We are building a new Camberwell Community Centre at 33-35 Fairholm Grove, Camberwell.


A planning application has been lodged, and is being advertised for two weeks as per statutory planning requirements in December 2018.

The construction process will commence in 2019 and take approximately 15 months, with the new building opening in 2020. 

About the project

Camberwell Community Centre currently has two sites that are 1km apart - 33-35 Fairholm Grove (Leighton) and 405 Camberwell Road (Chambly).

Council is planning to build a new centre to meet the demand for Camberwell Community Centre’s popular programs, groups and activities.

The new two-storey building will be bigger and better configured to house all activities at the one location, including health and wellbeing, art and craft, languages, and computing.

South Camberwell Maternal and Child Health Centre will also be co-located in the new building, providing an MCH service in the middle of Camberwell for the first time.

Once the new centre opens, the community groups that meet at Chambly will relocate to Fairholm Grove.

Participants and user groups, local residents and traders have contributed ideas towards the new building’s concept plans and detailed design. You will have more chances to comment on the plans as part of the planning permit process.

Temporary relocations

  • Fairholm Grove activities and programs will relocate to the space above the Camberwell Market, and to 25 Inglesby Road, Camberwell (opposite the Council offices).
  • Chambly (405 Camberwell Road) activities will continue there until construction is finished. They will then relocate to the new Fairholm Grove building.

More information

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