A live Tribute to Marika Ninou – The voice of post War Greece.

Local Musicians Stavrina Dimitriou, Dean Georgalas, Achilles Yiangoulli, Con Kalamaras and Jim Haritonas will present a live tribute to the iconic Marika Ninou for one night only at Kew Court House.

Arguably one of the most recognisable voices to come out of Greece, Marika Ninou not only touched the souls of post war Greece, she paved the way for a generation taking music to the world.

Marika was one of the leading Greek vocalists during the early-’50s and her 78 rpm recordings provided a voice for the compositions of some of Greece’s most well-known composers.

Her music not only inspired a nation recovering from the devastation of war, she was also able to bring the music of Greece to the world. This show provides the opportunity to reminisce and enjoy live music attributed to a Greek icon.

A Tribute to Marika Ninou
8pm, Saturday 6 May
Kew Court House
188 High Street, Kew
Tickets: $25
For bookings and more information visit www.boroondara.vic.gov.au/arts