Example of a basket swing

Example basket swing

Project status 

Construction scheduled to commence after the 2018/19 Christmas school holidays.

Project overview

Improvements to this district level playground include the community’s most popular requests.

Climb up to 6m on the new rope pyramid, creep through the ‘Troll’s Forest’ (careful of the Troll!) and slide down the new embankment slides.

The new playground will improve accessibility and play choices for all ages and abilities and provided a balance of physical (traditional) play equipment, nature based play and imaginary play opportunities.

Example rope climbing structure

Example rope climbing structure

The improvements will also include:

  • a combined junior and senior play unit including 
    • 1.2 m high junior slide
    • 1.8m high senior wave slide, 
    • climbing access of varying difficulty 
    • 3m long track glide
    • 2m long monkey bars
    • accessible path below decks with shop front and tunnel
    • combination of steel post construction with feature timber panels
  • new basket swing with accessible access path 
  • new quad swing set with 
    • 2 x senior strap seats 
    • 1 x infant seat with secure chain
    • 1 x Expression: swing seat (combined adult and infant seat)
  • new double embankment slide
  • embankment climbing ropes
  • new sandpit with park shelter
  • new  "build your own" cubby space with speaker tube
  • timber log balance edging 
  • the Troll’s Grotto:
    • sculptural timber post forest
    • the Trolls bridge
    • the Troll
    • speaking tubes connecting to the cubby space 

Other amenity 

  • new garden bed planting
  • new shade sails over junior play area
  • new seating, picnic settings, park shelter over BBQ area, bike stands and accessible drinking fountain.

See the plan

View the proposed Ferndale Park Playground improvement concept plan

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