420 Camberwell Road, Camberwell VIC 3124

This master plan was created in 2001 when the facilities at Camberwell Sportsground had become outdated. Following a review of the plan, an addendum was adopted by Council in July 2005.

Key aims

The key aims of the master plan are to:

  • upgrade the sporting facilities
  • improve safety when people move through, and around, the sports ground
  • extend and upgrade parking
  • increase plantings of shade trees and garden beds
  • open the facilities up for use by the public
  • enhance the function, use and appearance of the open space.


A number of stages and more than half of the master plan recommendations are complete. This includes oval upgrades, improvements to the existing pavilion and spectator facilities, seating, a pathway around the sportsground, tree planting, Bowen Street frontage works, footpath and asphalt road along Trumper Street, and carpark improvements at the Trumper Street entrance.

The final remaining stages of the master plan include:

  • Stage 7: landscape works around the main sports pavilion, including the site of the demolished duplex house at 410 and 412 Camberwell Road
  • Stage 3: barbecue and picnic area to the east of the ladies' pavilion
  • Stage 5: Trumper Street access driveway and landscaping improvements.

For more information about this project, contact the landscape and design team on 9278 4060 or email: [email protected].


Camberwell Sportsground Concept Master Plan