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As part of the Playground Replacement Program, we are planning to upgrade the playground at Yarra Bank Reserve in Hawthorn. Due to its age and condition, the playground is scheduled to be replaced in 2020-2021.


Feedback to help inform the playground’s design has now closed.

We will develop a design which will be available to view in May 2020.

About the project

Our Playgrounds Development Strategy recommends upgrading the existing Local level playground at Yarra Bank Reserve to a District level playground to better meet the community’s needs for this important and popular Yarra River precinct.  

The Yarra Bank Reserve site is considered a suitable location for a District level playground due to ease of access, proximity to car parking, proximity to existing amenities and good public surveillance. 

The project will include upgrading the play equipment, enhancing park amenities, improving accessibility, installing shade elements, nature play elements, protecting existing trees and new landscaping.

Our Playgrounds Development Strategy also recommended the nearby playground at Pridmore Park be removed and combined with the Yarra Bank Reserve playground.

Community consultation

We held a community consultation in November 2019. The key themes we heard from the community were:

  • People generally like what they have now and would love new and updated play equipment.
  • There is support for more interactive sensory play opportunities, fencing and more adventurous equipment for older children.
  • Find ways of acknowledging Indigenous heritage, nature and boating.
  • Great opportunity to retain both Yarra Bank Reserve and Pridmore Park playgrounds and create two unique spaces, please keep both.

The new Yarra Bank Reserve playground will be designed to include the community’s most popular requests.

For new equipment and nature play opportunities the community prioritised:

  • a tall tower and climbing
  • accessible basket swings
  • ropes/traverse climbing
  • rocks, logs and steppers
  • sensory garden and planting
  • water pump and channel.

Beyond play equipment, the new design will also include:

  • new and improved park amenities (new paths, picnic facilities and some fencing etc.)
  • improved safety and accessibility, including investigating the provision of vehicle passing bay/s and disabled parking
  • continued support for the use of the area by the existing rowing clubs
  • shade elements
  • interactive art and sculpture
  • protection of existing trees and new landscaping.

Next steps

Yarra Bank Reserve Playground

Development of the new playground design has commenced and concept plans will be available to view in May 2020. The new playground is scheduled to be installed in the 2020/2021 financial year.

Pridmore Park Playground

While the consultation process was primarily designed to inform the Yarra Bank Reserve playground design, we also took the opportunity to test the Playground Development Strategy’s recommendation to remove the existing Pridmore Park playground and combine it with the Yarra Bank Reserve Playground.  

Feedback from the consultation process indicated a high level of support to retain the Pridmore Park playground and therefore this playground will be retained.  

Further consultation on the replacement of this playground will occur in February 2020.


When Stage Progress update
November 2019 Community consultation Community feedback will help inform the design of the playground.
May 2020 Design developed Available for public to view.
2020-21 Works to commence  

More information

For more information, contact our Landscape and Design Team on 9278 4060 or at [email protected].

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