The design for the Earl Street Community Garden has been completed.

The community garden will be located on land leased from VicRoads, on the corner of Willsmere Road and Earl Street in Kew.

We would like to thank the Earl Street Community Garden Working Group and community gardening facilitators 3000Acres for their help to develop the design and review the drafts.

Council worked with landscape architects to use the vision, objectives, wish list and a mud map of key elements developed by the Working Group to inform the design.

The result is a beautiful and practical productive garden and community space that everyone can enjoy.

The garden will feature:

  • fifty garden plots
  • communal growing and sharing areas including herb beds and a food forest
  • raised plots accessible for residents in wheelchairs
  • demonstration wicking beds
  • a children's area with circular garden beds
  • a shelter and community gathering area with pergola, picnic tables and storage shed

The garden will have a low fence (1.2 metre) and will be unlocked during the day.

Our proposed 2018-19 Budget includes an allocation for construction of the community garden.

Subject to the adoption of this budget, construction will occur during the 2018-19 financial year.

A separate public shelter, BBQ and public toilet (Exeloo) adjacent to the garden have been included in the design, but are not proposed for construction at this stage.

Construction of these facilities will be dependent on further needs assessment and funding.

The Earl Community Garden Working Group

The Earl Street Community Garden Working Group (WG) is made-up of local residents helping to organise the community garden in readiness for opening early in 2019. The group is working on a number of projects including finalising the management plan, collecting tools for the beautiful gates, preparing safety notes for gardeners and planning the Food Forest and pollinator attracting flower beds.

The WG was originally established to help design the community garden and develop the vision and objectives shown below. As interest from the community in volunteering at the garden or securing a plot has increased, the WG membership has grown.

If you are interested in joining this friendly and welcoming group of Kew residents to assist with some of the tasks, please email [email protected].

For updates on the WG activities please visit their Facebook page:

View our short video of the working group’s first workshop to find out more.

The Community Garden - vision and objectives

The vision and objectives set out below were developed by the Community Garden Working Group. 

Members of the Community Garden Working Group discussing their vision for the Earl Street Community Garden at their first meeting.

Members of the CGWG at their first meeting.

The Earl Street Community Garden is an inclusive and nurturing gathering space that is committed to the principles of sustainability in the growing and sharing of food.

Objectives: (short form):

  • Improve food security and promote healthy eating
  • Enhance the use of green space in Kew
  • Increase community connection and reduce social isolation
  • Strengthen local neighbourhood dynamics
  • Build a strong sense of place
  • Reduce our environmental impact
  • Encourage local biodiversity and connect with nature
  • Increase the number of locals engaged in food growing
  • Nurture curiosity and provide hands-on learning for children
  • Ensure longevity of the gardening community by using sustainable management practices which are open, participatory and non-judgemental.

About the project

Council has leased land along Earl Street at the corner of Willsmere Street and Carnegie Avenue from VicRoads. The local community was consulted in 2016 to test interest in the land being used for a community garden. Ninety-two percent of the 92 responses to our consultation were very supportive of this idea.

In October 2017, residents were recruited to join a Community Garden Working Group (WG) to help design the community garden and draft guiding documents. As the design has now been completed, documentation to guide the construction of the community garden is being prepared and will be completed by 30 June 2018.

The shared path that runs through the proposed site is now being realigned. This work will enable the community garden to locate growing plots on the flattest area of the land. Shared path realignment will be completed by 30 June 2018.

Further updates will be provided as the project progresses.

Contact us

For more information, email [email protected] or phone Andrea on 9278 4889.

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