Updated: 21 February 2019

At the time Council received the request for demolition of 337 Auburn Road, Hawthorn East in June 2018, the Hawthorn East Heritage Gap Study had not been considered by Council’s Urban Planning Special Committee. Therefore, Council’s municipal building surveyor had to make a decision on the basis that there was no adopted study identifying the property as having heritage significance.

Council undertakes extensive community consultation in identifying properties for heritage protection to ensure property owners are aware of any proposed changes to the planning controls affecting their property as early as possible in the process. This allows Council to make an informed decision based on all affected parties having had the opportunity to express their support or opposition towards a heritage study.

Council endeavours to provide a sense of balance that reflects the public’s interest in relation to the preservation of historic homes, whilst protecting the rights of individual property owners to express their views about proposed changes envisaged for their property.

Council has a requirement that there be an adopted heritage study following the hearing of submissions from the community as a prerequisite to rejecting applications for demolition. This is considered to be the fairest process to all involved. It does mean occasionally, properties which contribute to the heritage of an area can be lost.

The Mayor of Boroondara, Cr Jane Addis, has written to the Minister for Planning requesting him to urgently approve and gazette Amendment C309 (Hawthorn East Heritage Gap Study Interim Heritage Overlays) to the Boroondara Planning Scheme as several properties are under imminent threat of demolition.

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