Boroondara City Council (Council) gives notice under the Naming rules for places in Victoria - Statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities 2016 of a proposal to name the laneway at the rear of 115 to 119 Winfield Road, adjoining 16 to 18 Leicester Street, Balwyn North.

The name proposed is Towt Lane. The proposed name is recommended by the Balwyn Historical Society. The background information provided on the proposed name is as follows:

“One of the earliest settlers of what is now North Balwyn, John Towt, was born in Devonshire, England and arrived in Victoria in 1841 aboard the “Plymouth” as a bounty immigrant, aged 22. He married in Campbellfield in October 1842 and settled in New Street, Brighton where the first eleven of his 15 children were born before moving to Boroondara.

In Brighton Mr Towt offered his services as a contractor and builder, then in 1856 purchased the property of 279 acres which fronted Ewart’s (Belmore) Road and extended along the western side of Greythorn Road to Doncaster Road. Mr Towt continued his work as a builder but leased out the property in Balwyn. He named the property “Whitethorn” and after being called Towt’s Road for some time, the road leading to his estate was called Whitethorn Road. This caused confusion with Whitehorse Road so the name was changed again to Greythorn Road as it is today.  His house was named “Rose Hill” and despite many alterations, still stands at 51 Kenny Street today. It was constructed about 1868.

Mr Towt appears to have remained at the property until his death in 1891 when the land was passed onto his descendants and later subdivided and sold at auction in 20 - 30 acre lots in 1902. John Towt rests in Boroondara General Cemetery with his wife Elizabeth who passed away in 1890. A death notice in the Argus dated November 2nd, 1891 states that John Towt was a colonist of 50 years.”

If you do not support the proposal, please indicate why and/or demonstrate why the proposal does not conform to the Naming rules for places in Victoria - Statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities 2016. For more information on the naming guidelines provided by the State Government, visit the Property and Land Titles website

A person may make a submission on the proposal. Submissions should be submitted by 6 December 2019.

Any person making a written submission is advised all submissions and personal information in the submission will be handled by Council in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.

Submissions should be addressed to Director Customer Experience and Business Transformation and posted to Boroondara City Council, Private Bag 1, Camberwell VIC 3124, delivered to Council’s Office at 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell VIC 3124 or emailed to [email protected]

Please direct enquiries to Stephanie Lim, Senior Property Advisor, at 9278 4368 or by email to [email protected].

Council has so far been unable to locate existing family members of John Towt to seek permission to use the proposed name. To this end, we are requesting that any family contact details be passed on from the community, and/or consent from family members.