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Balwyn Community Centre site upgrade

We are upgrading the popular Balwyn Community Centre site at 412 Whitehorse Road, Surrey Hills. Construction is commencing in 2019.

Balwyn Community Centre’s programs and activities have relocated temporarily to 230 Balwyn Rd, Balwyn North, to allow construction to take place.

The community garden will remain operational at the 412 Whitehorse Road site throughout construction.

Artists impression of Balwyn Community Centre.© Proposed Balwyn Community Centre - artists impression

Proposed Balwyn Community Centre - Artist's impression.

About the project

The Balwyn Community Centre site, with its buildings, tennis courts, natural wetlands, parkland and community garden, is widely used for community programs, recreation and occasional childcare.

We are upgrading the site in line with community feedback, so that the centre can meet the needs of our growing and increasingly diverse population.

The upgrade will:

  • create functional spaces for community programs and groups
  • relocate and expand the Balwyn Maternal and Child Health Centre
  • upgrade the 20-place occasional childcare centre
  • enhance the parkland setting and revitalise the native vegetation in the wetland
  • expand the community garden to provide greater access without reducing parkland
  • improve visibility and accessibility of the Balwyn Community Centre from Whitehorse Road
  • provide a recreation zone, including a new tennis court for casual use.


Balwyn Community Centre has relocated to 230 Balwyn Road, Balwyn North, to allow construction to commence in late 2018.

Construction will take approximately 12 months, with the new centre expected to open in early 2020.


The project has been guided by a three phase community consultation. In April 2016, Council received ideas from 201 residents about what they would like to see at Balwyn Community Centre.

These ideas, along with local demographic research, Council’s strategic objectives, and in-depth consultation with the Balwyn Community Centre, informed the development of the concept plan. The concept plan was presented to the community first in March 2017, then for feedback in October 2017, before the detailed design was developed.

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For more information on the BCC Upgrade, email Kate McClure, Community Planning, or phone 9278 4573. For information about the Centre, contact Deb Austin, Balwyn Community Centre, on 9836 7942 or visit their website.

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