The Balwyn Park Master Plan sets the vision for the park as a popular sporting hub that encourages casual leisure and play. The plan also aims to enhance the park as an inviting green haven within the Balwyn Shopping Centre.

The master plan was adopted by Council in November 2013.

Key aims

The key aims of the master plan are to:

  • maintain the sporting focus of the park while creating better opportunities for casual recreation and play
  • introduce more open space by relocating the tennis facility to the former bowls club site
  • enable the community to access facilities within the redeveloped bowls pavilion
  • improve safety when people move around, and through, the park
  • enhance the park’s amenity and environmental outcomes
  • create better connections between the park and Whitehorse Road.


The Master Plan is being implemented in two stages.

Stage one

This includes:

  • converting the former bowling greens into four tennis courts including lighting
  • constructing a new tennis pavilion and a space for community groups
  • improving the space between the former bowling greens site and the oval (including access, planting, seating and views between the areas)

Construction of Stage One of the Balwyn Park Master Plan is expected to start toward the end of 2017 and take around 15 months.

Stage two

On the completion of Stage One, the former tennis clubhouse and courts on the eastern side of Balwyn Park will be demolished and returned to open space with an activities area. 

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