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Project status

Scheduled for construction mid 2018.

Project overview

After collating all presented community feedback, we developed a plan that will deliver the most popular requests.

The upgraded playground will include:

A concept drawing of replacement A - the lookout

A concept image of Replacement A - "the lookout"


Replacement A - “The Lookout”

Ship Ahoy! Spot ‘the boat’ from the new junior multi-play unit (targeted at children 4 to 8+ years old) with:

  • Large spiral slide (1.8m high)
  • Challenging climbing - rock wall, scramble net and monkey bars
  • New double turnover bars
  • Shop counter below lookout platforms
  • Flag pole
  • Binoculars to view “the boat”
  • Timber panels and steel post construction

Replacement B - “The Boat”

Set sail down the cascades on the new toddler multi-play unit with:

  • Easy stair access
  • Small double  slide (1.2m high)
  • Clatter bridge
  • Tunnel
  • Activity panels
  • Binoculars facing ‘the lookout’
  • Ship hull with mast and steering wheel
  • Multiple timber platforms with shade roof
  • Timber panels and steel post construction

See the plan

View the proposed Cascade Park Playground Improvement Plan.

Contact us

For more information about this project email [email protected]

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