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Updated: 19 February 2019

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has ordered recycling processor SKM to stop receiving recyclable material until a number of EPA requirements have been met.

This affects a number of councils around Melbourne including the City of Boroondara, as our contracted recycling collection company, Cleanaway, uses SKM to dispose of its collections.

Cleanaway is actively investigating alternative options for disposal but unfortunately the only option currently available is to send recyclable collections to landfill. At this stage the processing issue will impact this week’s recycling (week ending 22 February 2019) and may continue into next week (week ending 1 March 2019).

Cr Jane Addis, Mayor of Boroondara said “This is a very disappointing set of circumstances for Melbourne’s recycling and Boroondara will be working with the Municipal Association of Victoria to encourage the Victorian Government to find a better solution to managing waste. Council hopes the state government will introduce strategies to reduce both the amount of general waste and recyclables produced by Victorians so there is less reliance on overseas markets and more innovation in both packaging and reuse of recyclable materials.”

Cleanaway will continue to collect kerbside recycling bins as normal.

How residents can help

In order to reduce the amount of recyclable material having to go to landfill, residents can help by:

  • Being mindful when shopping to avoid additional waste from unnecessary packaging.
  • Saving space by flattening or crushing cans and plastic bottles before putting them in the recycling bin.
  • Waiting until their recycling bin is full before putting it out for collection.

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