Boroondara City Council (Council) gives notice under Naming rules for places in Victoria, Statutory requirement for naming roads, features and localities 2016 of a proposal to rename Burke Road South Reserve, Sinclair Avenue, Glen Iris. 

The name proposed is Lewin Reserve. The following information has been provided by residents who are requesting the renaming of the reserve: “John Lewin and his wife lived in a property in close proximity to the reserve for 52 years, where they brought up seven children. Mr Lewin died in November 2015.

John was a qualified Surveyor and Town Planner who was employed in local government. He undertook the role of Councillor at Hawthorn Council (incorporated into the City of Boroondara) from 1990 to 1994.

John’s passion was to protect the reserve. When the drainage easement was moved from Stockland land across to the middle of the reserve, John advised council that the levels were incorrect, and explained the new drainage would be inadequate to handle heavy rainfall. This proved to be correct when the park and his home flooded twice, with his home being inundated by flood waters up to one metre.

John ‘took on’ Melbourne Water, and lobbied for them to install a second drainage pipe across the park and to have the levels re-evaluated. He met with the Premier at the time, Ted Baillieu and explained that Melbourne Water should widen Gardiner’s Creek as initially planned.

As a result of John’s efforts, the park is now protected from being flooded, preventing the western end of the park becoming a swamp.

Many neighbours are proud of John Levin’s achievements and feel that it would be fitting to rename the reserve in his honour.”

As well as the information provided by local residents, a thorough background search has been undertaken by the Local and Family History unit of Boroondara Library Services to ensure that the name proposed is relevant to the feature proposed to be renamed.

The research revealed the following: Minutes of the former City of Hawthorn where Mr Lewin’s held various positions in Council, including various committees and public bodies:

Councillor from 4/08/1990 to amalgamation in 1994

  • Town Planning and Building Control Committee 1990/91, 1991/92
  • General Services Committee - Elected Chairman - 1992/93
  • Building and Planning Committee - 1993/94

Representative on public bodies

  • Community Vegetable Garden - Roseberry Street Co-operative 1990/91
  • John Gardiner Secondary College Committee 1990/91
  • John Gardiner Recreational Centre Committee 1990/91, 1991/92, 1992/93, 1993/94
  • Landscape, Streetscape and Open Space Committee 1990/91, 1991/92, 1992/93, 1993/94
  • Rose Street Open Space Planning Committee 1990/91, 1991/92, 1992/93, 1993/94
  • Auburn South Area Traffic Advisory Committee 1990/91, 1991/92, 1992/93, 1993/94
  • Residential and Commercial Topic Group 1991/92, 1992/93, 1993/94
  • South Camberwell Shopping Centre Structure Plan Steering Group 1991/92, 1992/93
  • Inner Eastern Regional Housing Council Committee of Management 1992/93, 1993/94
  • Camberwell Junction Sun-Committee 1992/93, 1993/94
  • Tooronga Village Shopping Centre Car Park Advisory Committee 1993/94

If you do not support the proposal please indicate why and/or demonstrate why the proposal does not conform to Naming rules for places in Victoria – Statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities – 2016.

Please visit the State Government for more information on the naming guidelines.

A person may make a submission on the proposal. Submissions should be submitted by 11 July 2018.

Any person making a written submission is advised all submissions and personal information in the submission will be handled by Council in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.

Submissions should be posted to: Director Corporate Services and posted to Boroondara City Council, Private Bag 1, Camberwell, Vic, 3124, delivered to Council’s Office at 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell or emailed to [email protected] Enquiries to: John Lorkin Coordinator Revenue and Property, 9278 4331 or email [email protected]