Notice is given that, at its meeting held on 23 August 2021, Boroondara City Council (Council) resolved to make a local law titled Protection of Council Assets and Control of Building Sites Local Law (PDF) (the Local Law). 

The following information about the Local Law is provided in accordance with section 119 of the Local Government Act 1989.

Main purposes of the Local Law

The main purposes of the Local Law are to:

  • protect public infrastructure assets from damage caused by building work
  • protect the health and safety of persons who work in or enter building sites
  • protect the health and safety of persons who reside near or pass by building sites
  • protect the amenity of persons who reside near and pass by building sites
  • provide for the administration and enforcement of this Local Law
  • provide for the peace, order and good governance of the municipality.

General purposes of the Local Law

The Local Law:

  • provides for the administration and enforcement of the Local Law and empowers Council and authorised officers to issue permits, notices to comply, act in urgent circumstances and impound things
  • provides for the implementation of measures to protect roads, Council land and other Council assets in connection with building work being carried out on private land
  • provides for infringement notices to be served on those whom an authorised officer has reason to believe is guilty of an offence
  • creates offences relating to:
    • carrying out building work without a permit
    • providing false or misleading information in relation to the application for a permit
    • failing to comply with a notice to comply
    • carrying out building work outside of defined hours
    • occupying or obstructing a road or Council land
    • allowing run off to enter the stormwater system
    • constructing temporary crossovers
    • the provision and use of refuse facilities
    • the provision of toilet facilities
    • the entry to, and exit from, building sites
    • falling to maintain a safe environment
    • detrimentally affecting amenity
    • damaging Council assets.

The Local Law will commence operation on 1 September 2021. Copies of the Local Law may be inspected on Council’s website and during office hours at Council’s Customer Service Counters at 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell. However, access to Council’s offices may be limited as a result of COVID-19.

Phillip Storer
Chief Executive Officer