In accordance with the provisions of the Road Management Act 2004 and the Road Management (general) Regulations 2016, the City of Boroondara gives notice of its intention to amend its Road Management (RM) Plan and invites public submissions on the proposed amended RM Plan.

The proposed amendments result from Council’s review of its RM Plan completed on 27 September 2021.

The proposed amended Plan provides more detail about Council’s System for managing road assets and alters the inspection frequencies, maintenance standards and response times for path, bridge, road and road-related infrastructure in order to ensure consistency with industry practice while considering available resources, risk and customer expectations.

The City of Boroondara RM Plan applies to all roads within the City of Boroondara’s boundaries for which the Council is the Responsible Road Authority, as identified in the Council’s register of public roads.

A copy of the proposed revised Plan and RM Plan Review 2021 is available on Engage Boroondara.

Any person who is aggrieved by the proposed amendment may make a submission on the proposed amendments by 1 November 2021. Submissions can be made directly through the Engage Boroondara Website or posted to the Chief Executive Officer, Boroondara City Council, Private Bag 1, Camberwell, Victoria 3124.