Council’s assessment of the Markham Estate redevelopment has revealed that the Victorian Government is selling land to itself and using the value of the land to inflate the number of private dwellings to be built to pay for the cost of building public housing.

Cr Phillip Healey, Mayor of Boroondara said that the Victorian Government is profiting from the most vulnerable people in our community.

“The land is owned by the Victorian Government. The transfer of ownership of the land from a government department to Places Victoria, a government agency, is an ‘on paper’ transaction that should be excluded from the calculation of the cost of the development,” Cr Healey said.

“By including the value of the land in the cost of the development, the Government led us to believe that more private dwellings and a much larger project are required to recover the cost of the land.

“If the Government was serious about providing housing for the most vulnerable people in our community it would provide more public dwellings, attach no cost to the land it already owns on behalf of all Victorians and reduce the outrageous scale of this project.

“Six and seven storey buildings in an area where existing detached homes are a maximum of two storeys is completely unnecessary and driven by an entirely false construct.

“The proposal is completely deficient and fails to comply with the Minister’s own draft Better Apartments Design Standards and Council’s planning policies.

Markham Estate is a government owned public housing site which has provided accommodation for 56 public houses. The site is to be redeveloped for 62 public houses and 190 private dwellings. The private dwellings are meant to fund the cost of the public dwellings.

Council officers have assessed Places Victoria’s proposal for Markham Estate redevelopment and prepared an extensive report that will be tabled at the Urban Planning Special Committee on Monday, 19 December. Council has invited Places Victoria to attend the meeting.

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