Notice is hereby given the Boroondara City Council at its meeting held on 24 August 2020 made the Boroondara City Council Street Numbering Local Law pursuant to the Local Government Act 1989.

Purpose of the Local Law

The purpose of this Local Law is to:

  • revoke Council’s Street Numbering Local Law 2010
  • provide peace, order and good governance of the municipality
  • provide for protection and enhancement of the amenity and environment of the municipality through the uniform numbering of properties throughout the municipality
  • ensure street numbers are displayed, to enable easy identification of allocated street numbers by emergency services vehicle

General purport of the Proposed Local Law

The general purport of the local law is to:

  • ensure the display of street numbers that are of a style, size and colour as to be clearly visible to occupants from vehicles on the nearest adjacent road;
  • establish a law which ensure correct allocated street numbers are displayed; and
  • create enforcement mechanisms for contravention of the proposed local law, which may incur a penalty specified in the local law. 

A copy of the Boroondara City Council Street Numbering Local Law may be inspected at the Camberwell Municipal Offices, at 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell and online at Council's website

The Boroondara City Council Street Numbering Local Law commences on 28 August 2020.

Phillip Storer
Chief Executive Officer