Project status

Construction programmed for mid-2019.

Project overview

The playground design is now complete!  

Key themes we heard from the consultation were:

  • keep the beautiful trees, the playground is lovely under the shade but some seats in the sun would also be great
  • create areas for community gatherings, it is a hidden gem that brings the local community together
  • the grassy area is important for active play
  • the new design should include some adventurous equipment for older children, to keep them coming back to the park
  • toddler accessible play is still important.

Example of basket swing

The new design has been developed to include the community’s most popular requests. 

Catch up with the neighbours at the central picnic area (conveniently located next to the new Fashoda Street local shop), traverse between the trees along the new challenging rope climbing unit or just relax and look up at the leaves in the new accessible basket swing.

The new playground will improve accessibility and play choices for all ages and abilities and provide a balance of physical (traditional) play equipment, nature based play and imaginary play opportunities.

All existing trees will be retained and protected on site.

In detail, the improvements include:

  • © James Thomas

    Example of semi-accessible carousel

    a Senior Play Unit (age group 5-14+ years) including a 1.6 m high slide and rope climbing elements of varying difficulty (low swing bridge, tight rope, Commando crossing, rope traverse, Junior and Senior sway monkey bars, prism net, and orbit whirl)
  • Toddler  / Junior play unit (age group 1-6 years) including step ladder access, double wave slide 1.2m high, accessible shop front / cubby space beneath platforms and fire pole from 0.8m high platform
  • new triple swing set (for all ages) with 1 x infant seat with secure chain, 1 x senior strap seats, 1 x basket swing - with accessible path connection
  • Example of Fashoda Street local shop front

    multi-person semi- accessible carousel (age group 2 - 12+years)
  • ‘digger’ in playground mulch, to represent the sites former use as a Hawthorn brick quarry (age group 2-6 years)
  • sculptural play piece (up to 7 years)
  • timber log balance circuit 
  • new accessible path connection from Fashoda Street
  • new seating, picnic settings, chess board on picnic table, bike stands and accessible drinking fountain.

See the plan

View the proposed Fashoda Street Reserve playground improvement concept plan.

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