We completed the construction in March 2021.

About the project

We based the improvements to the playground on the feedback we received from the community. This includes:

  • The well-loved double swing set, including an infant seat and a senior strap seat, retains its existing location in a cosy nook in the corner of the park.
  • A new and improved mound that interacts with the landscape providing an adventure hill, a mound slide, bold ground cover plants and part of the ‘circuit’ of the play space.
  • An upgraded train cubby along with a log carriage providing opportunity for imaginative play.
  • A variety of nooks for children to gather.
  • Interactions with nature, balancing and hopping among the trees, rocks and logs to delight and challenge children of all ages and their carers. 
  • Increased access with paved picnic and play surfaces suitable for users with limited mobility.

Other amenities include:

  • new play equipment and nature play opportunities
  • improved accessibility 
  • renewal of park amenities
  • new landscaping.


When Stage Progress update
February 2020 Community consultation We asked the community for their feedback to help inform the design. The key themes we heard from the community were:
  • Keep the playground for younger children, Liston Street playground is just around the corner.
  • We love the nature play based themes.
  • The grassy area is important for active play.
May/June 2020 Design developed Available for public to view
March 2021 Works completed  

More information

For more information, contact our Landscape and Design Team on 9278 4060 or at [email protected]

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