July 2019.
Cost: $75 (six sessions)

More information

For more information, locations and contact details, see our Neighbourhood houses and community centres page.

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Where do my rates go?

Where do my rates go? tmurphy1 Mon 1 July 2019

In the May Boroondara Bulletin we showcased the major projects being funded in this year’s Budget 2019-20.

But where else are your rates spent? The table below shows for every $100 of expenditure where each $1 goes:

capital works and priority projects

environment and waste management

health, aged, community and family services

parks, gardens and sportsgrounds

library, arts and cultural services

planning and building

local laws enforcement

roads, footpaths, safety and drainage

communications and customer service

engineering and traffic

leisure, recreation and civic centres*

rates and property services

economic development

The figures include an allocation of corporate services, governance, risk management, building maintenance and public lighting across these service areas.

*Excludes operating expenditure for five externally managed recreation centres.

More information

For more information see Rates or call 9278 4444.

Council meetings and notices

Council meetings and notices tmurphy1 Mon 8 July 2019

Council meetings in July/August

Meetings are held in the Council Chamber located at 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell. All welcome.

Date and time Meeting
6.30pm, Monday 22 July 2019 Council
6.30pm, Monday 5 August 2019 Urban Planning Special Committee
6.30pm, Monday 12 August 2019 Services Special Meeting
6.30pm, Monday 19 August 2019 Urban Planning Special Committee
6.30pm, Monday 26 August 2019 Council

For up-to-date information about meetings or to obtain copies of agendas and minutes, visit Council meetings or call 9278 4471.


Boroondara Councillors

Boroondara Councillors tmurphy1 Mon 1 July 2019

The City of Boroondara has 10 Councillors, elected by the people who live in each of the 10 wards.

Your Councillors work across Boroondara to represent the interests of their ward and the broader community, as well as to help the community with issues affecting them.

Which ward do you call home?

If you are unsure which ward you reside in, see our ward map or call 9278 4444 to find out.

Cr Jane Addis, Mayor 

Councillor Jane Addis

Maling Ward
Including parts of Canterbury, Surrey Hills and Balwyn
Ph: 9278 4457 or 0409 267 902
E: [email protected]







Cr Jim Parke

Councillor Jim Parke

Councillor Jim Parke 

Bellevue Ward
Including parts of Kew East and Balwyn North
Ph: 9835 7840
E: [email protected]








Cr Felicity Sinfield

Councillor Felicity Sinfield 

Councillor Felicity Sinfield 

Cotham Ward
Including Deepdene and parts of Kew, Kew East, Balwyn and Balwyn North
Ph: 9835 7841 or 0418 793 573
E: [email protected]







Cr Coral Ross

Councillor Coral Ross

Councillor Coral Ross

Gardiner Ward
Including parts of Hawthorn, Hawthorn East, Camberwell and Glen Iris
Ph: 9835 7842 or 0438 005 225
E: [email protected]







Cr Steve Hurd 

Councillor Steve Hurd 

Councillor Steve Hurd 

Glenferrie Ward
Including parts of Hawthorn and Hawthorn West
Ph: 9835 7849 or 0417 708 182
E: [email protected]

Cr Jack Wegman

Councillor Jack Wegman 

Junction Ward
Including parts of Hawthorn East, Camberwell and Canterbury
Ph: 9835 7843
E: [email protected]







Cr Lisa Hollingsworth

Councillor Lisa Hollingsworth

Councillor Lisa Hollingsworth 

Lynden Ward
Including parts of Camberwell, Glen Iris and Canterbury
Ph: 9835 7844 or 0417 908 485
E: [email protected]







Cr Cynthia Watson

Councillor Cynthia Watson

Maranoa Ward
Including parts of Balwyn, Balwyn North and Mont Albert
Ph: 9835 7846 or 0419 488 204
E: [email protected]








Cr Garry Thompson

Councillor Garry Thompson

Councillor Garry Thompson 

Solway Ward
Including parts of Ashburton and Glen Iris
Ph: 9835 7847 or 0417 153 512
E: [email protected]







Cr Phillip Healey

Councillor Phillip Healey

Studley Ward
Including parts of Kew and Kew East
Ph: 9835 7848 or 0437 374 773
E: [email protected]


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