We are building a new pavilion for the Camberwell Hockey Club at 15 Carinda Road, Canterbury.


Construction is due to be completed in 2018.

About the project

The old building’s usefulness was very limited. The club management committee, members and local residents contributed their ideas which led to the demolition of the pavilion and designs for a new one.

The new building will be more functional and accessible, and will be a greater asset for the club and the wider community by improving:

  • access and amenities
  • the view of the pitch
  • change rooms
  • social and meeting spaces, and storage space
  • internal and external aesthetics
  • compliance with current building codes.

View the plans for the pavilion:

The Camberwell Hockey Club is still operating during the renewal project. We suggest you register to receive updates. If temporary interruptions are needed for safety reasons, Council and the club committee will liaise with users and inform the community via updates, this web page and the Camberwell Hockey Club website.

More information

You can receive regular email updates on the Camberwell Hockey Club pavilion renewal or check the noticeboard at the club.

For more information, or to add yourself to the list for email updates, contact Sam Taylor, Recreation and Wellbeing on email Sam Taylor or 9278 4765.

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